Jan 152011

Quick note from the latest patch changes (source):

  • All PvP 4-piece bonuses have had their flat stat values cut in half. Primary stats are very powerful in Cataclysm, so much so that players were considering using PvP gear in PvE just because of these primary stat bonuses.

Yes, we were one of those players. (Considering? Hah,) I figure this makes the 4pc PvP set equal to or slightly behind PvE offset gear. So, if you’ve been PvPing solely to build a 4pc gear set, you can stop now. If you already have the 4pc (and don’t have a replacement), don’t worry too much, but grab replacements from 5-mans when you can. (If you’ve somehow already acquired 4pc Vicious, keep using it until you get equivalent epics.)

I don’t want to even talk about Resto getting their root removal back; that just seems really odd, since they couuld already dispel them.

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  1. Wow. So, uh, I guess getting the 4-piece combo and then happily disenchant a couple of chest-shoulder-leg-glove drops was a mistake, huh? :(

  2. Des anyone know how deep into resto the root removal talent is?

  3. hi

    It’s a specialisation- meaning you only get it for being main spec resto.

    They want the shift nerf only to apply to ferals due to uptime. Speaking from a pvp perspective, and given our lackluster toolbox while cc’d, this is going to make feral un-viable in pvp

  4. Regarding Vicious Glad 4 piece: Have you run the numbers yet? I ran the numbers through Mew for my current gear (not with non t11 BIS) with 90 less agility and I still have it beating 4 non tier raid pieces.

  5. The thing about changing the PVP bonuses that I find most disappointing, is the force with which they are swinging “The Nerf Bat”.

    Having a viable but less than ideal option for people struggling to break in to raid content seems fine, so long as the objective has to be worked for all the same and doesn’t just fall in your lap. It’s easy to armchair QB this one, but I find myself wondering whether they couldn’t have taken a few extra hours of labor, and balanced items more specifically so as to slot them in to the gear list more intelligently, or forcing people to use more thought as to how and where to fit in PVP gear, without just reaching into the numbers bag and pulling out 50% as a way of effectively taking them off the “Why Would I Ever Use This?” table.

    • They have done this before though when they felt that the PvP items were being gathered not for PvP but PvE. They did not like it when PvP items became very viable back in TBC. They seem to have shifted their thoughts to that same process for Cata as well. It will not surprise me to see more nerfs inbound for the PvP gear and not just set bonuses. It’s just ridiculously easy to get the epic PvP gear right now, all you really have to do is be patient.

    • Particularly considering the incredible influence of PVE items in PVP, a history that goes back to vanilla. Who cares if PVP items ‘work’ in PVE? It will be pretty clear to a raid whether or not your PVP’r is actually up to snuff on the PVE front, no matter what he wears. However, if the PVP pieces are or are close to BiS for PVE, I can understand toning down the set bonuses that make them so. I think the PVP sets post-nerf will still be competitive.

      (Luckily, the way resilience currently works, PVP gear today is more important than ever – but even that won’t change the selective use of your best PVE pieces.)

    • Another thing uitheril is that the PvP pieces are still quite competitive on an individual basis jut the 4 PC bonus is no longer worth as much. So if you have farmed up some PvP pieces already it shouldn’t make you feel like you wasted your time…unless they do come through with more nerfs on the PvP gear as I think will happen.

  6. So my question is, would it be better to use random 346 blues then than a 4p blue (352) pvp set now? Thankfully I saved all my old blues as I was getting the pvp set (thank you TB win trading), but yeah…just wondering which to plan for in 4.06?

  7. So friggin much wasted effort. I hate PvP but was doing it to get gear that never ddrops for me. I had the Bloodthirsty and was working on the vicious gear.

    All these nerfs, changes and other crap is really making me think if I want to do this or not.

  8. for bears, rights?

  9. Maybe a suggestion…
    we will be losing both fear from Berserk, and breaking roots from shapeshifting… my thoughts are that is a little too much, how about letting Berserk break all snarring effects for its duration? yes/ no?

  10. yes pleeease…that would be nice!

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