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I found that Simulationcraft had been (mostly) updated for Cataclysm now, so I used it to test the new version of Unheeded Warning. Actually modeling it for real would take some code, but for a quick estimate, I simply ran the sim, then manually edited the profile’s weapon DPS to what it would be during the proc, and ran the sim again. Divide the DPS increase by 5 (to account for 20% uptime) and you get the value of the proc. I tested for two profiles: My own (mostly blues/PvP gear, with a few epic pieces), and the program’s built-in ilvl 372 BiS. (Make sure you select PTR in the options if you’re playing along at home.)

  • Alarron(350ish): DPS went from 17894 to 18652, divided by 5 gives 151 DPS for the proc value.
  • BiS(372): DPS went from 22333 to 23650, divided by 5 gives 263 DPS for the proc value.

Summary: Still meh for ferals. My previous napkin math for the old version estimated the proc’s value at 200 DPS, so this isn’t going to wildly change anything. Most of the trinket’s value came from the static +321 agility anyway.

Raiding-wise, we’re stuck on Maloriak at the moment. I’ll have some logs to look at tomorrow, but any tips out there for boosting DPS on adds during green phase? We seem to get them to about 20% when the debuff drops off. We successfully killed V&T last week and ODS by going from 6 healers to 7, so I don’t want to have to advocate us dropping back to 6. Any tips on how the add tank should handle them prior to red/blue would be good as well; tanking burns a lot of healer mana, kiting makes things go crazy for stack time.

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  1. We had some issues at first but found this solution. The adds when grouped together have a buff that reduces damage. What we do is release 3, then have a plate dps taunt one out and kill it. With one out the damage debuff is less and the tank can get the remaining two adds down to a reasonable level for the green phase. Rinse and repeate a few times. I think we let out 2 groups of adds prior to each green cauldron. The adds are pretty easy to aoe with this strat.

    • Aha! See, we’ve been releasing 9 since we thought the enrage timer was 6 minutes (so you have to drop all the adds in two green phases). What is it now?

      • 9 minutes, looking at WoL, at least for 25. Damn. “Tankspot is never wrong!”

      • We just let the 6 out each phase and let the add tank hold the rest when we push him past 25%. At that point who ever is getting focused by the big adds runs out, and we just burn like crazy (Thats what we save all our cooldowns for).

  2. My guild have been clearing Maloriak for a while, our Warrior tank does a combination of kiteing and tanking.
    We havent realy had any problems Aoeing the adds , Maybe you can have people save there Cds like Meta for warlocks or berserk for cats for the green phase.

    i am wonduring how kiting affects stack time since its share damage mechanic and you dont need the tank to stack,since 20~ people are more than enough to soak up the damage.

  3. We are kiting the adds with a Warrior Tank. Make sure to always have tremor tomes and/or ice-traps ready. You should begin quite early of green phase and stop only after the “old” adds are dead. Tank uses cds/gets cds.
    We kill 9 Mobs in green phase using all cds (I myself safe Berserk for the first green, und use tol’vir in the 2nd – just swiping.
    At first we had a hard time to make sure that all dps aoes like hell- one dd is at Maloriak and interrupts (melee shaman).
    Hope, I could help with the tipps.

  4. We kill 9 adds each rotation. We usually have some form of slowing on them and a warrior tanking them, so he is semi-kiting and using cds. We dont kill any adds before the green phase.

    Just before (!) the green phase we all run in position to aoe the adds. We leave one interrupter on the boss to prevent getting more adds while we aoe.

    The aoe part is pretty easy, if you burn dps cds on it like beserk, bladestorm etc. Personally I save up some energy and make sure I have either beserk or tiger’s fury ready. But sometimes I can get away with not using any cd, if we have overall good aoe in the raid.

  5. about 10 secs from the green phase one of your mages should drop his circle of ice in front of the stairs. this greatly helbs with grouping them up for aoe dmg. make sure evryone knows exactly when to start doing dmg (when the green buff appears) so noone wastes his dmg into the debuffs.

  6. oh and make sure, that everyone is on position to bomb and not still flying through the air (especially applies to melees)

  7. another interesting issue is maloriak hardmode, when the add aoe gets a much bigger priority than in normal mode. i usually just stay on boss and do singletarget dmg because feral aoe is that awful. it seemed i can try any of the dps options(berserk swipe, swipe spam, rake as much target as i can, build 5 cp and rip 2/3 targets) feral still does the least ammount of damage on more than one targets :/

  8. Our strat in 10m was to go for the achievement: 12 adds on the first green phase. We would blow cds on aoe to get the first 12 down. With fewer left for the second green we didn’t need the cds, and 3min cds were available for the last phase. We had trouble with the enrage with 2 add tanks, so we ended up with a holy paladin on one side who would hold the adds on his side until the tank on the other side could pull them off.

