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I end everyone of my post with a simple reminder that you can always comment or PM me with any questions that you have. Well people have been, and most of their questions are regarding raid strategies as a feral druid. I’ve been thinking for a long time that I should make guides on how to handle encounters as a feral; however, when it came down to sit down and write them I always was left thinking how would I go about this. You see the problem isn’t writing these guides, but writing them in away that they are easy to understand by everyone and easy to visualize what I’m talking about.

Thus the FluidDruid Youtube Channel is born.

Keep in mind I have not made a career for myself by selling books on tape. So while I do my best to narrate these videos in a way that keeps you engaged, there is the hump of me sitting in my room talking into a microphone for nine minutes at a time that I’ll have to get over. Though I do hope that these videos will remain a valuable learning tool for ferals that are trying to push further into content within their own guilds. Ferals that are currently farming 13/13 and ranking high on such tools as World of Logs won’t find much use for the channel. However, these are not my targeted audiance by any means.

The videos assume that your familiar with the basic fight mechanics. If your confused by anything I discuss in the encounters then please check out Learn to Raid for advance fight break down. The channel starts with one video for the raid week which is heroic Nef. (Sadly this was the only fight we had left up this week) So drop by and check it out. I will be adding a link to the Youtube channel on our official forums, as I update the site with new videos I will update the forums page and not the front page. As always feel free to leave comments or PM with any questions you may have. By leave comments I really do mean it, help me mold this channel into everything you would expect it to be from a site like this.

Sorry for lack of pictures I’m not a fan of the wall of text posts either =(


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  1. Oh wow. This has really opened my eyes up to the UI possibilities. I guess the first thing is that you make mention of a circle that tells you when you are out of shred range. I couldnt really see that anywhere. what mod do you use to display that?

    Also, say you macro beserk to Tigers Fury you use a special modifier to prevent it from going off when you are trying to hold your beserk for a particular moment?

    Last of all, I have used Ovale for awhile now but you are using a different suggestion bar with countdown timers in it. Mind if I ask what that is?

    I really enjoyed this, and as an underperforming feral I would love to see more vids.

    • droodfocus

    • Hey as Archury stated the circle icon I discussed is part of droodfocus. Droodfocus is also the addon with the countdown timers in it; however, it is not a suggestion addon simply a hub that tracks bleeds, roar, mangle, and strength of the panther.

      I do macro berserk and tigers fury; however, I also have another keybind that is simply Tiger’s fury in moments where I would be trying to sit on berserk for such things as trinket procs or a time would I could remain on a boss for the duration.

  2. Great vid Q!

    As I mentioned on my Youtube comment, will all the vid be 25-man heroic, or will it be a mix of regulars too, or any 10-man content?

    I’m guessing what applies to 25-man heroic as far as cat tips would also apply across the board anyway.

    • Hey I actually just got done replying to you on the youtube site haha (Probably should of thought how I was going to maintain comments on all the different avenues) However, for T11 I will just be making heroic videos. Depending on how quickly a guild is able to move from normals to heroics in T12 I’ll most likely start making normal mode videos then.

      Most if not all the videos should be 25man unless there is another Al’akir style fight that just ends up being so much drastically easier on 10m with little to no gear upgrade that it totally negates doing him on 25.

      As you said though the cat tips that I do and will cont to try to give in the videos are universal which is pretty nice.

  3. I haven’t even watched on yet. I am getting my popcorn ready. I can’t wait.

  4. Druid (Forums / Talent Calculator / Skills/Talents)

    Ferocious Bite damage has been increased by 15%. In addition, its base cost has been reduced to 25 energy and it can use up to 25 energy, for up to a 100% damage increase.
    Mangle (Cat) damage at level 80 and above has been increased to 530% weapon damage, up from 460%.
    Omen of Clarity clearcasting buff from now lasts 15 seconds, up from 8 seconds.
    Ravage damage at level 80 and above has been increased to 975% weapon damage, up from 850%.
    Shred damage at level 80 and above has been increased to 520% weapon damage, up from 450%.
    Swipe (Cat) now deals 600% weapon damage at level 80 or higher, down from 670%.


