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Ah, the pleas of the many have been answered! Lo, the doors of Blizzard have parted, and the following comes forth:

“While things may look bleak, my feral sons and daughters, take heart! We have you in our thoughts always. Your many entreaties and lamentations have not fallen on deaf ears. We have listened…now hear the solution that will restore you as an equal competitor against dragons and men!”

A hushed silence decends on the crowd. The narrator waits until all is still, than speaks again…

Prowl has a new icon.”

They have SPOKEN!

Okay, seriously, there were a few changes that I won’t mock:

  • Feral Swiftness now also causes Dash and Stampeding Roar to have a 50/100% chance to instantly remove all movement impairing effects from the affected targets when used.
  • Glyph of Rake is now Glyph of Pounce, which increases the range of Pounce by 3 yards.

I figure this is as close as we’re going to get to getting our root break back, and it’s probably the best stopgap solution. (Any class redesign to be balanced around, say, shapeshifting mana costs, would probably take quite some time.) You’d frequently be using Dash/SR (the newer improved version) as a gap closer after a root anyway, so this works out to some degree. It’s interesting how SR has essentially become “AOE Dash.” I hope that they take a look at the energy cost; it’s high enough that it’s hard to use it as a reactive ability, which I assume is the intent. The Pounce glyph is fairly useless, but I’m HOPING *crosses fingers* that this means they might let Stampede proc Ravage OR Pounce.

Also, this:

  • The root effect from Shattered Barrier now shares diminishing returns with the root from Improved Cone of Cold.

Hey, maybe someone, somewhere, does listen? WHILE YOU”RE LISTENING, CAN YOU TWEAK FB AND CAT SWIPE, PLEASE? THANKS!

(Yes, this post is a little silly. I’m in a good mood; got the email today that I passed my CISSP exam.)

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  1. grats on the exam!
    but.. but.. whats the point of using pounce instead of ravage with Stampede proc? (except PvP)

  2. @wargamer that would be the point

    outside of berserk to land at maim feral has limited on target control. f/c punce would give us the option of on target damage or control

  3. yet we still remain 15% behind our boomkin buddies in pve

  4. @ alaron

    re- stampeding roar

    I STILL think the c/down is too long and agreed re- cost. 1/3 of our energy bar hurts for a spec that is often energy starved in pvp. It means your going to often still sit in the root while you pool the energy.

    as to the glyph this is more to the fact that f/c doesnt let you get to the target and open if the target is mounted. Really this should be baseline but since feral struggles for a 3rd glyph choice in pvp I’ll no doubt be picking it up

    gtz on the exam

  5. When I was a Night Elf Druid(I switched to worgen) I often would get mixed up on which was prowl and which was shadowmeld. Before it wasn’t as big of a problem because you couldn’t shadowmeld in cat form. I even said to my guildmates “WOW needs to change my prowl icon..” They new icon will be helpful in my opinion. But there is a lot more they need to address with feral.

  6. And! if you are still listening a little bit! make costumes work in feral forms

  7. Grats on your exam!

    In my opinion, the changes are “meh” at best, they’re just some crumbs thrown our way to help further the lobotomization / homogenization of our class.

    Considering your, Yawning’s, and Kal’s statements and actions, not to mention the hundreds of posts and account cancellations from druids, my feeling is “eh.”

    Except, of course, for the new icon for prowl. That’s amazing!

  8. I’ve not seen any clarification anywhere – is a movement impairing effect a slow, or an actual root? I’ve been reading it as the former, which made the change seem a bit meh (powershiftinglol).

    • Pretty sure movement impairing = snare or root. Compare the Cat Form tooltip: “movement SLOWING effects.”

  9. I read your little introduction in a dwarf voice on my first read through (for some odd reason) – and you actually made me a bit excited for the new Prowl icon!!!

