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There’s a post about this on the forums, but with something as awesome as this I just had to make a front page post. As we know the next legendary to grace the WoW scene will be a caster staff. Now I know most of you are picking up your boomkin gear in hopes of being the first ones in your guild to obtain this sexy weapon. However, before you do let’s take a look at what is in store for feral cats.

test staff

Malevolence 2.0? Doesn’t sound that exciting now does it. However, for those of you who haven’t been catching up on all the latest gossip there was an article done here. The whole thing is a decent read, but you and I know the only important part was this.

  • This time around they have, however, resulting in some sexy Ragnaros-styled armor, a new non-legendary version of his mace, Sulfuros, and a druid staff that drops off one of raid’s other bosses that transforms the wielder into a molten cat.

There was a picture of a molten cat floating around MMO-Champion a while back.

Molten Cat

I got to say personally, keep your orange staff. I’ll take my orange kitty. On the official WoW Forums I actually found an awesome quote, which excited me because sadly I don’t find what most people say on the WoW Forums to be of any use. It was by a druid named Morality who said:

  • Well, Blizz did say they wanted to come up with a way for Feral Druids to upgrade their appearances based on raiding accomplishments, I suppose this staff could be them testing the waters.

Now I’m not actually sure if that’s something Blizzard said they wanted to do, or something we as a community have just been asking for, for years. (I think it’s the latter, unless someone can prove me wrong.) However, this is the first time we’ll ever be able tell a difference between an end game raiding cat vs a casual 5m heroic kitty. I got to say all in all I’m all about it and hope that in future content they do find some way to display a feral’s raid experience with their model.

With 4.2 changes being announced almost hourly I’m going to do my best not to just toss up useless info after useless info on the front page. Instead lets continue to use the FluidDruid Forums in order to get civil discussions going on what we see happening throughout the patch notes. As always feel free to comment, or PM me with questions. On a personal note I apologize for being away for awhile. With my triumphant return I make a movement to all dress up as cats and lay around outside of blizzard headquarters doing “cat stuff” until we get a stream of super buffs for 4.2!

(Just kidding about the “cat stuff” thing)

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  1. Somehow I missed all this. From the moment I saw Fire Kitty Douchehelm, I was hoping for a way to get that form (even on a cooldown basis) for myself.

    Now that you point out all the hints I missed that it may be possible…<takei>ohh myyyy</takei>

  2. You are kidding about doing cat-stuff? I totally just used those bushes out front as a litter box:( Security gaurd was pissed. In the interview or a different writeup it also mentioned the staff turning you into a fire scorpion. MMO said the Molten Cat required cat form so maybe bears can go Molten Scorpion.

  3. Screw legendaries!! I’ll take fire kitty any day of the week. I loved Deathbringer’s Will and this puts that completely to shame. One word….AWESOME!

    Now, for bear form, I want to be either a friggin’ giant flaming meteor so when I go bear bombing I scare the crap out of ’em. Or make me as big as Nalorakk.

  4. There are so many awesome affects they could work with this:

    a) Flamin’ paw prints after you pass by
    b) Snows in Northrend melting around you
    c) two words….hawt tub

    I’m going to look like a comet when I hit sprint! *cackles*

  5. I have played a fire kitty for years. It is really easy just don’t move for mechanics. Kitty on fire the end.

  6. First, I think this staff and transformation effect is awesome, its not only cool but will have long lasting RP value. Also, imagine if blizz likes the idea and adds different staves for newer tiers/expansions all having different looks and effects, could be very refreshing from the same old model we have stare at day to day.

    Secondly, what are your thoughts on the t12 set bonuses that have recently been data mined

    2-Piece – Your attacks with Mangle, Maul, and Shred deal 10% additional damage as Fire damage over 4 sec.

    4-Piece – Your finishing moves have a 20% chance per combo point to extend the duration of Berserk by 2 + (20 * ComboPoints) sec and your Barkskin ability grants an additional 10% chance to dodge for 12 sec.

    • I am doing some math right now. Just not sure if best will be to go 2P + off set or 4p. The 2P could be SUPER OP if it stacks. If it just refreashes it will be mheeeee. The 4P will be very GCD locked. It might make hit more valuable. Still working it all out.

      • Me thinks Sylv is suffering from theorycraftitis. Symptoms include crunching numbers on set bonuses somebody made up off the top of their head.

        Side note: This is why fluiddruid has the best wow community out there imo ^^

  7. I dunno, it seems a bit odd that it has perfect stats for a hunter as well, you’d think they’d make something clearly to improve druid looks have a Class:druid requirement.

