Feb 032011

My special feature on ferals in 4.0.6 is posted at WoW Insider. (For readers of this blog, it’s mostly a rehash of the patch note analysis I’ve previously done, cleaned up a bit.) I’ll still have my regular column running this weekend.

Obviously, I was trying to be somewhat diplomatic, but I really don’t understand the reasoning behind the drastic shapeshifting change. The only blue post justification I came across was this:

As you may have heard before, we are moving away from PvP based on hard counters, where one class can be completely immune to the control mechanics of another class. Because Druids were so very capable of avoiding control mechanics of other classes, Druids never had a great need of additional support from any other classes.

We realise that this change (if it makes it all the way to live realms) will have a great impact on the Druid class, so to compensate we have added additional damage output, which Feral Druids in particular will benefit from. We also realise that Balance Druids and Restoration Druids may not be compensated enough from this change as it is right now, so we are looking into ways of compensating these specs as well.

(still waiting on the compensation, Blizz, FYI).

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