  10. Did anyone else notice that ferals are the ones who have to share icons with racials… PRowl + shadowmeld, Dash + darkflight…

    i know some blizz employees are laughing as they hear these announcement like some sick inside joke…

  11. I can kind of see an AE root break being somewhat useful in PVE, not really currently but in the future if they add bosses that root or impair movement speed, although with a 2 min cd the usefulness of it would be quite low but higher than what the ability provides at the moment.

    I’m still hoping they have a few PVE changes for us, maybe a bit of a damage increase or at least give us some utility back. I’m still boggling my mind why warlocks and Dks need a battle rez as they are probably two of the most represented classes in raids these days. Both do fairly well on single target and AE fights already, but now they both will get the druids most prominent piece of raid utility too? Also, our battle rez in our current state will most likely be inferior to warlocks and dks, a couple of examples:

    -A bear tanking a boss can’t switch to caster form to use is rez while a dk already in caster form while tanking will be able too.

    -Dks rez will cost 50 runic power, where a feral cat will cost mana, energy (depending on how many points you have in furor it could cost up too 66% of our energy) and causes our 4pc tier damage bonus to drop off, so essentially we lose of few gcds putting that back up too

    Those are just two examples I could think of off hand but you can see my point. I guess its not the biggest deal but being in US top 60 guild and pushing progress pretty hard (ie. raid stacking powerful classes), I’ve had my raid spot depend on my battle rez quite a few times, now there will be no hesitation to sit a feral druid as BRs should be covered no matter what, so just bring another ret pally who will provide much better utility AND damage.

    It would be nice if they gave us innervate back, with healers almost ooming towards then end of some raid encounters this could be nice utility boost for us. Maybe change our battle rez glyph to rez some one with 100% hp and a certain % mana too (something to make our BR unique or at least more viable the a pure damage warlock’s rez, I mean that is the idea right, pure damage should do more damage while hybrids should have better utility?)

    • DKs and Warlocks being so prevalent in raids is why giving them a battle res makes sense – rather than just assuming every raid has at least one druid for a 10 man, or at least 3 druids for a 25 man raid.

      TBH the “OMG they gave someone else the same utility we have, no-one will ever take us again!” is getting a little tiring :

      • It’s a genuine request though that since we lost the prerogative of two of our major raid utilities (battle rez and innervate) and are not dealing nearly as much damage relative to others as we used to in WOTLK that we be refunded on some of it. Enh shamans still have a six-second kick for instance. Because why bring us really? Bring the player, not the class, is it really enough?

        • If our damage is low, I would rather they fix our scaling, rather than deny useful utility to other people : )

        • @Nich, your really not getting the point here. I can see your point, I can’t think of useful utility that dks and warlocks bring. Warlocks soul stone kind of lost its usefulness with blizz implementing a 3 rez limit per encounter (or 1 in ten man) and for dks I can’t really think of any useful utility they bring at the moment. But both classes do excellent damage in most all situations, and its not uncommon to see three locks or three dps dks in a raid (25 man).

          The problem with your argument

          “If our damage is low, I would rather they fix our scaling, rather than deny useful utility to other people : )”

          Is that blizzard has held to the logic that pure damage classes should do more damage than hybrids and vice versa hybrids should have better utility, that way everyone gets to be a viable option for a raid spot. So my point was that if they are getting a battle rez then what will be our useful utility that will make us unique, seeing as we are doing less damage in about 80% of the fights out there. Thats why I suggested making our BR or Innervate better, not take away theirs.

          Finally, I don’t think our damage is too far off what it should be, I know we scale pretty bad with gear but what our major down fall is our AE, fixing that and making FB better DPE than shred could really put us in better place, heres to hoping those damage changes are on the way.

    • The won’t make a boss that roots the whole raid unless they give an AOR root breaker to other classes. Blizz specifically said they would not make an encounter where you were forced to bring a specific class. And we all know that they surely wouldn’t do it if it was built just for feral druids.

