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So, everybody is abuzz with 4.1 info; I’m in a bit of a hurry, so I’ll just remind you to check the usual suspects for the up-to-date info. For those that asked, I was about to post a reworked version of my “state of feral” post on the Damage Dealing forum, when I noticed someone else (basically) had. It may or may not be helpful to comment on that thread, but if ever, now’s the time to do it with the 4.1 PTR coming up.


  • It’s a bit buried, but it’s there: “we want to do a better job of balancing the AoE power of the different damage-dealing specs.” That’s one of the major weaknesses of feral at the moment, so any love here would be great.
  • “All non-damaging interrupts off the global cooldown will now always hit the target. This includes Pummel, Shield Bash, Kick, Mind Freeze, Rebuke, Skull Bash, Counterspell, Wind Shear, Solar Beam, Silencing Shot, and related player pet abilities.” Assuming this means what I think it does, no more having to stack hit. Yay! (PvP just got more boring, I guess.)
  • All the crafted LW gear lost 20 agility and 20 secondary stats and gained a red socket with a +10 agility socket bonus. That will make those items much more appealing.
  • Hmm, this wouldn’t he too hard to rework for Feral: “Whirlwind now has its cooldown reduced by 6 sec. if it deals damage to 4 or more targets.” Let Swipe cost less energy for 4+ targets, maybe?

Feral blue post

(I know, it’s sad that a blue post about feral deserves it’s own header; they’re rare beasts these days.)

I chose not to post in this thread because it seemed to be mostly about bears (and then devolved into a PvP argument, like usual) but:

  • Hey, ferals do exist! (FWIW, I agree with 1, his argument on 2 sucks, and I disagree with 3.)
  • They’re not changing it (shifting not breaking roots) back. “We’ve been over this issue quite a bit…” “Ferals are now slightly easier to control.”  “SOME players would rather have…” etc., etc. I think the martyr mindset has set in at Blizz on this change…this is good for THE GAME, so let’s keep pressing it, regardless of criticism.
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  1. There are so many other threads with more meaningful information and conversation that it boggles my mind the threads they actually decide to post in.

    And, mind you, they still have yet to say one single word about PvE cat dps.

    • Oh — *sarcasm on* don’t you know, we’re fine! *sarcasm off*
      In the Bear thread with the ridiculous blue post, they said they’re seeing Bears still being brought to raids, so our complaints must be invalid or at least greatly exaggerated and they’re just not seeing the problems we see. *rolls eyes* So by the same logic they probably won’t touch cat dps, because… hey, as long as -someone- brings a cat to their raids we’re all just whining and everything’s fine, amirite? -.-

  2. My *dream* solution to Feral AOE:

    -If Swipe (Cat) hits more than 4 targets, the cooldown of Tiger’s Fury is reduced by 2 seconds.
    -Stampede also makes the next Swipe (Cat) free to cast.

    • It’d be nice, and play into the combat rogue theme of reducing cooldowns by using certain moves, but I think I’d probably be just as happy if swipe applied mangle >.>

  3. That post just got a CM(Community Manager) reply because a MVP poster contacted him and requested for it. :>

  4. Would Swipe spreading rake to all/some enemies around the Feral be OP? A bit like warrior rend/thunderclap .

    • While thats a pretty cool idea, I am pretty sure rend is kind of like lacerate for bears. Won’t make up more then 5% of the damage done for single target tanking. I think its like 14% of damage done when our warrior tank is tanking welps and Stormrider on Halfus.

      Pretty sure if we could one or two button apply an ability that does 20% of our single target dps to more then 4 adds it would be crazy OP.

    • In concept that actually sounds closer to a SV hunter’s Serpent Spread, which applies a shorter duration Serpent Sting to what the multishot hits. If they did that it’d probably be a limited duration rake, like 6 seconds rather than the full amount.

    • I was thinking something similar to that. In the case blizz thought swipe spreading rake was too op, then at least let it apply the mangle debuff to all the mobs it hits, then we could tab and apply rake easier

  5. Although, if it didnt spread mangle…it would be less powerful perhaps.

  6. I can’t believe those tools at blizzard removed shifting from roots without making other changes. IE nerf mage nova’s or add some other kind of feral utility to help our mobility. It just shows how out of touch with their game they really are.

  7. Thanks for highlighting this once again. I think that the post you linked was interesting, and like you I agree with #1 on the post. Low-level bear tanking has been painful at best for a very long time.

    The argument on #2 sucking: Feral PvP is such a hot-button topic and there has been a huge amount of both crying QQ, and valid, intelligent arguments. Fact of the matter is, IMHO, there is a huge problem with feral pvp right now. How does a feral beat a frost mage? It gets lucky while stacking a group with dispels and yelling on vent/skype/etc every 3 seconds for a cleanse. Or it doesn’t beat a frost mage. This carries over into the third argument — People still play bears in raid content. Why doesn’t the reverse hold true for PvP, where there is an obvious and blatant lack of ferals in 1800+ pvp brackets?

    As for #3: Yes, bears still exist, and people still find raid slots as bears. However, smart guilds and groups need to re-think completely healing assignments and re-work a boss fight if you have a bear tank vs. having a paladin tank. I don’t need to re-hash common knowledge or list abilities, cooldowns or talk about threat numbers to acknowledge a well-known fact. Yes, bears can tank. Yes, single target threat has been amazing, yes aoe threat has left some things to be desired. But to say all is equal in terms of survivability, utility or healers’ enjoyment of life in healing a bear tank vs. another class, is simply ignorant and false.

