Feb 202011

First, thanks to all of you who responded to my last post. As always, I’m amazed by the number of people who actually read this thing. :)

I was less than clear in my postscript, when I stated that I’d canceled my subscription renewal. A bit of background: Many long-term readers know that I serve in the U.S. military. Well, I’ve been in a year-long set of training courses, that is now coming to an end.

Recently, I was notified that my follow-on assignment had been changed; I was now going to a unit on an accelerated deployment timeline. Essentially, this means that I will be heading overseas (sorry, I can’t give more details than that) for a year in the next 2-3 months, to a place where my connection to the Blizzard servers will be…less than optimal, shall we say. I had planned to re-sub for one more month, but I think it’s important that I communicate my displeasure with the direction that Blizzard is taking feral (or lack of direction, possibly) and unsubscribing is the strongest message available. I have about 2 weeks left on my sub, so we’ll see what changes between now and then.

About the site: While my blogging frequency will probably diminish markedly, I plan to keep paying for the site and the associated hosting costs. The forum and the community here has succeeded in providing a place where new players and veterans can come to get help in a non-elitist environment, and I want to keep that up. (Of course, donations are always welcome. :)) I can’t really say for sure anything more than that, until I get on-ground and see what my workload is going to be like. If anyone is interested in guest blogging, send me an email/PM, and I’ll look into how to set it up.

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  1. “. Essentially, this means that I will be heading overseas (…), to a place where my connection to the Blizzard servers will be…less than optimal, ”

    damn.. so they really send some troops to Poland?

    • Australia! I can start bitching about Oceanic lag again! (I wish.)

      • As an Australian, I welcome you to our shores! The latency is not that bad, or so Blizzard keep telling us while making latency-sensitive fights (Hello fast-casting council!) ; )

      • Heh, I know all about it. I (re)started playing WoW on my previous assignment (in Korea) on US-Caelestrasz. Our guild was mostly Aussies. (Krag, Ayan, Ela; much love if you guys are still around. I need to go look up the guild website again, one of these days.)

        • Hey Ala,

          I still come by from time to time and keep an eye on you :P

          Even to this day I miss having you in the guild. You had a very keen eye for where we could improve.

          I do wish you were heading to Aus as I might have been able to convince you to come back to Cael for a while :)

          From the sounds of it this deployment may not be the most comfortable but, I wish you all the best.

          For the record The Bandits have only downed 3 bosses so far (not counting BH). But, we spent a very long time waiting for enough people to be ready to raid. So, we’re getting there.

          It’s been a tough year for some of us which has reduced our raiding capacity..(see forums for more details).

          Anyways, take care mate. Hopefully we’ll catch up some time down the track.


      • That said, I would MUCH rather be going back to Korea (or Aus, heh) than where I’m actually going.

      • ha ha, yeah, lag over here is a real pain!

  2. “Many long-term readers know that I serve in the U.S. military. Well, I’ve been in a year-long set of training courses, that is now coming to an end.”

    Many thanks to you. I myself am in the Army, 19D Cavalry. I was just in a deployment overseas. Shipped out the week of ICC and got back a few weeks after the Cata Launch. Raiding ICC HMs was def not fun with 3k latency. I bid you good luck and a safe return. My prayers are with you and the loved ones that await your homecoming. Praise Malfurion, Live long and Prosper, and all the other farewells that ensue.

  3. Since I’m not a native speaker, I hope you’ll forgive my mistakes…
    I’m in the Army aswell, living and serving in Italy as nco in MP… I’v served for an year in Kosovo while exping and had same latency problems (apart from powercuts… lol).
    Bid you good luck, a fond prayer to you and your family.
    Godspeed, may the Force be with you.

  4. We’ll miss ya…being a military brat I understand a bit of the pressures that go on, hope everything works out well for you.

