Feb 092011

A collection of observations from last night:

  • DPS hasn’t changed much. I didn’t notice any drastic differences in my overall DPS on bosses last night.  I failed at preparing for the patch, so I still had my 4p PVP gear on (did pop in the Relentless meta though). I totally forgot I was in my hybrid spec and glyphs until halfway through, also. (Which reminds me, I need to redo my talent analysis to figure out which DPS talents are least useful.) I’ll be able to say something relevant when  I can come home and look at my log.
  • Feral’s getting boring. I haven’t played a rogue enough to know how they compare, but just spamming Shreds at 5 CP’s feels wrong. I’d like to see FB get a 10% buff or so to make it a better DPE option than Shred again. At least we still have run out -> Feral Charge/Ravage to keep us interested.
  • No sockets added to crafted leather gear. Because, you know, that gear was great ALREADY. /sarcasm.
  • Unheeded Warning proc + Swipe is ridiculous on trash + adds. I added a timer to track UW’s internal cooldown, and was able to get it to proc right when I started in on Maloriak’s adds. I’ll need to get a log to be sure, but I’m pretty sure I smoked the rest of the raid.
  • Shadowmeld counts as Stealth for Pounce/Ravage. This is freakin cool, and made me glad I stayed ‘nelf.  I need to figure out the DPE of a full-cost Ravage; I suspect it’s not as good as Shred, so I don’t plan on integrating it into a PvE rotation, but it was funny as hell in PvP last night to be able to rePounce. (Of course, then I got killed by the mages, and the hunters, and the locks, and the priests, and…well, I can still kill shamans okay.)
  • Some classes got a significant buff. Our shadow priest was smoking last night, and our pally tank went ret for Atramedes and hit top5 DPS. (Edged me, even. I blame breath kiting.) I think people panic too much over class numbers in general, but I’ll be watching RaidBots with interest for the next couple weeks, as people settle down into the new rotations. I didn’t see any large nerfs, though Survival has definitely dropped a bit.
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  1. Hey Al, just a question regarding running away -> FC -> Ravage. Okay, yes, a DPS gain, but what about on Magmaw? I have heard stories of Druids FCing Magmaw, and winding up taking a lava bath instead. Not wanting to be one to screw up the raid for everyone else, I figured you might know.

  2. I agree the rotation seems a lot more boring now, sitting there spamming Shred with 5 CP is just wrong; I’m actually hoping for a buff to FB so that it gives us something else to reintegrate back in instead of being “ez-mode”. The FC/Ravage I thought just made everything clunky, just feels weird.

    I did notice a drop in my DPS though, though I’m not sure if that was because of the nerfs or because of that Energy bug that caused improper Energy timing. Really, trying to compensate us by buffing Shred and Mangle was just stupid when you consider all the movement involved; sure, it might be a slight buff on paper and on fights you do no moving at all, but that of course isn’t the case since every boss isn’t Patchwerk.

    What else…I agree them adding sockets only to caster leather sucked, SPriests are definitely OP (though I’m betting they won’t get nerfs soon since they’re part healers, and god knows Blizz doesn’t want to upset healers that happen to dps). I didn’t test out my UW either, but that was more because I wanted to make absolutely sure it was working instead of the changes not making it to love. That Shadowmeld into Ravage or Pounce sounds great though, I’ll have to give it a try.

    Finally, what timer are you using to track UW’s ICD? That sounds rather nifty.

    • Click on my name for a link to Phlebotomiser a buff/debuff tracker and move suggester similar to feral by night, it has support for all the important procs (AFAIK).

      My dps felt stronger this week, but it did include 3 new pieces of gear and re-gemming from blue>red to two agi/hit + the rest agi. I definitely got a new high on magmaw and halfus.

      I am wondering if it is worth losing uptime on Rip/Rake/SR to spam shreds while unheeded warning is up?

      • Pretty sure you’d want to apply Rip during a UW buff, since it will buff the rip damage.

