Jan 302011

Welcome WoW Insider readers! If you’ve come here after reading my first column, feel free to browse my other posts (my most popular ones are linked on the sidebar). If you have questions, feel free to post a new thread in my forums. Enjoy the site!

The future of TFD

Fear not, loyal readers. I will continue posting here; much of the material on WoWI will be more introductory in nature. If not for you guys, I wouldn’t be where I was today. Heck, half of what I write is based on tools other people have created…Yawning and Astrylian should get the real credit. My posting has been light because I’ve been cramming for my CISSP, but that’ll be over (for good or ill) in a few weeks.

EDIT: Apparently the go-live time was pushed back a bit…if you followed the link from here, call it a sneak preview. :)

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  1. Congratulations on working for WoW Insider. Not sure if that’s a good thing or a bad thing, but congrats!

  2. Congrats & welcome to wow insider!

  3. Grats dude!

    However i have one little thing to note.
    “some small raid-wide heals via Leader of the Pack”

    LotP heals are self only now.

    • Yeah, I messed it up, it was supposed to go in the survivability section. Unfortunately, I don’t have direct edit access, or I’d go in there and fix it.

    • ….WHAT.

      Well, that certainly answers that question. –;

      I know this was probably in effect and I just never noticed it, but is anyone else starting to feel like Feral is being chipped away at?

      We already take assloads more damage when tanking packs.
      Our mastery/mitigation scheme is utterly useless against anything more than a single mob.
      Berserk/Powershifting is getting nerfed.
      Damage coefficients are being nerfed across the board for bear, affecting my already tenuous threat as a bear.

      The only things that I have to look forward to with 4.0.6 is one, that my damage on target-switching fights should go up, and two, the change to Nature’s Bounty. (Run Rejuv on 3x people, and get Nourish Cast time reduction by 10%/20%/30%)

      I am honestly starting to wonder where my breaking point is, at what point I throw my hands up and roll a new something different.

      (Sorry for the rant.)

  4. You are deserving man. Im registered for the forums, and read the site every day, and though I have never posted, or asked a question, its because I didn’t have too. You have been with me from the beginning of my feral in wow, almost two plus years now. Every bit of your advice is dead on, and a fun read. Im sure anyone just coming to the forums will become a fan as fast as i did. :)

  5. Very nice, grats! Love that wow insider finally has a dedicated feral expert :D

  6. Congrats from an Avid reader

  7. Grats! I’ve enjoyed Alison’s feral articles but I think having on person covering that many specs is too much. Glad to have our own dedicated writer :D

  8. Congrats! I’ve enjoyed reading and learning from your posts for a long time now, and I’m glad you’ll still continue Fluid Druid. :)

  9. I recently discovered this website, but i’ve been hitting shifting perspectives for some time. Glad to see you writing for them! More cat info = good

  10. Thanks for a great blog. As a long time but casual kitty, it is quite helpful. Btw, I saw your note about cramming for the CISSP. I just got mine last year. Cramming is indeed the way to do it. The test is ridiculous. The wording of the test is designed to (imho) drive you nuts. By design, nearly every question has two answers that seem right. The cramming you are doing will (hopefully) give you some basis for making that final, sometime “gut”, selection. You’ll do great. Good Luck!

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