    I did a bit of tanking on some of the pulls and entangling roots is pretty handy to lessen the incoming damage a bit.

  9. I recommend saving berserk for the first set of adds and saving energy and tigers fury for the second set of adds. Doing this moved me to the top of the dps charts once I started doing it and the adds went down faster!

  10. For Malorial on 10m I go bear in feral spec / gear and pickup 6 adds the other tank gets 9.. We use 3m CDs and nuke adds on green phase. I go back to dps and we kill the last 3 easy 2nd time around. Nuke boss at that point for profit.

  11. Can’t speak for 25 man, but on 10 man just end up swapping all dps to add aoe on two green phases, then push the phase 2 transition once adds are dead.

    Actually had to hold up dps this week with the phase 2 transition, going far too fast xD

    • Yeah, we got the same problem on 10man.. Stop dps at 30% and push the phase 2 on second green.

      Good luck Alaron!

      Kitty dps ftw

  12. With a proc value of 150-260 dps, I’m surprised Unheeded Warning is worth so little. As a comparison (and using my druid’s current gear in rawr for RSV), the normal Essense of the Cyclone’s proc (1926 crit rating) is worth ~300 dps when using a similar 20% uptime.

    They both have the same static agility

  13. Yeah, beginning to wonder about Unheeded Warning myself, I have one burning a hole in my bags, and some math on EJ suggests it might beat out Tia and Fluid Death somehow when 4.0.6 drops (since bleeds are being nerfed and such)…

    Certainly I’d think blizz philosophy would want it to beat out a heroic blue like Tia’s, but you never know.

    • I am guessing you are referring to my post on EJB. The testing I did was with a bugged version of Mew that doubled the value of the proc. Looks like it is not worth getting Unheeded Warning.

      As for Meloriak on 25 man – we used a single pally tank to kite, killed them 9 at a time, had three mages placed near the kite path to slow the adds when called for and 5 healed it. We did have to stop dps early for the second green phase (around 30%).

      BTW, If you point Meloriak towards the stairs when the green phase starts he punts you to the AOE spot at the bottom of the stairs.

      The main thing you should do is cut down on healers (7 is more than you need), and make sure that people focus on AOEing. Keep in mind that the enrage timer on 25 man is very lenient.

  14. I had a work out in my current gear for the new process. The proc worked out about 180dps. In saying that it’s what the current melee DMG is. Come 4.0.6 with the massive nerf to bleeds and the Increase to our melee abilities it be worth alot more. Until testing is complete on the ptr or when patch hits the proc is going to be unknown.

    Keep it in your bank people.

  15. Yeah, I talked it over with my guild leader and they’re nice enough to let me hold onto Unheeded until the patch drops and it can be confirmed whether or not it is better…until then, my luck at grabbing H Tia hasn’t been great; it dropped once, but I let a guildie have it since he didn’t have either version of Tia left (that and we saved it from a bad rogue pug). And I can’t grab Fluid Death since I’ve been saving for the tier.

  16. My tip for DPS on adds during the green phase is pretty simple, stack your CD’s. For the last two weeks, what I have been using TF once or twice early in the fight, but making sure that it, and ALL of my other DPS CD’s, are available for the adds on the 1st green phase. When he is going green, I let my energy pool so it is near max, and make sure to stand directly between the boss location, and the add location, so the knockback lands you where you want to be. Once it’s time to kill adds, I swipe spam until my energy is low, then pop ALL of my CD’s (including Agi pot), and continue to swipe spam. During the 2nd add phase (if there is one) I simply use whatever CD’s are still available (again, I make sure that TF will be available) and do the same thing as before.

    This method has given me top DPS in my raid (by a good margin) on the add phases, and made them rather trivial. I have a couple WoL reports linked below if anyone is interested. The 1st one is our most recent kill (from this past week) which was pretty standard. The 2nd was our kill from two weeks ago in which we accidentally let out 12 adds for the 1st green phase, and then pushed the boss into phase two before the 2nd green phase. Our DK tank was able to kite the adds (with help from hunter traps, and i believe some rogue poison?) well enough to survive the 12 adds at once, and then again during phase 2. I do not recommend this 2nd method as it was pretty dicey, but with 12 adds up, the DPS numbers were sexy (the peak DPS spike is a bit over 111K). In both cases, I was a good 40% higher on DPS than anyone else in the raid for the 1st add phase. By comparison, I was about even with our other top DPS (hunter and rogue) for the 2nd add phase when only TF was available, though it still looks like I had a very slight edge.

    WoL Report – Standard Kill

    WoL Report – One green vial only, with 12 adds up

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