Feb 142011

Notes from the administration:

  • My CISSP test is Friday, and I feel unready. I’ll be out for the week studying. (If you see me online, tell me to stop slacking.) I’ll still check email/PM’s, so contact me if it’s important.
  • I’m aware that my gear lists need some tweaking for the new stat values; as always, best practice is to download Mew and see for yourself. before asking why item X > item Y. It may for me, but not for you.
  • Haven’t seen any comprehensive feral changes;  the continued lack of communication regarding the feral PvP nerfs and the nonexistence of the promised sockets on crafted agility gear is upsetting…but what you gonna do?
  • NO ONE EXPECTS THE DRUMS OF PANIC! Ring of Frost? Pshaw.
  • Oh, and thanks Lissanna for the shoutout on Wafflecast! Definitely check out the podcast, and subscribe to the blogs of all the contributors; they’re that good.
  • (And hey, if anybody has any blog posts they want to see, let me know.)
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