      • Well, mass dispell would handle it as well but AoE root breaker would be also viable and could actually just save some time / healer’s mana…

      • Because feral swiftness is in tier 1 of the feral tree any class of druid could pick this up and use it, not just ferals.

  12. @Hydrophilip I think they should make the fights more balanced and not so punishing to melees. This would help our DPS.

    • Agreed, just looking at combat log parsing sites like stateofdps and raidbot, its easy to see ranged classes currently have an advantage over melee (most likely cause of double dotting). Just looking at the adjusted totals for heroic 25 man encounters on stateofdps, the top six classes listed are ranged then assassination rogue shows up at #7 followed by the rest of the melee, feral coming in at #16 :(

      Although I do think blizz is aware of this and will be making changes. I’m not sure if you remember the post paragon’s gm made about melee being less useful than ranged, a few days after several encounters were hot fixed to be more accommodating for melee. I’m guessing this mentality will be carrying over to the upcoming patches.

  13. Unholy deathknights bring an easily-applied AoE magic damage buff. The last I checked UH DKs were quite good damge when covered by the usual caveats of good player and good gear. Frost DKs, the last I checked, were performing quite poorly. Their ‘utility’ is limited to spending points for an AOE slow effect.

    Mages and warlocks already have buckets of utility – making water/food, summoning, healthstones, soulstones, CC, lust/hero/warp, Int/SP/Mana buffs, as well as things like DI and FM (tho’ I havent seen an Arcane mage in a raid since WotLK).

    I don’t think the “They do good DPS so should have less utility” and vice versa really holds. Shamans and Paladins have excellent utility as well as good DPS/healing/tanking. Reincarnation, Lay on Hands, and healing stream totem are probably the only things they still have that are unique. And, TBH, I’m surprised that they haven’t mirrorred that kind of functionality to other classes (DKs sacrificing a pet for HP is similar to LoH but is rather limited in scope).

  14. just throwing this in there -dks are hybrids

  15. I think the Dash/SR change makes sense. In a PVE setting, I rarely use these two and this gives me a reason to press another button. From a PVP perspective (I’m outside looking in – I don’t PVP much) we would have two root breaks but with a 2 min cooldown. This means I can break out when absolutely necessary, but I have to think about it.

  16. From our current standpoint the patch changes in 4.1 are welcome. As far as PvP goes the only trouble I have that I really can’t for the life of me figure out how to handle is the chain roots from those pesky mages. While I do agree that shapeshifting to break every root was a bit OP with our bleed damage now with a trinket and these new root breaks giving us a total of 3 ways to break them that should be just enough to apply pressure and actualy make them rely on other tools/partners or w/e it takes. I just want my enemy to actualy have to try when they kill me.

    Also for those worgen druids, darkflight stacking with SR(60% speed for 8 seconds in 4.1) will be able to move at 100% speed. To me something about a bear running at 100% speed seems like big LOLZ.

  17. You know, I really felt like we ferals have gone through the 5 stages:

    Stage 1 Denial:
    Ha, they can’t possibly be taking away our shapeshift root breaking. That’s the iconic ability of our class. We’re all gonna have a good laugh about this tonight.

    Stage 2 Anger:
    MOTHER F*****! They took away our shapeshift root breaking! WTF are they thinking?! MOTHER F*****! MOTHER F*****! ARRGGGHHH F***!

    Stage 3 Bargaining:
    Are you there Blizzard? Hey, we’re getting pwned by roots left & right, so would you cut us some slack on em’? And we promise, we won’t QQ so much about our bleeds being nerfed. Yeah….

    Stage 4 Depression:

    Stage 5 Acceptance:
    You know what, we’re cool with this. We can always delete our ferals & roll the currently most OP class instead.
    Oh take us sweet death, we await your loving embrace…..*thump*

    Blizzard: Oh, Dash and Stampeding Roar can now break roots. lawl!


    (Inspired by the robot chicken giraffe in case you don’t get the joke, heh)

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