  5. Damn, sorry to see you go as I found your posts to be very useful. Take care of yourself and be careful out there!

  6. It was sad to see you leave the Aussie team even sadder see you leave the game. Just last night we went back to Yogg just so we could touchy touchy the clouds OP style 
    Be safe mate

  7. Hey Aleron,

    You will be greatly missed, we all hope you come back safe!


  8. Hey Alaron good luck and a safe deployment for you.

    You might recall I’ve been a nay-sayer since August about the Cata changes. I actually had three accounts and I didn’t renew this month. See to me the achievement things meant I was tied to my druid. Yes I had a 85 lock but my druid (Goodmongo) was who people kenw me by and the one I had put the effort into for fishing, cooking, loremaster etc etc.

    So like you I decided enough is enough and did not renew my subscription earlier this month.

    I still drop by as I’ve really liked reading your articles and there was always hope that maybe Blizz would come to their senses. But alas not yet.

    So once again good luck stay safe and thank you for your service to our country.

  9. ~salutes~

    First and foremost, thank you so much for your service to our country. It is greatly appreciated.

    Second, I’m most definitely sad to see you go. Maybe if things change up a bit I will look at trying my hand at crunching the numbers again. (and you know, actually update my blog.) But thank you as well, for your service to the feral community. You will be missed. :(

    ~keeps his fingers crossed that maybe Blizz will fix it~

  10. I have a heavy heart hearing that you are leaving. I have looked forward to every post that has appeared here and know the druid community has just lost a vital community member. I wish you the best of luck in your travels and look forward to your return should you do so.

  11. I’ve very much enjoy your blog here and the articles you wrote over at wow insider. I’m sad this community has lost yet another intelligent, positive minded feral blogger/theorycrafter.

  12. sorry to see you go, another pillar of the feral community stepping away.

    while i totally understand and agree with your reasons…. it’s still kinda sad.

    best of luck to you and safe deployment.

  13. Alaron,

    Oceanic latency will be a kick in the balls to you compared to the US. Here in australia we can get a stable 200-350ms with a decent connection and using RTL (After alot of testing, best lowerping setup there is).

    Good Luck bro

  14. Good luck to you. Your insights will be missed. Be safe.

  15. Another Aussie here on Khaz’goroth who has really enjoyed your posts for the past expansion – I’m sure you will still be floating around in one form or another. Melee (particularly PvP) is so hard on our latency – and I’m talking 300+ – you may want to go boomkin where you are going!

    p.s you made me buy Unheeded Warning for 16k, but no regrets :)

  16. All I can really add to all the above is, “Ditto.” I was so delighted to find a *good* kitty blog, and that you’d taken over the WI column. And now…

    There just doesn’t seem to be a lot of good resources out there, sadly. And the best are leaving.

    I wish you the best… connections, safety, and fun. Not necessarily in that order.

  17. A large gap will be left in the druid community, you’ll be missed. Best of luck on your new assignment, be safe.

  18. Best of luck in your deployment. ;)

  19. Thanks for the good reads, Alaron! Good luck and stay safe.

  20. Really sorry to see you leave the game Alaron. Your blog was one of the things that inspired me to start writing, and definitely what led me towards the little theory work that I’ve done. You’ve really contributed to the druid community.

    Best of luck, stay safe!


  21. I have a great deal of respect for you as a fellow druid and your input and musings on the class will be missed.

    Safe journeys, friend and always remember, Cat Uis 4 Fite.


  22. Thank you

  23. Will miss reading this blog, and sad that we lose the WI posts. but cant be helped.

    Cya around, alaron.

  24. Alaron,

    I stumbled on your blog about when you first started writing and have always found it to be not only useful, but most importantly, accessible as far as the theorycraft goes. I couldn’t agree more that “the community here has succeeded in providing a place where new players and veterans can come to get help in a non-elitist environment” and that is why I’ve LOVED reading your blog over the years. (Been feral since before TBC and will always stay one…despite the current frustrations…)

    I wanted to thank you for all of your thoughts over the years. You will be missed!! Wishing you the best of luck– Take care. :)

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