Jan 192011

I found that Simulationcraft had been (mostly) updated for Cataclysm now, so I used it to test the new version of Unheeded Warning. Actually modeling it for real would take some code, but for a quick estimate, I simply ran the sim, then manually edited the profile’s weapon DPS to what it would be during the proc, and ran the sim again. Divide the DPS increase by 5 (to account for 20% uptime) and you get the value of the proc. I tested for two profiles: My own (mostly blues/PvP gear, with a few epic pieces), and the program’s built-in ilvl 372 BiS. (Make sure you select PTR in the options if you’re playing along at home.)

  • Alarron(350ish): DPS went from 17894 to 18652, divided by 5 gives 151 DPS for the proc value.
  • BiS(372): DPS went from 22333 to 23650, divided by 5 gives 263 DPS for the proc value.

Summary: Still meh for ferals. My previous napkin math for the old version estimated the proc’s value at 200 DPS, so this isn’t going to wildly change anything. Most of the trinket’s value came from the static +321 agility anyway.

Raiding-wise, we’re stuck on Maloriak at the moment. I’ll have some logs to look at tomorrow, but any tips out there for boosting DPS on adds during green phase? We seem to get them to about 20% when the debuff drops off. We successfully killed V&T last week and ODS by going from 6 healers to 7, so I don’t want to have to advocate us dropping back to 6. Any tips on how the add tank should handle them prior to red/blue would be good as well; tanking burns a lot of healer mana, kiting makes things go crazy for stack time.

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