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Enough time has passed that more and more people are starting to get the taste for heroic content. A question I get often from ferals who actually study the best class in wow is, “Hey, once I get heroic gear, I just reforge mastery and haste instead of mastery and crit right?” Well, the answer to this can be very tricky, and the only way to answer it truthfully is using the Mew program to determine exactly where you are, stat-weight-wise. Mew itself is pretty self-explanatory; as I mentioned before, I’m not a theorycrafter, but I do believe everyone needs to understand on the most basic level how to use this program. Before you can make sure you’re fully ready to tackle the raid content ahead of you, you must have your equipment in the best possible condition. This Mew process the first time will take 10-15 minutes; and less than 5 after that.

First, you can get to Mew through the sidebar of this site, Alaron has made numerous feral tools easily available to us. You’ll notice a few different links on the site you just want the click the hyper linked “here” to take you to the most recent page. You’ll be promoted a window to run the program, of course click run then the real fun starts.  Your screen turns an ugly shade of grey until you go from file to new then it’s really just a boring game of fill in the blanks with the correct answer. Remember all information you place in here is your unbuffed caster form stats, so take off that Motw and let’s see your armor. I suggest doing this next to a reforger.

The first time you set up Mew you just go down the list plugging your character information in. As you can see via the crit chance for all values you are looking for the rating, which means mouse over crit chance as I have done, then enter the rating value indicated there. (You’ll need to mouse over each stat individually and enter each rating value as I have done for crit)

(Please Click the Pic for the zoomed in version)


Basically when all is said and done you should end up with something that looks like this:


Now comes the part where your going to be happy I told you to do this next to the reforge guy because after you set all this up, then go through to click your trinket procs and raid buffs (it’s important to click the trinket procs and raid buffs you ACTUALLY HAVE in your raid group. Raid buffs make your stat weights different so be sure not to click a buff you wouldn’t actually have.) Then you click the button on the right that says Calculate. Ladies and Gents, that button is going to be your friend. You will then notice two tabs one for dps or as they call it model output, and of course the one we love is relative stat values.

I’ve heard the phrase in heroic gear haste > crit and that’s actually arguable. In 372 Haste is approximate to Crit is a better phrase and that’s what you’ll be trying to achieve in reforging your gear. Basically once you start getting heroic gear and you notice your haste stat value is now higher then your crit, you want to reforge everything to mastery then to haste, until on your personal stat value haste and crit yield roughly the same dps increase. This will take time. Reforge, recalculate, then reforge, then recalculate, then reforge, recalculate the process is rewarding but not much fun.


As you can see from my values Haste remains roughly .01 dps above crit; however, this is as close as I could bring the two. It’s important to keep your gear in perfect raid condition. I’m the only feral in my raid group; however, for those in guilds with more then one feral I suggest you guys meet up on vent after raid and take the 10 minutes it takes to get this done. This might not get you a ton of extra DPS, but if you’ve ever wiped on a boss at 0%, then you know how important even little improvements can be.

As I said before, all this should be done after you pick up a few 372 pieces. By a few I literally mean 2 or 3, it’s amazing how quickly haste starts to take over crit in very little heroic gear. As always please comment or email me any questions you have on basic uses of Mew.

Until next time.


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  1. Nice Q. Mew is THE best gearing tool and everyone should know how to use it.

  2. Mew is that easy to use? I had the impression it was really hard :s

    Malevolence ! Get him !

    • Don’t get me wrong Meeble. Mew has numerous other uses that I will never understand how to use. However, this use is that simple and totally worth doing. The best part is after you do it the first time you can save it, so as you upgrade you don’t have to click so much.

  3. Nice post. Keep up the good work. Slackers like me need and appreciate your effort. Thank you :)

  4. Has anyone taken over development for Mew since Yawning has left? I know he said he would still pluck away at it some(or maybe I hoped that) but I’m concerned that in a patch or two, it could become outdated.

    Also, two addons that I find go perfectly with Mew is Outfitter, and Pawn. Pawn allows you to enter those relative weights, and then any time you look at a piece of gear it will calculate it’s relative dps based off your stat weights. (I believe it doesn’t read reforging yet though. It does however suggest what you should reforge/gem to). After setting up Pawn, you can use some of Outfitter’a advance controls to build an item set based off those weights automatically.

    Overall, I’d push Pawn more than Outfitter when it comes to calculate which item is better in game.

