Feb 012011

I just saw this EDIT: plagiarized piece of work by Asmodan. Essentially, he figured out that the active drakes on Halfus are not random; they follow a set pattern that changes every week, and we’ve now seen them enough weeks to deduce the pattern and know (or have a pretty good guess) which drakes will be active ahead of time. If the theory is correct, US this week should have Slate, Time, Whelps, and EU/KR/TW should have Slate, Time, Nether.

Great stuff, though credit should go to Simca on the mmoc forum, not this tard. My bad. (And those of you on heroic Halfus, yes, I know you know which ones. :P)

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  6 Responses to “Halfus drakes NOT random”

  1. Confirmed. I snuck in an hour ago and he is right.

  2. The US prediction for this week is correct.

  3. Confirmed for U.S. as well, kinda neat knowing what’ll be popping up.

  4. May want to tweak the credits around a bit. Looks like all Asmodan on the official forums did was to copypaste the work in its entirety from MMO-C.


    Confirmation from the MMO-C poster: http://www.mmo-champion.com/threads/841742-Theory-Halfus-is-not-Random?p=10308962&viewfull=1#post10308962

  5. Asmodan stole that post from MMO-Champ. The actual author is Simca.

  6. Quick little tool for viewing which they will be, and their abilities.

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