May 242011

Every time I go into the forums it is amazing to sit back and really see just the amount of experience our community has in all aspects of helping someone improve their game play. As most of you have to be aware of by now Leafkiller, Sylvaneart and myself were picked to help moderate the forums, as well as keep this site a plethora of knowledge for the feral community. Leafkiller is a top notch theory crafter and maintains a Ovale spell priority script (no small task) in order to help make our fairly complex rotation easier to understand for everyone. As many of you can attest to, I receive numerous PM’s about fight strategies not just from a feral PoV; however, to just really lock down knowledge on how to handle certain boss abilities. I always do my best to answer these questions in the most logical and easiest to understand way as possible. Though Sylvaneart has been afk lately due to real life obligations, know he to drops by to toss in his thoughts on a section of the forums only readable by those with admin status.

Even with our combined knowledge of playing the feral spec, the real strength of this website comes from the fact that so many players, that are so well versed in the ways of the feral dps, regularly stop by to offer their insights to the forums. Making any form of moderation really take care of itself. With all that being said it should come as no surprise that the latest project to help kitty dps was actually started by Tinderhoof. Since this is such an awesome idea I thought I would do him a favor by getting the word out on what he has started.  Basically if you’ve ever wondered, on a personal level, what you can do to increase your damage per second then go here and ask. You will need to provide parses to the fights you wished to be viewed on. Head to World of Logs to obtain the client you’d need to do this. Most likely an armory link of your character will be valuable in getting the most out of the constructive criticism your given. Keep in mind that post that don’t offer insight on ways to actually improve game play will just be deleted and you will be given a warning. Let’s keep it constructive as I know we will, I’d hate to actually have to ban someone on a site like this, that isn’t just spamming for gold sites. (Which happens a fairly decent amount of time here surprisingly.)

As always feel free to comment or PM me with questions, suggestion, or anything you got.

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Oh P.S in other news a few of the post are displaying bandwidth exceeded error messages where I used Photobucket to upload them. I did not realize what having this many people viewing those pictures would do to a free account and will be upgrading here shortly to avoid that problem in the future. The rest of the YouTube channel videos will also be added as I get decent kill attempts recorded. Sadly I had to tank this week for Sinestra and no one wants to see that.

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  1. I just wanna say that in my humble opinion you and all your fellow caretakers are doing an excellent job in Alaron’s absence. Despite any negative feedback you may have recieved, i along with many others understand that in Alaron’s absence the site can not continue exactly as it did while he was here. Despite that i like the direction its heading in and i just want to applaud you lot on a job well done. I’m sure your doing Ala proud.
    Personally i find this the best feral blog there is. The sheer ammount of knowledge thats here from all the members is astounding, with some of the best theorycrafters gracing the forums its a joy to check in daily and see whats going on there.
    Keep up the good work :)

  2. EEEP! Now folks going to be looking at me. PLEASE ignore the unenchanted staff I picked up for bear. I have a real one I swear.

    But seriously the community we have all helped build here deserves the credit for this. I can talk all I want about what makes me work, but with out anyone else to share notes with I am not going to improve. I am very happy to have watched this place grow into the fantastic resource that it is for us today.
    Big thanks to:
    Alaron for bringing the spark to start this community (and countless other things).
    Qbear for your passion in the game and in wanting to make this place better (also your tips helped a lot).
    Leafkiller for your constant scripting/math ninja skills
    Floofles for getting into the meat of what I can be doing better.
    Sylvaneart for stepping up to help keep this place going.

    Big thanks to everyone else who contributes in both questions and discussion topics. It makes me very proud to be part of this community.

  3. I am trying to register for the forums how long should it take to get a activation email?

  4. OMG I’m back. Work and life can suck. Especially when work installs new filters and i can’t get to website. So I am posting on phone. I’m glad you guys are enjoying the site. TFD is a great place and it is really all the members that make it so.

  5. So I went to Tinderhoof’s Bnet account and noticed he reforged all his gear to expertise/hit.
    At 1st I thought it was bc he was a tank, but his spec was pure cat dps.
    The breakdown is below. Can somebody explain this if I missed something?

    -516 Crit Rating
    -235 Haste Rating
    -128 Hit Rating
    -76 Mastery Rating

    +554 Expertise Rating
    +216 Hit Rating
    +128 Mastery Rating
    +57 Haste Rating

  6. Hit/exp capping has proven as a DPS gain in certain situations. The times it isnt a gain the loss is minimal.

    • Hi Archdrood.

      I have been experimenting with gear sets and reforges that are outside of our normal “Known Best Pratices”. I am not the first cat to do it, nor will be the last. If you look next week there will likely be a slightly different setup. I will bure sure to post details of my experiences.

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