    • I’m hoping those PTR changes stick; Swipe was probably too high, and I’m probably never going to be sad seeing a buff to Shred. Hopefully, the Ferocious Bite buff will make it useful again in the >25% stage of the boss.

  5. As I see in the middle of the screen your timers (as I now know it’s droodfocus) – but last time I saw this timer addon looks diffrent than yours.

    Is it possible to configurate your style within the droodfocus configuration – or you did some source code changes to get this style?


    • That’s a great point Evil, when you first turn on DroodFocus it’s going to put crap all over your screen. I didn’t change the source code; however, I did go into the normal options menu and clicked off every part of the addon I found unimportant.

      • Thanks for letting me know. I think they way you configurated looks very nice – possible to post the configurations you did (guess it’s to much – but have to ask, because I like the style :)

  6. any chance of your wtf file and list of addons :P…your ui is so clean!

    • I’ll actually have to look into how getting that up for everyone. However, there is a lot of demand so I’ll be getting that out for all.

      • The one thing I don’t like about Q’s UI is it only displays top 5 dps. How are you supposed to tell guildies to stop —-ing a dog if you can only see the top 5?

        • Your suppose to yell at them to do more damage in between wipes. If your looking at recount to yell at people during the attempt then your doing less damage. Endless haven’t we learned anything!

          p.s. Endless is my old GM so I like to trash talk with him. =)

  7. Are you reading from a script? I think the quality would be a lot improved if you spoke a little easier!

    I cringe at every mistake you make- as I do when I see my own videos- but it’s a nice idea you have here showing some kitty-specific strategies and a sensible raiding UI (droodfocus is the best).

    Spend less time with Rip not on your target kthanks <3

    • yeah like i said that specific fight was overall pretty crappy for me play-style wise. I do hold a decent ranking for feral dps on heroic nef so as horrid as my rotation was right there I promise I don’t always play as horrible as that.

      As for the script thing I should give it a try I know my dream of being a voice actor for the next big animated movie is dwindling away. Overall though I personally think the videos are going well of course most of the feedback I get is from the narration. However, in time I hope that will become an issue that just sort of fixes itself.

      • You’re only just starting- just relax a bit or something. Have a cup of tea.

        Obviously you want to get the videos out there, but it might be worth saving up for a kill where you are playing at your best ^^ Neffy I guess was your pilot.

        Just trying to be constructive, keep it up ^^

        • Oh I know and ty for the post I read each one with really try to absorb the feedback. Overall I actually feel kind of rushed to get these videos up the closer to 4.2 the more we’re going to be shifting our focus to the ptr so I’m not quite sure the amount of times I’ll have to record the encounters.

          It’s funny though since I don’t actually own any type of video editing software I record the videos and then watch them as I do the voice overs and every time I see myself doing something bad I sit there and sigh to myself :( Darn you Floofles I’m coming for your number 1 feral spot!!!

  8. I’ve looked through the FD forums and wasn’t sure if I saw you address it anywhere else: Why are you going for hit/exp cap and why do you take 2/2 Primal Madness?

    • Hey the thread I’ve been getting update as the site updates is under the Feral DPS section of the forums under the thread titled FluidDruidVids.

      I’ve been running hit/exp set up to see how much of a dps lose it is in current content. It’s easy to see on a sim; however, sims are hard to apply to real fight encounters. I’ve been talking over fight results with Leaf and getting some awesome feed back (again from the forums) on other ferals I’ve inspired to try the set up as well.

      Primal Madness is of course no gain in dps; however, neither is any of the other talents I’ve neglected in my spec. I actually prefer Primal Madness as I’m not the best feral in terms of energy usage and allowing me to be certain I never cap energy during an encounter, to me, is more useful then any of the talents I’ve could of picked up.

      Hope this helps answer your questions.

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