Feb 092011

A collection of observations from last night:

  • DPS hasn’t changed much. I didn’t notice any drastic differences in my overall DPS on bosses last night.  I failed at preparing for the patch, so I still had my 4p PVP gear on (did pop in the Relentless meta though). I totally forgot I was in my hybrid spec and glyphs until halfway through, also. (Which reminds me, I need to redo my talent analysis to figure out which DPS talents are least useful.) I’ll be able to say something relevant when  I can come home and look at my log.
  • Feral’s getting boring. I haven’t played a rogue enough to know how they compare, but just spamming Shreds at 5 CP’s feels wrong. I’d like to see FB get a 10% buff or so to make it a better DPE option than Shred again. At least we still have run out -> Feral Charge/Ravage to keep us interested.
  • No sockets added to crafted leather gear. Because, you know, that gear was great ALREADY. /sarcasm.
  • Unheeded Warning proc + Swipe is ridiculous on trash + adds. I added a timer to track UW’s internal cooldown, and was able to get it to proc right when I started in on Maloriak’s adds. I’ll need to get a log to be sure, but I’m pretty sure I smoked the rest of the raid.
  • Shadowmeld counts as Stealth for Pounce/Ravage. This is freakin cool, and made me glad I stayed ‘nelf.  I need to figure out the DPE of a full-cost Ravage; I suspect it’s not as good as Shred, so I don’t plan on integrating it into a PvE rotation, but it was funny as hell in PvP last night to be able to rePounce. (Of course, then I got killed by the mages, and the hunters, and the locks, and the priests, and…well, I can still kill shamans okay.)
  • Some classes got a significant buff. Our shadow priest was smoking last night, and our pally tank went ret for Atramedes and hit top5 DPS. (Edged me, even. I blame breath kiting.) I think people panic too much over class numbers in general, but I’ll be watching RaidBots with interest for the next couple weeks, as people settle down into the new rotations. I didn’t see any large nerfs, though Survival has definitely dropped a bit.
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