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As Heli noted in the comments, Yawning has posted an alpha version of Mew that supports the changes in 4.0.6. I decided to do some stat modeling, and came up with some interesting results. (WARNING: Alpha version of simulation program based on subject-to-change data with off-the-cuff profiles used to generate analysis. I’m certain it’s reliable.)

RSV’s by Item Level, 4.0.6 PTR (to .05 error)

Ilvl 372 359 346
WDPS 4.5 4.69 4.28
Agi 3.12 3.02 2.58
Str 2.36 2.3 1.99
Mastery 1.29 1.12 0.88
Haste 1.18 0.95 0.86
Crit 1.04 0.97 0.78
Hit/Exp 1.04 0.92 0.73

Current Live Data for reference: (ilvl 359)
WDPS: 4.11
Agi: 3.03
Str: 2.32
Mastery: 1.24
Crit: 0.96
Haste: 0.91
Hit/Expertise: 0.86

Analysis: Essentially, my initial thoughts were correct. Mastery is coming down and Haste is coming up, but not enough to significantly affect current priorities: either haste/mastery or crit/mastery is fine for most. Cats pushing into heroic-mode content (and 372 gear) will want to go haste/mastery. Also, with mastery’s drop in value, the dps loss for prioritizing hit is not as severe.

More to come once I play with Mew a bit more; I’ll be relooking glyphs, trinkets, socket bonuses, and the new logic to use FC->Ravage on cooldown.

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  1. Haste took a small jump up which kind of sucks because most of our bis have mastery/crit (i know won’t be that bad but still).

    FC/ravage on cd, quite interesting… can’t wait to see how that goes. Would make sense seeing as it hits harder then shred and uses less energy.

  2. So at the 359 level, haste bows slightly below crit? It is rather interesting that it drops below while the other two values are so high in haste’s favor. What would you recommend for someone who has an even split of 346/359 gear, working towards rounding out to all 359? Would it be safe to assume that you could reforge everything to haste and call it good?

  3. That is rather interesting how Crit jumps ahead at one point of the ilvl tier…

    So basically, don’t bother reforging until you get to the 372 level? I mean, the .02 difference at 359 just seems negligible, would seem better to save a couple of gold for gems or an enchant or something instead of eeking out the tiniest of dps increases at that point.

  4. i was seeing this behavior in RAWR today, i was so confused, im really loving your blog :D

  5. So atm which offtier part will be the best? I was reading on elitejerks that shoulders (from omni hc) gonna be the best offtier part. Correct?

  6. Hello, I been using rawr as my main source of stat adjusting. and going the route of stacking a lot of mastery and crit. and paying no attention to hit rating (only using Sensei gems because of nothing better dps-wise?).

    Currently I can out dps any class in my 25m raid with cooldowns/lust (28.6k dps on halfus) –if I don’t screw up my bleeds–

    my question is this: I don’t understand how haste is good stat for cats? In all my toying around swapping around stats and such, going with haste is always a dps loss for bleeds. How do you explain that?
    Feel free to gear check me


  7. On our Halfus HM kill I pushed 56k dps, so halfus is not really the best example.

    Haste is good now because with more haste we get more energy which equals more shreds. Considering how hard Shred will be hitting for, haste becomes a better stat than crit.

    Or something like that.

    • So are we a shred-bot with how things are currently? just gear/spec/gem for better shred? and forget about bleeds?

      (my halfus kill wasn’t HM =( though)

  8. A few notes since you are going to be looking into things further.

    The default sim script still uses Ferocious Bite when the mob is over 25% if it thinks it can get away with it. I should probably go and disable this.

    Engineering glove enchant in the alpha snapshot that is currently being publicly distributed is slightly overvalued (duration was nerfed, didn’t notice when I added it, fixed in SVN).

    If you have on use effects (trinkets mostly), the released snapshot doesn’t have logic in to prevent them from being used when out of melee range. (Fixed in SVN, doesn’t really make a difference in practice.)

  9. Haste isn’t necessarily a loss for your bleeds dps, it’s just that haste doesn’t effect our dots and crit does so that’s why you’re seeing a loss in bleed dps but in the new patch it will be even better to have haste because your bleeds will be doing less damage by default and Mangle&Shred are getting buffed.

  10. To answer Regnaw’s question a bit more closely, haste is an awesome stat for ferals once you reach a certain gear point where our shreds are crushing are bleeds into the ground.

    in 372 gear you have so much agi that with the bleed nerf and shred buff you need to get max shreds for the fight, yes haste helps your energy regen but what people seem to forget is back in 3.0.3 the ICD if OOC was removed meaning the more haste you have the more auto attacks you generate leading to the more potential OOC procs you obtain. Since the high agi value on gear at 372 range vs 346 not only will you have an acceptable amount of crit for your bleed ticks but so much to modify your shred damage that you’ll want someway to track OOC procs for free shred. Which is also why hit/exp moves up in value at higher gear levels as well.

  11. Does the 3-4% ravage on CD increase include Glyph of Feral Charge?

    • Think you meant to reply to the other post, but yes, it does assume FC glyph. (most cats probably already have it glyphed anyway, especially now that roots is useless.)

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