Mar 072011

With nothing new on the PvE feral front to report, I’ve gone ahead and ended my subscription to WoW. Last night was my last raid, and obligingly, CD managed to take down Cho’Gall for the first time. :) Happily, I was able to end my raiding time by killing the boss that had only been killed before in the comics, and not the one that had been killed before in-game. (Woot for recycled content!)

I’ll keep posting as long as I’m able (and as long as people want to read my increasingly out-of-date observations), but I’m still looking for guest bloggers/posters. I’ve got two of my forum regulars signed up so far; if you’re interested, send me a PM. I’ll be digging through my emails and PM’s today and tomorrow to try to clear the backlog; apologies to anyone who I haven’t replied to quickly.

Finally, thanks to all the great commenters (and forum posters). So much on the Internet turns to chaos; hopefully, we’ve created a little island of sanity here where people can discuss (and learn) their favorite game without the trolls. Never would have kept going without you. I’ve spent what was left from the donations I received, and some of what I’ve received from WoWI, to renew the hosting for another year. Try not to mess the place up too much while I’m away. :)

Alaron (Chase)

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