Feb 072011

Since 4.0.6 is dropping tomorrow, I’ll run through some theorycraft and see what’s changing. (For the other changes I analyzed previously, see my WoW Insider column.)


After much thought, I’ve decided to drop the table of relative stat values I had calculated, and point you towards a calculator instead, such as Mew. That said, things are mostly the same: Agility as your preferred primary stat, and Mastery as your preferred secondary stat. Crit and Haste are very close in value, but in general, the value of crit drops as your gear level improves:

  • ilvl 346: Prefer crit to haste
  • ilvl 359: Crit/haste roughly equal
  • ilvl 372: Prefer haste to crit

Either way, you’ll want to avoid hit/expertise (unless tanking/interrupting). These figures assume you are using one of the new metagems with +3% crit damage; if not, haste definitely comes out on top.

Socket Bonuses

1 Agility is worth slightly less than 3 Mastery and slightly more than 3 Crit/Haste. Essentially, you should ignore all socket bonuses and gem straight +40 agility, except for socket bonuses of +20 agility and better.


Rip/Shred/one of Berserk or Tiger’s Fury look to remain the best three choices. Berserk remains my preference.

Rotational Changes

  • FC -> Ravage on CD: This isn’t a change, necessarily, but the newest Mew has math to confirm that this is a DPS gain. If you can run out to charge back in and lose no more than 3 seconds of melee attacks, do it. For bosses where you can FC in place (Valiona), the DPS gain is roughly 3-4%, with a percent off that for each second you spend not attacking.
  • No more FB above 25%. I’m still testing this one, but Biting above 25% is of little to no benefit now with the buff to Shred. My general recommendation is to stop worrying about bites. CP’s remain on a target until you start generating CP’s on another one, so just leave them there. (Remember you can actually SR from range, if you run out.)

If you have any other questions, just ask. (Well, except about PvP gear. In short; yes, Individual Vicious pieces are worth using over heroic blues. Individual Bloodthirsty pieces are not. Anything more detailed requires a calculator, so please just go plug your own gear into Mew.)

Oh, and since it appears that the feral PvP nerf is going live: I can’t wait to PvP another feral, have both our Nature’s Grasp effects proc at the same time, and engage in a slap fight. That’s about all I can look forward to enjoying.

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