Mar 072011

With nothing new on the PvE feral front to report, I’ve gone ahead and ended my subscription to WoW. Last night was my last raid, and obligingly, CD managed to take down Cho’Gall for the first time. :) Happily, I was able to end my raiding time by killing the boss that had only been killed before in the comics, and not the one that had been killed before in-game. (Woot for recycled content!)

I’ll keep posting as long as I’m able (and as long as people want to read my increasingly out-of-date observations), but I’m still looking for guest bloggers/posters. I’ve got two of my forum regulars signed up so far; if you’re interested, send me a PM. I’ll be digging through my emails and PM’s today and tomorrow to try to clear the backlog; apologies to anyone who I haven’t replied to quickly.

Finally, thanks to all the great commenters (and forum posters). So much on the Internet turns to chaos; hopefully, we’ve created a little island of sanity here where people can discuss (and learn) their favorite game without the trolls. Never would have kept going without you. I’ve spent what was left from the donations I received, and some of what I’ve received from WoWI, to renew the hosting for another year. Try not to mess the place up too much while I’m away. :)

Alaron (Chase)

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  1. Take care man. Don’t be a stranger.

  2. I’ve only been following you for a couple of weeks and have learned so much! Thank you for all the information! Sad to see you go. Hope the guest bloggers keep the great information rolling!

  3. /salute

  4. Glad you could go out with a kill, best of luck in all you do.

  5. Thanks for all of the great feral info you’ve posted over the long while I’ve been following. It has definitely helped a lot and you will be missed. Best of luck wherever you are being sent.

  6. Congratulations on the Cho’gall kill, I’m glad you could end your raiding on a high! It will be a real pity to see you go Alaron.

  7. /cry

  8. It breaks my heart a bit to read this. You’ve been an incredible source of information for me in the short time I’ve been following you, and you’ve been rather enjoyable to read.

    I hope to be able to have the privilege to come across your work again in the future. Regardless if that happens, best of wishes with whatever your endeavors may be!

  9. Last of the great feral blogs. Thank you for your work all these years.

  10. Why? :((

  11. We’ll all miss ya, come back as soon as you can!

  12. Agreed, last of the great feral blogs. You will be missed, and I hope you return in the future.

  13. Grats on the kill Alaron. Good Luck to you. You will be missed.


  14. You take care. I found your site about a year ago and have been an avid reader ever since. Stay safe and may your family receive many blessings.

  15. Take care, be safe, and hopefully ferals change for the better in your absence.

  16. I am reading your blog for weeks and i was really happy to find a page that answers a lot of my questions. Nevertheless i am really sad that you ended your subscription and hopefully this page will continue in a positive way…. ty dude and good luck in RL! you will be missed

  17. Like so many others, I learned to play my shiny new feral main from your blog and am sad to see you go. The atmosphere around ferals feels so sad these days, what with the community falling apart and all. I Can’t deny that I, too, miss my kitty the way she was. Part of falling in love with a hybrid class, I guess :-/

    Good luck to you Alaron. Thank you for everything and I wish you the best in whatever you do.

  18. Been reading your blog since Oct. ’10, and just wanted to thank you for all the easy to understand and useful info! Your posts have made me a way better kitty than I could have ever hoped to be! Will miss your contributions but I also pray that all is well and blessed in you real life! Thanks again!

  19. This site is and was great thx to you. Even the best ferals have less work to do with this site.
    I enjoyed your good insight on feral dps. And i think it logical you cancelled your subscription because feral has become a bit meh thx to blizzard which are stirring the buff-nerf soup since vanilla. That already shows WoW is a horrible game at balance especially now since cata it hasn’t become easier for them to improve balancing (mastery, scaling!!, complexity).
    I will also cancel my subscription, also because my server is running empty on good guilds, and my guild also had their problems with people quitting wow and we stopped raiding forever and at this state I can’t go to another guild as a kitty because all spots are taken. I play kitty and offspec tank myself since mid TBC and i say cata is a big catastrophe with old and new problems multiplied for feral. Maybe MMO-champion will show up soon with some better stuff for ferals but everything goes so SLOW I just cancel my subscription. If things become better MAYBE I will get back, because my servers community is running empty.
    I have my looks on SWTOR atm.

    Quel’Thalas EU

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