May 262011

Hey all, just checking in with an ironic note for today. I have been massively busy (80-hour weeks) training my guys on how to make all the nasty red network icons turn green, but now that they (mostly) stay green, things have calmed down a bit. I go to pull up TFD last night to start working on a blog post, and find out that all the Army’s web filtering systems now specifically block the site. Yay for popularity! Time to start a new new blog for being bored at work, I guess. (Kidding. Seriously.)

On a happier note, with things settling down I should be able to post a bit more frequently. I hope everyone’s having fun with the new content; I just got a welcome back offer, so we’ll see how well WoW runs on my old C2D laptop with integrated graphics, over a 128kbps link. (I’ve been downloading patches for a while; I only get about 2 GB’s of data/week before I’m capped.)  Much love all, especially to Q and the rest for keeping things running.

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  1. Iraq – it really is the end of the World -:)

  2. Haha, your going to finish your download just in time for 4.2! Always great to see you posting again.

  3. Remember when 56k was the new hotness ? The good old days of netscape navigator on a 28.8 connection. Good to hear from you Alaron , stay safe !


  4. Hey keep you boots clear of lovelies,

  5. Could be worse. My husband is on his way to Afghanistan next month and isn’t even expecting the primitive internet that he had last time he was in Iraq.

    And yeah, gotta love the Army’s filter programs :)

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