May 202011

As some of you know there has been a lot happening with the site lately. With the release of the FluidDruidVids Channel on YouTube there are now even more ways to appreciate everything this community has to offer one another.

The YouTube channel has been going strong and has turned into one video with a very shaky narrator. To videos up in the double digits, while the narrator is still a bit shaky you can’t but help realize how quickly the channel is improving both in terms of content and quality.  The feedback from it has been pretty positive; however, one comment in particular left me at a loss for words. Basically the commenter loves the videos but feels sad that this main site has fallen on the back burner.   I couldn’t help but see his point even if I didn’t want to agree with it. Alaron was a master at finding out just what direction the class needed to move in, in terms of adjustments to the spec with nerfs or buffs. He would sit down with pages of pages of loot lists and be able to mathematically prove this is our BiS list. Heck I grew up reading this blog. When I was asked to help keep it’s pulse up while he was away on deployment I was excited but knew I could never continue down the path he set in for everything he did here.

This is a community though. The fact is the front page hasn’t been update with new content due to the fact that, well… there isn’t any. For those wishing to be involved in the community and all it has to offer really need to be checking out the forums. FluidDruid Forums is the hot spot where we discuss changes to our spec and patch notes; so that I can wait for you all to come up with the best possible answers, have me steal those ideas as my own, and then post them here and take credit. The YouTube commenter made me realize though, that not all the discussion needs to happen behind the scenes and from his comment blooms the birth of Predatory Perceptions (catchy huh?).

Basically if nothing gets posted on the front page for the week then be sure to check Friday night as you return from the clubs. Predatory Perceptions will be me doing nothing more then bringing up a topic in regards to anything PVE. I’ll do my best to inspire thought within the community and then ask for comments on how you feel about the theme of the week. As for this week? Maintaining your raid guild through what has become known as “Summer Time Chaos.”

For those new to raiding what happens is during the winter months raiding is at its prime. New applications are flooding the guild site on a weekly bases and moral is high. As the summer months draw near, most guilds will start to see attendance issues even some guild hoppers emerge  as they feel the heat (haha!) for getting content done before the next tier is released. Then as you get into the full sunshine swing of summer progression becomes a nightmare, as guild members become shot of sitting down and raiding and just want to enjoy the good weather.

My question for the community:

Does your guild experience the Summer Time Chaos? If not expect my application by Sunday.

If you know exactly what I’m talking about then how do you deal, as a guild member, as a raid leader?

I hope you guys enjoy this segment, as I stated earlier it will only be released on weeks where nothing else is available.  As always feel free to PM me or comment with any questions, suggestions, or just overall feedback.

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  1. Screw that name it drunk Fridays.

  2. Without fail, although this year is better than last year in some ways. We’re still raiding and still making heroic progression, however we are the ONLY guild on the server making heroic progression which is really scary.

    Last year was worse — last year all that was left was Even More ICC. The year before that, Even More Ulduar. I think the only reason that we’ve kept as many people as we have is that new content is not only being promised and very visibly rolled out, but has chances of being delivered sooner rather than later.

    You know, for the longest time, we worried it was just us. We worried that we were the only ones sick to death of Heroic Modes. The stats released about how many long-term player accounts have been canceled really woke us up to how bored people are and that people really ARE burning out faster and harder.

  3. No summer chaos in my guild…by i think its noct what you’re looking for. its an EU server.

    • EU server don’t experience fallout during summer months? Thats actually something I didn’t know about.

      • Oh, they DO. but we have enough in the pool to compensate:)

        • But i still guess an EU server is not what you’re looking for:)
          Or are you not playing in the US?

        • Oh, I’m so sorry I totally didn’t understand your post when I first read it. Sadly I’m a US player and try to do most of my raiding 7pm Eastern Standard Time till complete. I thought you were simply saying EU guilds are all immune to the Summer Time Chaos theory in which case I was going to ask you to teach me your ways.

  4. LOL corny joke is corny Qbear ;)
    Anyways, one way my guild has dealt with it, is to have a summer break of about a months length. Just set a date and let ppl go have fun.

  5. In the past in other iterations of my guild it has been a small problem but not this year. We are a small guild though, something like 14 people or so. We do our 10 mans at our own pace. We didn’t actually start raiding until about a month ago and in that time have killed all the bosses leading to Nef, Cho’gall, and Al Akir, and those three, they should die within the next week or so. Are we pushing Heroics? No not really for two reasons. 1: We don’t NEED heroics to keep the game interesting to us as we just started raiding 2: Without unique looking gear dropping from Heroics I see no point to them. Now if you ask me this in a few months I will probably have a different answer because we will in fact be using Heroics to keep the game interesting.

    I think the main reason we have not historically had big issues is we keep the fun with our raids going. We don’t explode because somebody screwed up, we all sigh, make a few jokes at that persons expense and go again :D It makes us different than most raiding guilds, especially on Mal’ganis.

  6. I can speak for my european (german) guild. Right now our Progress is 10/13 HC. I do not know if there are differences between Summer Time and the problematic here in europe an over the ocean (but guess it’s the same everywhere).

    I was in a few guild since I started WoW – and with that experience I can say that in all guilds I was there is the same cenario each summer:

    – The progress get’s harder because the only the “badass bosses” are alive.
    – Therefor the motivation isn’t as it was in the winter time (and beginning)
    – Alot of ppl never regular sign for raids
    etc. etc.

    Yes it’s here – “The Summertime Hole (as we say here in Germany” – it’s here again (as usual).

  7. Every guild I’ve been in experienced a slow down in summer, but it was more due to aging content than summer. If there is a large patch/expansion coming, people seem to log out to wait for it.

    As to the website, I don’t have much time and appreciate the best tidbits from the forums be consolidated to a post. I just won’t be able to participate much and glean the info I need from forum threads as easily. That what I depend on the site for.

    Sorry if that seems selfish, but it is the only way I can be a good raider and part of a family as well.

  8. I have to agree with some of the other posters. I have been playing wow for about 5 years now, and I hate to admit it but i feel the game is starting to stall a bit. It could be as i grow older I need less of an escape with wow, but I dont have the same in game drive. Heroic modes for me just make the fights tedious, woo hoo we beat boss A again, oh wow new numbers on my loot.

    Not saying I wont continue to play, the idea of a firey cat will drive me a bit further.

  9. Agreeing here as well. I feel that our guild had trouble due to the content than summer itself. We have a fairly large guild, but still had trouble last summer filling out our 25 man group. People just seemed burnt out really. They wanted to go do fights on their alts or something other than what they had been doing for the past 6+ months. So far this summer (/crosses fingers) we haven’t had any trouble with attendance and that probably has to do with newer content.

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