Mar 242011

(snarky reference to reuse of tired insert title title)

Anyway, now that’s that out of the way, a few notes:

  • First off,  I want to thank my guest authors for their work so far. I’ve seen links from other blogs for posts that all three have written; one site went so far to call it “Qbear’s Fluid Druid blog.” Heh. :)
  • I’ve added a section on the forum for UI/addon issues (since the kitty DPS forum was getting cluttered with non-DPS posts.) We may move a few threads around, so just a FYI. If you’d like to see another forum, let me know.
  • I’ll be driving to Texas on Monday, and I’m still heading for the desert in 4-6 weeks. My name’s not really a secret anymore (thanks, WoW Insider!) so if anybody would like to keep up with me personally via FB, I’m here (just make sure you indicate that you found me from the website, I usually reject random friend requests). I’ll make every effort to respond to emails/PMs/comments about the site while deployed, but no guarantees.
  • I also created a FB page for the blog here, not that I intend to do anything with it. Like it if you want, I guess.
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  11 Responses to “(ironic title here)”

  1. Take care, and thanks for the thanks

  2. Haha, hey best of luck out there man we’ll be in touch.

  3. We will miss your presence. Take care of yourself.

  4. allaron- thank you soo much for your dedication to the class.

    much love

  5. As someone who reads this blog while deployed, thanks a lot for giving me something to read out here. Hope you have a safe deployment.

  6. Take care and be safe!

  7. Be well, thank you for your service.

  8. Stay safe Alaron. Hope to see you soon!

    In other news:


    * Ferocious Bite now scales from 32.7% of AP with 3 combo points, up from 23.27%. (Tooltip fix)
    * Savage Defense now only procs from non-periodic critical strikes.
    * Stampede now also causes Ravage to not have a positioning requirement.

  9. they are all tooltip fixes

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