      • I felt like I was doing similar damage, just with a different ability mix – I think my top damaging attacks were consistently Rip, Shred, Rake, and then melee. Ret was no longer an embarrassment, but otherwise people were sitting pretty much where they usually were. I felt like I was spending too much time trying to line up cooldowns with UW procs; that being said, I was noticing a lot of ~33k shred crits with TF/UW up, and at some point got some 40k crits (I’m guessing when the warrior used heroic throw).

        Have to agree on the class has become boringly faceroll. There’s a reason I liked playing sub on my rogue, and right now we feel even cheaper than a combat rogue.

      • @Raydenuni: The Unheeded warning proc does not buff attacks that scale off AP (Rake, Rip, FB, Maim, Pounce). Look at the tooltip and if it says “does XXX%” damage it is buffed by the UW proc (except for Fury Swipes for some reason).

  3. Since FB has a lower DPE than Shred, do you think using the FB glyph would be useful to save more energy for Shred post-25%?

  4. As expected the DPS was about breakeven for cats. Any small loss was made up for by the new meta. But that still doesn’t resolve the issue as I see it.

    SP’s and ret pallies were middle of the pack just like cats. They each got buffed and we stayed the same. Furry also got a buff it seems. Boomkins did better and hunters were a little worse. For locks it seems destro is the only way to go right now.

    My subscription is comming to renewal and I guess I have a hugh decision to make. BTW I blame blizz for this because of achievements. Yes achievements.

    Before them I happily bounced from lock to rogue to druid. But with all the achievements, mounts, pets, titles I bonded with my druid. The thought of giving that up and just going back to a lock/rogue/priest just seems like losing an old friend.

  5. In our raid, I was about where I was (and I agree about the rotation being kind of boring with the shred spam and the haste/ability bug is ANNOYING) before the patch in terms of dps, our spriest was doing way better and our surv hunter was QQing all night long. The DKs dropped and the rogues were both beating me out pretty hard which they weren’t before. We still don’t have a ret so I didn’t get to see that.

    Of course, this was a “progression” night for us – working on Ascendant Council 25. When we go back to some of our farm bosses I’ll have a better comparison. I (finally!) picked up Malevolence last week along with Unheeded Warning (in prep for the changes), so I’m using that with Tia’s Grace (I’ve been putting off picking up Fluid Death – want 2t11 first).

  6. How is the trink list looking now with the addition of the agility alchemy trinket and the revisions to Unheeded Warning?

  7. After a night raiding with Unheeded Warning can definitely say its a Must Have trinket.

    Turns the regular 20k ish shreds into 34k shreds.

    Even managed a 79k shred on magmaw’s head tonight, was quite awesome having that kinda burst.

  8. About the no-sockets thing…


    “@cisox It’s a known issue. A number of crafted leather pieces did not receive a socket that should have. We’re going to attempt to hotfix.”

  9. I noticed a sharp DPS drop in Rake damage. Rake used to be top 2 DPS abilities. But now, its 4th… by a long distance.

    Rip is even more of a DPS leader, 30% overall dps. Shred is insane now, i hit a 113k Shred last night on Halfus, and its easily my second highest dps talent. I have UW and the Agi Alchemy Stone. (Can look up my name on Armory for gear).

    Im really not liking what they are doing to Ferals (Both Bear and Cat). They are turning our actual difficult rotation (loved it) into Assassination Rogues. Spam 1 ability till 5 then do whichever you need, SR/Rip. Not that fun anymore.

    • I don’t get the Rake DPS drop – are you sure that its 4th place finish wasn’t simply because Shred moved up ahead of it (not too surprising, due to buff + removal of FB use)? A 10% nerf should not be a ‘sharp drop’. But I assume melee must be the other one that moved ahead of it, which is disturbing – I know my melee damage never comes that close to Rake. Perhaps a side-effect of UW?

  10. Can someone elaborate what this energy/ haste bug is that Shinryu and Galilahi mentioned?

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