    • As to Mew yes it will comtinue. I think it was Tangedyn (an impressive theorycrafter) who is taking over. I myself have had little interaction with him but i follow his work and Mew will be fine.

      Pawn is a great tool. But I am not sure if it hasethe capacity to adjust for ramp-up and dead time and things like that.

      • Nah, Pawn doesn’t do that. What I was saying was that you use Mew to find your relative stat values, plug them into Pawn, and then you can see your relative stat totals on each piece of gear which allows for easy comparison of items in-game.

  5. As a matter of fact haste starts overtaking crit depending on how much you have at each even sooner than heroic gear. I’m ilvl 358 atm – I’m about 4 slots away from pre-heroic raid BiS – and I’m already balancing crit and haste. Possibly haste starts overtaking crit entirely with 372 loot but even now I’m reforging to and from haste/crit back and forth to keep them even in value.

  6. Mew is nice, but I MUCH prefer Rawr. You can adjust pretty much anything you want and let it figure out the optimal reforging and gemming based on what you enter. It is maintained on a regular basis and for druids, I don’t know that there is anything close available.

    It is available in both standalone and web-based versions. You can get more info at . I notice that they just released their new 4.1 version in the last day or so.

  7. well mew and rawr are giving me different results so i suspect mew is alot more accurate. and rawr still doesnt track my agile shadow spirit gem…

  8. I’ve always liked to think of Rawr as the super corporation of the gearing world. It’s large and flashy very nice to look at, but at the end of the day doesn’t really care bout its customer’s to much.
    I haven’t used Rawr in ages because of this so after you comment I went back to check it out. Like Jackosa said, even their 4.1 model doesn’t believe the agile shadow spirit gem is of any use to me and they straight up told me to reforge everything of mine incorrectly.

    Mew, the good ol’ mom n pop shop gearing tool, is made by some kitties for some kitties, not much to look at, but gets ya the finest results in all the land.

  9. I’m curious what specifically is out of date about it? It recommends agile shadowspirit for me with no problem. And it seems to recommend reasonable reforging for me. Did those of you that it isn’t working for make sure to mark gems as available, such as the proper meta gems? You also need to make sure to choose a reasonable set of buffs. For reforging, it seems to be pushing me to mastery and crit where mastery is already there.

    I know that Astrylian actively maintains both feral specs and it seems to give me reasonable results from what I can tell. So I’m curious what it is doing incorrectly?

  10. I looked at rawr for a very limited amount of time, so theres a high chance I missed something with the gem. However, I did click on all the raid buffs I’d have normally and it said everytime to first reforge mastery then crit. Well the whole purpose of the post is after a certain gear level that’s just not the answer anymore. It’s for that reason that I try to push ferals toward mew over rawr.
    If you like Rawr then by all means keep using it, using it will get you better dps then a feral druid not using anything. However, if you want the best dps then try the mew method discussed in this post it won’t take much time and who knows maybe you’ll grow to love it more.

  11. Hello,

    This is actually my first time writing here, have been a long time reader though.
    From what I had read previously on the blog, haste starts getting better than crit as your average item level goes up (general rule), this is in line with this post.
    However, this is my first time using Mew – I had never tried because I thought it’d be too confusing, but with your detailed pictures it made it really easy – and I am a bit confused.

    All Feral DPS, regardless of current gear level, should aim to get the crit/haste relative stat values as close to each other as possible?
    We should do so, without reforging and messing around with Mastery, correct? (I never reforge out of Mastery and always reforge into it if possible).

    At the moment I’m getting the following values:
    CritRating=0.65959, HasteRating=0.61846

    I have nowhere else to reforge, and can’t bring these numbers any closer, short of reforging out of Mastery or using gems other than 40 Agility ones.

    Hypothetical question:

    I have Left Eye of Rahj – reforged out of expertise to Mastery, it would not be beneficial to reforge that to Crit/Haste to bring those numbers together, would it?

    I play Kitty as offspec, I’m still using 9 Blue 346 Items, I love being a Bear the most, I’m Kitteh OS since I started playing, I like it too, but I’m not as well versed into the subject as with Bear.

    Thanks in advance :)

    • I couldn’t figure out how to edit last post, if that’s even ossible, just wanted to leave one correction to it, the values I’m getting are:

      CritRating=0.67608, HasteRating=0.64682

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