Mar 232011

In response to some discussions we have been having on the Fluid Druid forums, I decided to revisit the relative values of the trinkets, Unheeded Warning, Fluid Death, and the 372 Essence of Cyclone. As I have all three of these, the stat values I am modeling with are actual values taken from my toon. In preparation for this, I reforged to a balanced haste/crit setup. I did the testing against the same four scenarios I used in my previous post about the homogenization of secondary stats. As a reminder, here are the four combat scenarios:

  1. A 5 minute patchwork style fight (“Patch”)
  2. A 5 minute patchwork style fight with in combat Ravages with no travel time (“Ravage 0”)
  3. A 5 minute patchwork style fight with in combat Ravages with 2 second travel times (“Ravage 2”)
  4. A 7 minute fight that alternates 90 seconds of combat with 30 seconds of downtime which is similar to the air phases on Atramedes (“90/30”)

All tests used the Glyphs of Rip and Shred, and I did full runs with the third glyph being either TF or Berserk.

My test results were not surprising, but it is useful to see consistency across a set of combat scenarios rather than just looking at the trinkets in a patchwork style fight. The combination of Unheeded Warning and Essence of Cyclone continue to test out better than combining either of them with Fluid Death. If you look at the test data you will see a 50-100dps difference depending on the combat scenario. One thing worth taking away from this post (other than the best combination of trinkets) is that there is no single BiS trinket. If you combine either Unheeded Warning or Essence of Cyclone with Fluid Death in some of the tests the combination with Essence of Cyclone is better and in other tests, the combination with Unheeded Warning is better.

Weapon DPS 703.5 703.5 703.5
Str 142 142 142
Agi 4697 4739 5060
AP 887 887 887
Haste 1165 1165 1165
Hit 459 459 266
Crit 1102 1102 1102
Exp 188 188 188
Mastery 2010 2010 1882
TF Patch 23479 23509 23603
TF Ravage 0 24707 24665 24831
TF Ravage 2 24051 24047 24172
TF 90/30 21092 21109 21154
Berserk Patch 23443 23465 23538
Berserk Ravage 0 24497 24459 24607
Berserk Ravage 2 23903 23910 24004
Berserk 90/30 20953 20966 21007

  16 Responses to “Revisiting our BiS Trinkets”

  1. Thank you for your information.

    How about the Prestor’s Talisman of Machination?

    • I thought haste was a fairly useless stat for us which would then make that a bad trinket choice, no?

      • Haste is a decent stat for us – comparable to crit. However, Prestor’s Talisman tested out below the other three trinkets on this list when I last tested it (around the time that 4.06 came out). It may have to do with the 10 vs. 15 second proc length.

        • I’m guessing it’s because the haste proc doesn’t do anything for our bleeds. You can get extended value from a crit proc. If you apply Rip with the crit proc up your Rip will take that buff along for the ride.

  2. I would assume that the 359 version of Essence is still inferior to Fluid Death?

    • Correct

      • I think Tia’s Grace is better than the 359 Essence although I have not tested that recently.

        • I haven’t had a chance for the 372 essence yet, but I was curious with the change in the darmoon hurricane proc to be a melee hit instead of spell hit, where it falls (amongst Heroic Tia’s and Fluid Death).

          I’m only raiding 1 night a week, so VP is still something I have to be careful on spending (so I haven’t picked up Fluid Death yet). Last week was my first attempt with the hurricane card, but we did a different set of bosses so I couldn’t compare my #s (also haven’t had a chance to try the sims yet either)

        • Soooo… Unheeded Warning and Tia’s Grace better than Unheeded Warning and Fluid Death? I have the 359 Cyclone and it will be a long time before I see the 372 version

        • Unheeded Warning and Fluid Death are both better than heroic Tia’s. I believe heroic Tia’s is better than the 359 Essence of Cyclone (although I have not measured that, others such as Alaron have).

        • On the Hurricane card – I do not know if the current version of Mew has modeled the recent changes to the card. If I plug DMC:H into the the current Mew, it comes out significantly behind all the other trinkets. I don’t think its proc will scale for a feral as it does for other classes (enhance shammy for example) so even with an increased proc rate it likely will still lag behind.

        • I spoke to Yawning about DMC: Hurricane. Mew has the 4.06 changes included in it, and the card continues to be a very poor choice for ferals. Due to our 1 second swing timer, we proc it less than other classes, and as I stated it does not scale for us.

  3. Thanks for this Leaf much appreciated.

  4. I am loving these articles! Thanks for sharing that research.

  5. Why nobody talk about the alchemist agility trinket ? (i dont know how to link it ) How is it compare to the others ? Any thoughts ?

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