Apr 272011

Hey everyone, I would like to announce a new area over on our forums.  Sylv’s Snippets.  This is a new area I have started for smaller articles that aren’t enough for a full article.  These are WoW, feral, and off-topic articles meant to start conversation and get some good discussions going.  Think of it as sitting around in a bar and talking shop.  Please stop by and join in.

As always be sure to subscribe to the RSSfeed and use the forums. Are you on Twitter? I am, follow me @Sylvaneart. Feel free to PM me with any questions you might have, but the forums on this site are your best bet. This will help to answer one question one time instead of one question multiple times. This site is a posting spot for many great cats. If you are the noob with a noob question and are a little embarrassed then a PM will do fine. I will never ridicule you.

  5 Responses to “Oh man! Sylv is rambling. But in a good way.”

  1. I was thinking, what if u guys made boss encounter guides specifically for feral droods? Like special tricks to achieve optimal dps on a given encounter, when to move, what to dot, etc. Ofcourse the reader should have a general undestanding of the fight, and i also think hardmodes would be preferred if possible.

    Thanks for this great blog :)

  2. You sir, are in luck! Leafkiller is working on a post along those lines. Hopefully he will have it up soon.

  3. I honestly hope he changes his style up a little. i find his 5 testing chart posts extremelly confusing esspecially since i cant seem to find the summery. A positioning, phase to switch, trinket to use, when to pot, when to berserk switching vs. not switching. I find telling us all of that would be much more easy to understand and absorb rather then the raw data leaf posted a few times. No offense leaf just saying my opinion

    • Leaf’s posts are written at a higher level of understanding. They are comlicated but…..they are spot on. I myself need to re-read them but the information is there. If you want true min/max stats Leaf has your answers. When you get to that stage of the game and complexity the answers are complex. Feel free to ask questions anytime as we are all here to help.

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