  8. When it rains it pours. Acording to MMO it looks like thrash is getting a nerf in 4.1. So the devs think bears are fine yet another AOE nerf. Did a feral bite them on the ass or something? Why all the hate for ferals from Blizzard?

    • Mongo you need to not read to much into that. It’s VERY early and its only datamined info. What is likely the reason for a thrash nerf is to add a 3rd aoe tool for bears. If they add anything else thrash would be to good and would need a nerf.

      • That’s the same thing I heard way back in July about Cata and the beata testing. And then again about the 4.0.6 PTR notes.

        Unfortunately Blizz doesn’t have a good track record as of late with ferals.

        I cancelled my account but was hoping that maybe come 4.1 things will be improved and I would sign back up. I still haven’t locked myself into another game yet but once I do WOW will be gone.

  9. It’s those blue posts that made me cancel my account.

    I was just about to suck it up and get over it when I looked at the blue tracker.

    My main, and only 85 toon is a feral. I just canceled my account. I’ve always been a WoW freak, if another game was mentioned n trade that I would always ask what zone it was in.

    Now, with absolutely no experience with any other MMO ever, I am researching RIFT, so fat I see a rogue class that has 8 different talent trees to choose from and can dual spec too. One talent tree is even a leather wearing rogue tanking spec.

    I had good times as a druid, I’ve enjoyed this blog quite a lot the whole time. Oh and THANK YOU for that ovale script!

    But I think WoW is too antiquated a game for me to even bother tolerating the way we have been treated.

    • If you think Blizzard is having problems balancing a game with narrow specs, good luck with Rift and its infinite possibilities.

      This sky is falling mentality is never a good thing to have. If you have been a “wow-freak” then you know this has happened in the past with other classes and things have a way of sorting themselves out.

      I get that people are upset that on raidbots we are not at the top or near it, but the chance that any of us is going to be doing that dps anyway is pretty remote. I am top 5 in my guild and I am still very far off the pace set by these players in the top guilds with the best gear.

  10. The final nail into the coffin to me was when they made feral druids(kitty) have a static rotation. This was insulting, and it hurt more then any other changes they made to the feral tree. They took the most fun and challenging class in the game and neutered it.

    The thing I don’t understand is why they felt the need do this? Did it really matter if there were a bunch of players who would rather play a class that was easier?

    The sad thing was this was why we got so neutered in PVP and had our root breaking taken away. If it was still really challenging to keep up good dps, then they would’ve had no need to keep on hacking away at us.

    It’s like a never ending pile of @#%!; in PVP our viability is about nil, and in PVE we scale horribly with gear. Because of that we are falling further and further behind the other dps classes.

    And on top of that every encounter favors ranged in every single way, so why take a useless feral to raids anymore. Whats the point of playing now.

    I’ve cancelled my subscription for the first time in six years and feel a huge sigh of relief. I find it rather sad that it was Cataclysm that made me quit, considering how much potential it was supposed to have.

  11. New additions to the ptr patch notes today. Looks like another pvp nerf for us (reduced duration of cyclone) and a slight utility buff for us (Stampeding Roar buff). Other than those changes the rest of the druid changes are nerfs to balance and resto


    • Oh forgot to add this,

      “Death Knights

      Raise Ally has been redesigned to be a battle resurrection, analogous to Rebirth. It is instant cast, but costs 50 Runic Power to use, and has a 10-minute cooldown. It shares the same global battle resurrection cap with Rebirth and Soulstone.”

      so basically a nerf to druid raid utility, although I’m sure its not uncommon for guilds to have two boomkins and a resto druid anyway (or vice versa) so not too many ferals raid spots were banking on our BR

    • And for those of us with Bear tanking offspecs a buff to swipe.

      “Swipe (Bear) cooldown has been reduced to 3 seconds, down from 6.”

  12. I would like to see Stampeding Roar give the raid a mini haste buff with run speed. Same timers / CD’s on it…but since it’s the only thing we got ‘changed’ in 4.1 so far – make it a useful change.

  13. I still don’t really understand or get the purpose of Stampeding Roar. The CD really makes it almost useless. Can someone tell me where this utility really shines.

  14. Situations where it’s of any use are few and far between…whilst this buff makes it slightly better Im struggling to think of much use for it still. I would have liked to have seen a buff to the range too, which is crazy small.

  15. The Stampeding Roar ability is not very useful — it’s on a long CD, it doesn’t stack with other movement-increasing buffs, it’s barely noticeable in bear form, and not worth the energy expenditure in cat.

    Why they are buffing it is beyond me.

    I see the battle bres addition to DKs as being a slight nerf to bears and ferals in 10s, where a DK tank/DPS depending on raid comp. As was said above, between Soulstones / Anks / Rebirths, the cap will likely be reached regardless of comp.

    The lifebloom and cyclone is another nail in the PvP feral coffin. Apparently, Blizzard didn’t like ferals rolling LB’s while rooted ; )

    • Wow, shouldn’t post pre-coffee!

      To clarify that third paragraph:

      I see the battle res addition to DKs as being a slight nerf to bears and cats in 10s, where a DK tank or DPS will be bringing that same rebirth utility.

      In 25s, the Soulstone / Ank / Rebirth cap will most likely be reached regardless of comp.

  16. […] high end numbers do show that feral DPS lacks some firepower and/or scaling.  I suspect, as does Alaron and Kalon that fixing the above problems that they also see will resolve issues with our output and […]

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