Jan 062011

A lot of you are asking what to spend VP’s on, so I whipped up a quick chart. Still working on the raid gearing guide.

JP/Heroic Item VP Item DPS Diff Cost DPS Inc/Pt
Burrowing Mole SR’s Leggings 196.16 2200 0.09
Silver Inlaid L. R. of Golganneth 53.6 700 0.08
Defias B. Vest SR’s Raiment 96.17 2200 0.04
Cloak of Thredd Viewless Wings 35.84 1250 0.03
VC’s Boots Treads of Fl. Joy 30.34 1650 0.02
Tia’s Grace Fluid Death 21.97 1650 0.01
Sbolt Gloves SR’s Grips -22.49 1650 -0.01


The T11 legs and the relic are the best value per point; however, this doesn’t consider the T11 2p and 4p set bonuses, which you should definitely be shooting for. (2p is worth about 2% damage or 400ish DPS; 4p is harder to quantify, but roughly the same or a little higher than the 2p for a 5 minute fight, assuming no stack dropping.) This also doesn’t consider the fact that you have a chance for the tier legs and gloves from Argaloth every week, but I definitely wouldn’t count on that. (Argaloth has 134 items in his loot table, and they can repeat.) I’d suck it up and save up for the leggings, personally; they’re a significant upgrade over the next-best item. I expected Fluid Death to be better, actually, but Rawr actually values Unsolvable Riddle over Tia’s. I’m not sure I agree, but eh.

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