Feb 142011

Notes from the administration:

  • My CISSP test is Friday, and I feel unready. I’ll be out for the week studying. (If you see me online, tell me to stop slacking.) I’ll still check email/PM’s, so contact me if it’s important.
  • I’m aware that my gear lists need some tweaking for the new stat values; as always, best practice is to download Mew and see for yourself. before asking why item X > item Y. It may for me, but not for you.
  • Haven’t seen any comprehensive feral changes;  the continued lack of communication regarding the feral PvP nerfs and the nonexistence of the promised sockets on crafted agility gear is upsetting…but what you gonna do?
  • NO ONE EXPECTS THE DRUMS OF PANIC! Ring of Frost? Pshaw.
  • Oh, and thanks Lissanna for the shoutout on Wafflecast! Definitely check out the podcast, and subscribe to the blogs of all the contributors; they’re that good.
  • (And hey, if anybody has any blog posts they want to see, let me know.)
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  1. One thing to keep an eye out for with the missing sockets on crafted gear – a guildmate had his belt buckle transform into the socket, inheriting the gem already in it. He was annoyed at having to use a second belt buckle.

  2. Good luck with the CISSP!

  3. Second that, good luck with the CISSP .. been pushing this one back for a while :s Go get it !

  4. It looks like Yawning decided to quit WoW, he made a post on the druid official forums stating he had unsubbed and, by the looks of things, the CMs banned him from the forums and removed his entire post history, destroying/gutting several important/useful stickies in the process.

    He said in his goodbye that he was going to continue updating Mew but at this point I’ll be surprised if he even bothers to do that.

    The way Blizzard is treating the feral community right now is, hands-down, the worst I have ever seen them treat any of their players.

    • Yep. Was a bit surprised.

      Full text cross-posted here: http://druid.wikispaces.com/message/view/ToskksDPSGearMethod/34244832

      I’m still willing to maintain Mew as long as things don’t require testing. (Eg: I won’t be able to derive damage coefficients by hand 3 times in one week. ;) I have always, and will always care more about the community than the company.

      As noted in my post, there’s a new version of Mew that I made last night incorporating the known corrections for 4.0.6 (DMC:H was slightly undervalued since it was changed to use the melee hit table/crit multiplier though it’s still fairly bad, and the Shred glyph was fixed.)

    • Good to hear, Yawning, your work is much appreciated by myself and I know many others feel the same.

      Sad to see you go, hope whatever you move onto treats you a little more fairly.

      Let us know, I might follow you. SW:TOR maybe? :D

  5. Really sorry to see Yawning go. He’s done so incredibly much for the ferals out there.
    On the other hand I understand his frustration.

    And Alaron, GL!

  6. gl with the cissp!

  7. GL with the CISSP Alarron!

    Sorry to see you leave, but like many others have said, it really wasn’t that big of a surprise. I too had canceled my subscription a few days ago for similar reasons. I really think having your post deleted and you being banned was retarded.
    What were the reasons they gave you for finding it necessary to ban you and delete your post(s)?

  8. OMG how did the test go??!! We are all anxouisly waiting to hear!!

    • It’s over. :P

      250 questions + old-school pencil-and-paper bubbling + overzealous proctors = sucks.

      Oh, yeah, and waiting a month to get results sucks too. :)

      I’ll try to write a post tomorrow on WoW things (esp. Yawning’s departure).

  9. Thanks for all your hard work Yawning.

    TBH I think Blizzard is to the point where they don’t care about their community as long as the masses keep paying the bill. The fact that they banned a major contributor for posting a farewell on “official forums” is proof enough for me.

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