May 272011

In February of 2011 Alaron asked for help with the site, as he was about to embark on his military commitment.  Leafkiller, Qbear, and myself answered the call.  Since then we have brought you pretty pictures and explanations of a Proper UI tables of stats and information to min/max your toon,  A You Tube channel to show the feral way of doing things and so many more articles.  We have also spent countless HOURS on the forums offering help, analysis, and slight moderation(I have deleted many Viagra advertisements).  As we introduce a new contributor (in Tinderhoof) I felt it was time to recognize a little milestone we have reached.  The Fluid Druid has added 100 users since we started.  While this isn’t Charlie Sheen getting 2,000,000 followers in 48 hours it is pretty big for a Feral Blog.  The 3 of us don’t take credit for this growth-we thank you.  Unlike most WoW websites TFD dosn’t need moderation.  Our users have made a home for both long in the tooth cats and kettehs just starting out.  So thank you TFD followers.  Keep reading and asking questions and we will all keep answering them.

As always be sure to subscribe to the RSSfeed and use the forums. Are you on Twitter? I am, follow me @Sylvaneart. Feel free to PM me with any questions you might have, but the forums on this site are your best bet. This will help to answer one question one time instead of one question multiple times. This site is a posting spot for many great cats. If you are the noob with a noob question and are a little embarrassed then a PM will do fine. I will never ridicule you.





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  1. This place feels like a warm home and a refuge for abused kittens, tyrannized patch after patch. Just for this wonderful community I would never leave my cat spec for anything! =)

  2. Its funny how things turn out. I had been a big Druidwiki fan for ages and then along came Fluid Druid. At the time there didnt seem a lot of need for it, but I signed up for a forum account anyhow. Skip forward a year or so, and its now the premier site for cats and DW has withered from lack of energy and posters.

    Really enjoying the vids. You guys are such good players, you make it look easy.

  3. Back in the ICC days I used to raid with a very skilled feral druid who then had to quit for work, but it was among the best days of my raiding since I had someone to compete with.
    Now I’m the only high end feral cat druid on my server, and the lack of competition is really bothering me.
    TFD and its community is what’s kept me sane over the months. I can always read about other ferals experiences, check out peoples logs and see some intelligent discussion about my class and role.
    Thanks for keeping it running, it’s very much appreciated :D

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  5. TFD Milestone: 100 and counting – The Fluid Druid

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