    I will not hold my rolls back on it for any druid that much is certain.

    • Makes perfect since that it would also be best suited for hunters. Though they won’t get to turn into a fire cat from it, it would seem silly to create two staffs; 1 with the fire cat text, the other without. Most loot council guilds should be looking to give this staff and all staffs first to druids for the larger raid dps boost.

      A rogue’s best range weapon on fights they don’t have to fok is in fact the 372 bow or crossbow; however, if you asked what would help the guild most placing the bow on a rogue or a hunter the choice is clear. Hunter’s will get a dps increase from the fire cat staff and they should. It’s smart raid leaders that need to understand how different classes scale with items that will lead the staff to the right hands first.

    • The same datamined info I saw also listed a polearm with the same stats it looked like, so there’s the equivalent hunter weapon.

      • That’s partly correct there is a polearm with similar stats; however, it is listed as a 363 item which leads me to believe that there could be a possible new 5m heroic to go with the new raid encounter.

  8. From 4.2 ptr patch notes:

    -Druids now gain 1 attack power per point of Strength, down from 2. They continue to gain 2 attack power per point of Agility while in Cat Form or Bear Form.

    -Innervate now grants an ally target 5% of his or her maximum mana over 10 seconds, but still grants 20% of the druid’s maximum mana over 10 seconds when self-cast.

    Str change just seems to me an odd thing to throw out there at this point in the expansion. I cant think of anything meaningful this would effect (bear enchants maybe? I dont play bear)

    • The best glove enchants right now is +50 str because there is no Agi equivalent. This seems very “odd” because we have no other sources of STR on our gear as kitty, so this would make +65 mastery a better glove enchant (assuming we don’t get an agi to glove enchant in 4.2).

  9. As always this topic was more geared to how awesome the staff is for finally bringing something legendary to the feral cat world without it actually being a legendary.

    While I’m all about discussing ptr changes announced thus far I do wish to plea that these changes be discussed in detail on our fluid druid forums (link at the top of the page)

    One quick word on the blood’s comment, the str attack power conversion is a nerf to our dps; however, was implemented to focus our gearing away from str items that will now be better suited for plate dps. Currently the str ring from Sinestra is our BiS, of course this won’t be true once 4.2 hits.

    The 4.2 notes are very new so I do expect to be compensated for this change in some other way. Of course to stay up to date on 4.2 changes as they are announced and to remain engaged in discussing how these will effect our spec please hop over to our forums.

    • Thats because they screwed up and only gave one agi heroic ring that isn’t from Conclave and its stats are TERRIBLE.

  10. My husband is a hunter, is it wrong that I’d take a few weeks sleeping on the couch to get this first over him? :3

  11. I believe it was brought up at one of the Blizzcons I attended, why there was no legendary suitable for ferals. The reasoning given was that it was wasted art, since ferals spend all their combat time in form, but that they were looking for a way to pull it off.

    A similar reason was given for making tree-form a cooldown instead of a normal shapeshift.

    IMHO this is a wonderful development and I hope like crazy that some day we’ll also get to play along with a big legendary questline for a nice piece of orange.

  12. I love starting at my brown, fuzzy kitty. Some people are clearly forgetting what it means to be a druid.

    Having said that, if the staff gives me a fire kitty proc, that would be the best thing ever :<!

    I am the only cat in our guild but we do have a bear- ze staff is all but mine! Mwahaa (although if it's anything like Malevolence we won't get anything on normal mode, and then it will start dropping two every time on every heroic kill…)

  13. I am so excited for this! I hope it procs when I kill critters in Org. >.> Then people will be able to tell that I’m not level 8.

  14. I hope it dosn’t “proc”. I am hoping it makes you a fire cat as long as it is equiped and you are in cat form.

  15. Will this weapom be useable by hunters? If so then i hope that they wont get to transform then… Damn hunters always stealing our gear…

  16. No they won’t. The transformation requires cat form :)

  17. Any reasonable hunter will pass an agi staff/polearm to a feral in their guild before taking it for themselves. Most realize the benefit of letting the feral have the first as raid dps is better that way (unless its a bad kitty but Blizzard made that one harder to find). If your a pugging cat though good luck with your rolls.

  18. At this point, the only item where it was proven that the procc was not datamined because the developer did not include it in the game files yet is Dragonwrath, Tarecgosa’s Rest:

    As for the “fire cat form” and the scorpion, I haven’t seen a procc or anything that would point to this actually being true.
    As far as I am aware those models are simply shapeshiftform of the Staghelm Raidencounter:

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