Feb 062011

Unfortunately, I haven’t had a chance to dig into the 4.0.6 version of Mew as much as I would’ve liked. Between preparing for a Super Bowl party, and then coming down with pneumonia and (probably) canceling said party, I haven’t been at the computer overmuch.

I did get a LOT of questions about the tentative stat values in my last post. Please realize they are just that; tentative, based on some very hasty character profiles which are probably off. I will (assuming I can ever move around again without hacking up a lung) probably do a much more detailed analysis of stat values and how they change wrt. gear and/or buffs. Mastery/haste appears to be the default choice, though, with mastery/crit being a very close second option that falls off a bit as you move towards  372 gear.

If we hear for certain that 4.0.6 will drop on Tuesday, I’ll do my best to get some thoughts out on Monday.

(back to bed)

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  1. MMO-Champion sez yes to 4.0.6 this Tuesday. And since I have nothing but burning hatred that would eclipse the heat of a thousand suns for the Packers, tomorrow, I will be relishing the last few times I will get to make life hell for certain people in PVP.


  2. Feel better soon! Pneumonia’s no fun :(

    And thanks, in advance, for the 4.0.6 update.

  3. So what’s offtier part will be the best in new patch? Still chest? Or shoulders? Maybe hands? Help :P

  4. The relative value of crit vs haste is very dynamic I discovered; for example moving 30 crit rating into haste rating makes crit suddenly jump ahead of haste again in the 372 profile, and adding slightly more crit makes the value of crit sink below that of hit/exp. So there might be some kind of crit soft cap in effect here, rotationwise.

  5. Get well soon!

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