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4.0.6 Trinket Ratings (because people keep asking):

  1. Unheeded Warning, Bastion of Twilight BoE.
  2. Essence of the Cyclone, H Halfus.
  3. Prestor’s Talisman of Machination, H Nefarian.
  4. Fluid Death, 1,650 VP.
  5. Tia’s Grace, H Lost City.
  6. Essence of the Cyclone, Halfus.
  7. Prestor’s Talisman of Machination, Nefarian.
  8. Quicksilver Alchemist Stone Alchemy-only BoP.
  9. Unsolvable Riddle Baradin’s/Hellscream’s Exalted.
  10. (Other heroic blue trinkets)

Strength trinkets are worth about as much as a lower-tier agility trinket. (Stop asking about Heart of Rage, Fury of Angerforge, etc. They’re okay, but not anything you should actually go for.) The order may shift a bit depending on your gear: 1-4 are pretty close, as is 5-9.

New agility VP ring

The Hornet-Sting Band actually went live (Thanks Kallapryy!). This comes in as our 2nd pre-heroic raid BiS ring (unless you got a Mistral Circle with a good stat combo).

Sockets still to be added to agility leather

Nothing official yet, but there’s a tweet on Blizzard’s twitter feed that they are looking to hotfix the sockets in for the leather items that did not receive them. (Thanks Solitha!)

Living Action Potion recipe available again

If you’ve been jonesing for your root-breaks back, this is about as close as it gets: Living Action Potion. (Now works as of 4.0.6, instant root/snare break and 3s of immunity, standard potion CD.)  Sadly, does not work in arenas/rated BG’s. The recipe was no longer available as of Cataclysm (was ZG) but is now sold by Evie Whirlbrew in Winterspring (limited supply, check back). (h/t: Kaliope)

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  1. Sadly, good luck finding the ingredients for Living AP’s on the AH. Icecap rarely gets farmed with any reliability on my server.

    • very true, I farm some up when i have nothing else to do. also nooooooooooo >< was happy my dk had this potion. I guess more competition joining the party in the AH as time goes on :(

  2. Out of curiosity, where does the Darkmoon Card: Hurricane(agi version) shake out? I would assume it would be somewhere under 7 or 8. Is the proc so bad that it drops it down in the ‘other heroic blue trinket’ category?

    • There’s been some changes to the proc in 4.0.6, so TBD for now. I suspect we still won’t get it to proc enough to be great (it’s PPM, and since we attack so fast, the proc rate is very low), but it might beat blues.

  3. These ranking differ from other results I’ve seen reported on other forums. Could you please state the process of how you came to your conclusions. e.g. simcraft/mew version and ilvl.

    • Can you let me know where you’re seeing something drastically different? I calculated these numbers with the latest Mew, and they jibe with LK’s. (If you’re talking about Mihir’s guide on mmo-c, his is basically the same as mine, just has a few things switched around.) Some of the trinkets are very close in value, so the order can change depending on your gear (diminishing returns, etc.)

      • I had seen ranking where unheeded warning varied from the first to third spots while browsing through mmo-c and elitist jerks forums. Thank you for all your hard work, as I continually find your blog a valuable resource for feral dps. I was hoping you could provide us w/ the actual dps values of each trinket or something that gives us relative deltas between each piece. In addition a character profile or stating if it was bis 372 setup that generated your results. From your post above I don’t get any sense of how close each piece came in the ranking. I was able to simcraft my own character to show that unheeded warning did indeed produce 170 dps gain over fluid death.

        • I had deliberately avoided going with exact numbers, simply because I get so much grief by people saying “lol on my toon I do more dmg with this trinket your guide sucks lolol.” I’d really rather motivate people to use a calculator for their own toons, instead of presenting detailed data that’s only accurate at fixed, semi-unrealistic points.

  4. Is the proc from Unheeded warning really that good that it’s better than heroic trinkets ?

    • Yes. (Remember how weapon DPS is our best stat? This trinket increases agi and weapon DPS.)

    • It adds 680 flat damage, unmodified by attack speed. At my current gear level (Heroic 5-mans, some raid epics) My paperdoll cat damage is about 1500. That means that when this trinket procs my autoattack and any ability that scales with white damage gets a 40% boost for 10 seconds. Shred, 450% white damage? It’s doing 3000 more damage, plus mangle multiplier plus bleed multiplier plus crits.

      Yes, it’s that good.

  5. Since 4.0.6 it feels as if cats got buffed. The improved shred and mangle really rock. Maybe it has something to do with UW, but I feel totaly fine with the changes.

