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Put away those master balls guys, I’m only here to offer my insights and wisdom as our fearless leader shifts focus away from the game, to take care of his military obligations for awhile. I have so much I want to share with you about my experiences going through this game as a feral; however, the real question is…Why should you care what I have to say? Well allow me to make my first post all about myself, in hopes that some personal insight into my past will allow us to get on the same page on what I can bring to the blog, in Alaron’s absence.

A glimpse into the past:

I’ve been playing World of Warcraft since November 2006, This means that I did not get to play end game vanilla due to The Burning Crusade releasing late January of the following year. Like Alaron I was in the military, US Army Infantry. I was introduced to the game by friends of mine in the Army. We decided to make toons on Shattered Hand-US and push raid content even though we were stationed in Germany, eight hours ahead of server time. I was the definition of scrub at level 70 to be completely honest the only reason I made a druid in the first place is because everyone in the army called me bear due to my large, door-kicking down size, so when it came time to pick a toon a bear druid seemed what I was best suited for. We did fine for a bunch of late night raiders but I remember strolling through shat, seeing all the toons in full t6 (months ahead of anyone else on our server) and decided I wanted to be that guy.

I left the army after 4 years 8 months of service, once I was stateside and able to raid I was quickly accepted into the 2nd horde guild on the server as a bear tank. This was as blood wing of Ice Crown was released. We managed to land the server first Heroic Halion kill and server third Heroic Lich King. Once Cata was released things in my guild weren’t feeling the same and I moved up again to the server’s rank one guild <Downtime> as a feral cat. Currently we are 10/13 in tier 11 heroic content.

Hopes for the future:

What I am is an observer and a strategist. I spend a vast majority of time watching kill videos from higher guilds, doing my best to know how I can deal with these encounters for my class. I spent just as much time reading information from blizzard and other sources on how our class changes will effect the raid from a purely pve stand point. It is amazing how just knowing boss abilities, one can already come up with a class stratigy on how to handle a fight. I collect this information and put it into practice for raids, one thing I can pride myself on is even when things are going horribly and a wipe is sure to happen, using the numerous amount of feral abilities I’m usually one of the last to die.

What I am not is a theory crafter. Plugging away countless scenarios into a simulator is not what I’m about, but I do follow their work, and have the gift of being able to put their complex work into a simple, easy to read forum. I am also not a PvP’r, when I spoke about the time I spent researching this game from a PvE standpoint, I hope you realized how serious I was. While I find battlegrounds enjoyable, I’ve just never had the thirst for it like I’ve had for PvE. My goal as a guest blogger is threefold: first, to share not only my views on blizzard changes for the class and spec we all know and love; second, to offer insights on how to handle progression through raid content from a cat that’s dealt with it all before; finally, to help the community stay current on changes, as blizzard continues to nerf and buff the best class in the game.


Well thank you for taking the time to get to know me, I look forward to learning more from all of you, as we spend more together. I think we should all take a moment to thank Alaron for keeping this site open, even if he won’t be around for awhile. I know I’m grateful for him allowing me to be able to write to all of you, this is my first time writing for an audience and hope you don’t mind watching me grow as a blogger as I hope to read about you all grow more skillfully in Cataclysm raid content.




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  1. Welcome Q! I look forward to working with you.

  2. Awesome! Q glad you found an easy outlet. Looking forward to your posts.

    • Jace! yeah just as I decided I wanted to start a blog of my own, I saw Alaron needing people to keep his site running. One day I’ll go off and do my own thing but as long as there is a place for me here I couldn’t pass on the opportunity.

  3. Welcome to both of ya’s! Very much looking forward to reading whatever’s coming next on TFD!

  4. Welcome :)

  5. Awesome guys, so far the intro’s from both of you have my feeling of dread gone. I thought I was on my own in the feral world, but yesterday my forum post already proved that wrong.

    Looking forward to future blogs from both of you. this is my standard morning. Coffee>Log into work PC>>> :D

    • Well fear not Morghan by the time my partner and I are done with you your morning will be Wake up>….nothing because ur brain just exploded with useful information.

  6. “DURIDS IS MUST ALWAYZ HALP EECH OTHER: sumtimes a new durid is need sum halp and advise frum a good durid so u shuld alway halp unother ”

    Looking forward to your future posts!

  7. I’m glad to see you guys here, welcome aboard :)

    I have a kitty question for you. A commenter on my blog recently mentioned that the 4 piece bonus for cats is pretty underwhelming, and a dps loss if you try and stack it to 3%. I’d written about the tank set bonuses and hadn’t even considered this.
    As raiding cats, do you focus on stacking the 4-piece bonus or ignore it other than the usual mangles in our rotation?

    • Hey Eao, glad to see you on the site.
      That’s a question I get a lot and might be a good discussion point for an up and coming post. I can say with pride that 4p t11 yields larger dps then wearing off tier pieces.
      A couple things I want to say very briefly about the set bonus, is it has been proven that if the fight will last as long as a raid boss fight that it’s better to stack your panther up right away which is what I do.
      However, if the fight mechanics dictates that my stacks fall off I just let them stack naturally by reapplying mangle once every 30 sec.
      Leafkiller maintains an awesome addon that will help starter cats smooth out the rotation. I, myself, am so comfortable with the feral rotation that I just set up a power aura that alerts me when the buff is 3 seconds from falling off so I can get it back up.
      Long story short the feral 4p t11 is a pain in my butt; however, it is totally worth it. I highly suggest all serious raiding cats grab it as soon as possible.

      • Agreed Q. From what i have seen on sims (and my own 4P set) this can be a 300-500 DPS increase. It is a loss however if you are not good at keeping the stack up. If you constantly let the stack drop off you will lose DPS trying to reapply it. It should never fall off IMHO. It is too easy to keep up.

        • Isn’t really fight dependent? For example the council is a fight where the bonus would actually lower dps. Or am I wrong here?

  8. Pretty nice introduction post, looking forward to your blogs.

    Btw. I guess you forgot to change reforging on 2nd ring with better gear. :p

    • I also still had my boots enchanted for tanking :-/
      Switching back and forth between rolls for raids, it does get hard to keep up with everything thanx for keeping me honest ;)

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