May 262011

Hey all, just checking in with an ironic note for today. I have been massively busy (80-hour weeks) training my guys on how to make all the nasty red network icons turn green, but now that they (mostly) stay green, things have calmed down a bit. I go to pull up TFD last night to start working on a blog post, and find out that all the Army’s web filtering systems now specifically block the site. Yay for popularity! Time to start a new new blog for being bored at work, I guess. (Kidding. Seriously.)

On a happier note, with things settling down I should be able to post a bit more frequently. I hope everyone’s having fun with the new content; I just got a welcome back offer, so we’ll see how well WoW runs on my old C2D laptop with integrated graphics, over a 128kbps link. (I’ve been downloading patches for a while; I only get about 2 GB’s of data/week before I’m capped.) ┬áMuch love all, especially to Q and the rest for keeping things running.

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