  6. Thanks Alaron, once again you’ve provided some excellent information.

  7. I was able to test new Unheeded in raid yesterday..
    it’s crazy how it buffs my DPS.
    yesterday: http://www.worldoflogs.com/reports/cl7smmi9na3nhqly/sum/damageDone/?s=5537&e=5865

    • @Warscreamer, are you serous? oO yourlogs are f. unbelievable. that sounds really nice, i just bought this trinket, cant wait to find it out 4 myself.

      any thing else to take care when using ist? like using tolvir pot oder berserker when Unheeded proccs??


    • The logs are like three weeks apart. I don’t think the trinket was your only upgrade. I’ll take those logs with huge scoops of salt.

      • In fact I was on long ski holidays, and then change the guild, waiting for my turn to raid etc.. this is not exact the same character, but with last patch bleed nerf I was expecting some DPS drop.

  8. I got UW yesterday and tested it out. I had Fluid + tia so i tested it and then Fluid + UW. I only used auto hit for 2min and the diffrent was about 900dps just on whites. Going to test it out more and see what i get. But it’s a good buff for now.

  9. It’s on high time Blizzard noticed the missing sockets in the agility LW gear. I still find it funny how it seemed they intentionally did it, as they wrote that ‘most crafted epic gear that already do not have sockets will receive one’. Yes, _most_.

    Neither did they notice (or so it seems) the pile of threads on the official forums wondering about exactly this, before the patch hit the live servers.

    Oh well, I’m only glad that it seems they are conducting the change on the agility LW gear as well.

  10. Also the thing to note in Warscreamer’s logs there, is the 10% increase in his uptime of rip and 17% increase in his uptime of rake. There is FAR more to his dps increase than just the trinket change.

    None the less Gratz on getting UW! It and FD are truly awesome trinks so glad to see the change to UW.

    As always thanks Alaron for your continued work!

  11. The proc of Unheeded Warning doesn´t increase the damage of Swipe Cat. Testet it on target dummy.

  12. So with the buff to shred and the changes made to unheeded warning, would glyphing for ferocious bite be worthwhile?

    I mean my shreds are doing comparable dmg to a 5 cp bite with excess energy.

  13. I got lucky with 4 UW’s on the AH all racing towards low, low prices! Or maybe raid groups have bags full of these things to get rid of, who cares, it was worth every penny. Hard to call after a night of wiping with a new raid group but I’d wager my DPS is up 1k. The other cool thing is that it made DPS a bit more fun after the loss of FB, now I’m trying to predict the proc and be in a spot where I can chuck in lots of Shreds. Having the +3% crit metagem working again is pure frosting!

    I rigged Power Auras to display the buff, and now I am wondering if I can rig a timer to indicate how long it has been ‘off’ so I have a rough idea when it will proc again.

    @Mike: FB scales off of AP instead of weapon damage. I don’t think UW proc or the Shred changes have changed FB at all, other than to buff Shred to a point where it is a better use of that energy.

  14. # Essence of the Cyclone, H Halfus.
    # Prestor’s Talisman of Machination, H Nefarian.

    Well, im interested if this is an error, haste>crit and the crit trinket is rated better?! Maybe it has something to do with 10 sec vs 15 sec, lets try playing with the length of the fight?

  15. Why is fluid death always beating H Tias Grace? I understand that you get 40 more agi from FD but isnt that negated by the 285 mastery you are losing for useless hit? From what I understand agi>mastery at a ratio roughly 3:1 but 40 agi to 285 mastery is 7:1.

    • Hit is not useless; far from it. It’s not as good as mastery, but it’s fairly close (about 20% worse, from memory). And you can reforge some of it to mastery, as well.

      • Hop you studying is going well. I was under the impression, from your guide and a few others, that hit is pretty much a throwaway, unless on interrupt duty, and you generally end up with as much hit as you cant forge out of. I recently started doing H runs, reread you guide and proceeded to lose as much hit as i could. I dropped from 7.8% to 3.4% and increased my average dps from 9k to 13k (roughly.) There was gear upgrade or 2 in there as well.

        I didn’t consider reforging, d’oh.

        What hit% do you tend to have when not concerned w interrupts?

  16. What simulator did you use for this list? Was it a custom script for mew? I’m debating on whether to bother with an unheeded warning or just get the heroic prestor’s and cyclone trinkets. I seem to remember those being better than UW even post patch.

    Was this done with full BiS gear or something else?

  17. I currently have H: Essence of Cyclone and Fluid Death. Going by the chart above, UW and EoC are the 2 top trinkets, but when I replace my FD with UW in the latest Mew, it is showing a 15 dps loss.

  18. ” I’m debating on whether to bother with an unheeded warning or just get the heroic prestor’s and cyclone trinkets.”

    Pull the trigger on this one. Unheeded Warning’s proc is insanely strong with feral’s means of deriving damage numbers.

    Utility @ Andorhal

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