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My special feature on ferals in 4.0.6 is posted at WoW Insider. (For readers of this blog, it’s mostly a rehash of the patch note analysis I’ve previously done, cleaned up a bit.) I’ll still have my regular column running this weekend.

Obviously, I was trying to be somewhat diplomatic, but I really don’t understand the reasoning behind the drastic shapeshifting change. The only blue post justification I came across was this:

As you may have heard before, we are moving away from PvP based on hard counters, where one class can be completely immune to the control mechanics of another class. Because Druids were so very capable of avoiding control mechanics of other classes, Druids never had a great need of additional support from any other classes.

We realise that this change (if it makes it all the way to live realms) will have a great impact on the Druid class, so to compensate we have added additional damage output, which Feral Druids in particular will benefit from. We also realise that Balance Druids and Restoration Druids may not be compensated enough from this change as it is right now, so we are looking into ways of compensating these specs as well.

(still waiting on the compensation, Blizz, FYI).

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  1. I’m puzzled how they think that an overall wash in number fiddling – 10% less bleed damage for higher shred/mangle damage – is going to provide any kind of damage buff for PvP.

    • Yeah, I’m still waiting and hoping that this doesn’t go live as-is, but my feeling now is that it’ll go live and get hotfixed back in some way a week or two after the patch. We’ll still be weak in PvP, though, and will probably get relooked for 4.1.

      (Or Blizzard could secretly all play frost mages, as the conspiracy theory goes.)

      • Yeah, unless the patch doesn’t drop next week, we probably won’t see any buffs until they hotfix something in later. Typical blizz, messing around with stuff and then trying to piece it back together while saying you’re “fine” at the same time.

      • For everything but a frost mage, I don’t think the changes will be that devastating. Warlocks will maybe be one of the few challenges, with no fear immunity letting us dot them up while they dot us and see who falls over first.

        Trying to be objective, I can see why they’d want to make it harder for us to get 5CP rips up, by reducing our uptime on a target: our bleeds are still going to be devastating (undispellable etc).

        But after using language like ‘removing hard counters’, it feels a bit cheap to still ignore the number of roots a frost mage has available (and the stupid burst that comes off them). And I’m struggling to see what other class would really be affected if they didn’t include this change.

  2. Are they honestly trying to pass off the transferred 10% from bleeds to shred/ mangle as “compensation with higher damage”?

    • No, I think the devs are just deluded. Either that, or drunk enough that they can rationalize that.

      I haven’t been playing WoW long enough to know. Has any other class ever received such a crippling removal of abilities they’ve had since Beta? The only thing that I can think of is Will of the Forsaken.

  3. tbh – after a lot years of druid fun, mostly as a cat, this is the reason why I will quit WoW.

    blizzard is destroys fun without a good reason!

  4. For the feral changes: DPS wise nothing major, except less DoTs, too bad because they were the signature ability of the cat, but they still remain very significant.

    For the “break roots” effect, I don’t really PvP so I don’t care. I’ve yet to see a boss where breaking snares is crucial…. in case I have a lvl 83 frost mage ready :P

    BTW the latest Mew is out with 4.0.6 support, but I’m getting very strange values. Apart from the ideal 20k dps I’ll never do (I’m at least a couple k dps down) I have that going from tia’s grace + fluid death to the two heroic-mode agi trinkets it’s a 1.3k DPS LOSS. Somehow, I have trouble believing this…..

    • I’ll grant you for PvE there aren’t many bosses (actually, Assad is the only one that comes to mind where breaking it is actually crucial if your healer doesn’t notice and dispels it off you), but it is a quality of life thing. Like the trash in BoT and other random stuff. But yeah, it still destroys feral pvp, which I was actually beginning to enjoy a bit :(

  5. I just don’t understand how they think they are compensating for the decrease in bleed dmg with the increase in shred/mangle dmg while taking away powershifting. As ferals we require uptime on our target just to get in a 5cp rip. I dueled a mage today on PTR and….it was ugly to say the least. Praying a revert or quick fix happens soon.

    BTW love your blog and everything you do for the ferals.

  6. Well, just imagine all the fun feral will have when facing another druid. A simple instant Nature’s Grasp and I get to root myself the next three times I hit the guy. Awesome fun!

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