May 112011

Almost three months ago,  I said that ferals needed “a slight damage bump, a quicker rotation ramp-up, a tweak to Ferocious Bite, and better AoE.”

Well, looks like we’re finally getting most of it. The AoE bit went live in 4.1 (hope everyone’s having fun causing their healers heart attacks with Berserked Swipe), and the damage buffs and the FB adjustment showed up in today’s notes. I’d still love a feral version of rogue Redirect, but I’m very happy that the big issues were looked at. (For what it’s worth, I’m confident that the damage increases will more than make up for the loss of DPS due to strength only being worth 1 AP. That’s a static loss in DPS; the ability increases will scale with gear.)

The set bonuses are very interesting but obviously still being tweaked; I’ll hold off discussion on those for another time. There’s some very interesting interactions between FB and Berserk; right now,  FB is horrible to use during Berserk because it drains energy, which prevents you from maximizing your Shreds. With the T12 4p bonus and the new version of FB, though, things are much less clear-cut. I imagine the numbers will still probably get tweaked, but just the fact they ARE getting tweaked makes me very happy.

As it stands, though, if what we have goes live in 4.2, I’ll be back to check things out, even with the crappy 128kbps connection I have here.

(Oh, and for those interested, so far my work in Iraq has mostly been like my work in the States; still coordinating to provide communications service for various units and customers, just now I have longer hours and get to take cover from indirect fire every couple days.)

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  1. Alaron! Always good to see you around and glad to hear that Iraq is proven to be relatively uneventful. (Never a bad thing in a combat zone) Take care man.

    • OH MANG! The boss is stalking! Hey Ala. I agree i am loving the idea that they are looking into needed changes. I am not unimpressed with the changes they have made so far. Keep your head down and stay safe. In the rear with the gear isn’t such a bad place.

  2. Watch out for the sand fleas, and the little clear lovelies. Thanks for keeping an awesome cat site alive

  3. And the Camel Spiders. Friends of mine have staged Camel Spider fights on their tours and it is apparently quite amusing. (For lack of anything else to do I would assume)

    I am liking what I am seeing with the changes, more utility from FB is clearly a good thing. As for the Berserk – Swipe, I had a DK give me a hard time last night about using them together and then he told me to stay out of bear form when I pulled too much aggro from him to stay alive in kitty. Honest mistake but is that combo a bad thing?

    Hope you are well out there and on behalf of Vegas I say thanks for fighting for us!

  4. Unfortunately the last PTR changes wasn’t up yesterday on Beth’ilac :/

  5. I wonder what the limit will be on extending Berserk. If the I understand the notes then that means FB will cost 13 energy at base since I dont think Berserk applies to the extra 25 energy to cap the 100% bonus damage. Or does it? If it does then that would mean 25 energy FBs that can keep extending Berserk for a while and if your at 25% or below you can keep refreshing your Rip. Seems like a pretty nice setup.

  6. Somehow I picture Alaron being the character Crapgame from kelley’s Heroes. Just Kidding. You be safe.

    As for the changes the forums have a real nice thread going on them.

  7. Be safe. :-)

  8. Keep your head down man.

    Oh and WoW IS playable from over there though obviously lag can be an issue so I raiding might be a lil bit of a stretch, lol.

    And I am very happy to see some feral love coming down the pipes for cats. The Swipe change was expected and, well needed, I am far and above the highest DPS on multimob stuff…provided I don’t die. I have gotten in the habit of popping SI and Barkskin on large packs. Though I do love to mess with my healers and every so often toss Berserk out on the entry trash to BoT :D

    I don’t know that the FB change puts it completely back in the rotation (not done any math) but they are at least aware of it so that is a good thing. And the others are just a straight buff which is very nice.

    Oh and I know we are mostly concerned with Cats here but that change to Savage Defense for bears looks bad to me, but I haven’t tanked in a lonnng time so not up to speed on how major a nerf that is.

  9. Hi Ala,

    As long as its indirect fire :-)

    The changes seem really nice – too nice, in fact, so the numbers will be tuned down. However, just seeing that they are buffing our direct damage and FB is a good sign.

  10. Sorry to be weak in the math, but will this mean that FB is better than Shred if Rip has a lot of time on it, still? Or is the energy change not enough to swing the pendulum in FB’s favor?

  11. Hey Ala, nice to hear from you, especially with such good news (both IRL and IG :) )

    Kudos to you for maintaining this awesome site alive.

    Keep stacking agility to dodge those bullets man.

    On the cat side of things, great news. Maybe buffing FB will bring back that interesting dilemma we used to have : To FB or not to FB, that is the question.

    Shadralon – Cho’gall Horde, EU

  12. Was peaking 200k Swipe DPS on some trash (the lynx trash) in ZA earlier… I think the tank freaked it because he lost aggro globally and the healer decided the cat was the new tank for the next few pulls.

    Barkskin, forever a life saver!!

    Anyways mate, having a good read around here. Come back home safe now.

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