Mar 082011

Greetings, and welcome to you, avid feral follower. With Alaron needing to take some time off for real life, he has asked for some help with his blog. Enter one cool cat with a mission, Sylvaneart. I have been playing this game long enough to realize that:

  • If you have been playing since vanilla, you know that style of play is out of date.
  • If you have been playing since BC, you know what a crushing blow is.
  • If you have been playing since WotLK, you might have cried to lose our good swipe.
  • And if you have been playing since Cata, you could probably care less about the old ways. LOL!

Stupid intro? Maybe. In all honesty, I am a student of the feral class. The math, the lore, and the player. For years I have sat back and collected as much information as I can on the cat. I write regular posts for my guild and server. My mission as stated above is two-fold. First, I aim to convince the world that feral cat is the greatest class there is. Just kidding. I love feral and I want to see you enjoy it too by accomplishing part two. Part two is to bring you the information you need to enjoy the greatest class there is. This is my first foray into being a regular contributor so I hope you enjoy reading and learning all I have to show you.

As a player I started as a hunter. I quickly saw the huntard generalization and decided that wasn’t going to be me. This hunter was my main all the way up until the start of WotLK. When the hunter pet was made a trivial thing I no longer cared for the class. But I had this druid. This great thing in my possession. It was so much better than my hunter in every way but my guild at the time needed my hunter. I basically told my guild I was going feral and it wasn’t up for discussion. Best choice I ever made. My enjoyment of the game has increased so much. My current guild is 1/13 HM. This isn’t impressive to many but I can say I am loving every minute of it. I don’t PVP so my discussions will be of a pure PVE basis only.

So come along for the ride with me. Let me help show you why your class IS relevant. Let me show you why switching into a ferocious cat and ripping face is so fun. As always be sure to subscribe to the RSS feed and use the forums. Feel free to PM me with any questions you might have but the forums on this site are your best bet. This will help to answer one question one time instead of one question multiple times. This site is a posting spot for many great cats that are willing to help the noob learn why claw is laughed at and # in a line of code is called a REM to most coders. If you are the noob with a noob question and are a little embarrassed then a PM will do fine. I will never ridicule you.