May 142011

The preview of Tier 12 has been release; however, I do my best to hold off judgement until I have the set equipt on my toon.

Druid T12

Now that we have shoulders I really do have to say I’m digging the set. The helm for me will be turned off, but I’ll leave personal judgement up to the rest of you guys. The set with it’s different possible color combinations can be viewed here. However, since it is Firelands I do believe that the red set will be the one we receive first.

Set bonuses seems interesting, though are subject to change:

  • 2p Bonus- Your attacks with Mangle, Maul, and Shred deal 10% additional damage as Fire damage over 4 sec.
  • 4p Bonus- Your finishing moves have a 20% chance per combo point to extend the duration of Berserk by 2 sec.

The set bonuses have been a high topic of discussion. Yawning fears that if the fire damage proc works much like the old Ignite munching mechanic that it could end up being extremely lack luster in terms of dps gains. While at the same time the current purposed 4 set bonus has lead other feral theory crafters into the thought process that using less then 5 combo point finishers can potentially lead to a higher up time on our 4set bonus. The whole math process can be viewed here. Basically it comes down to statistics. Using less combo point finishers at a higher rate is more probable to increase our berserk longer then waiting for the 100% chance we would gain waiting for 5 cp’s.

Either way at this point the set bonus are subject to change as they have for our resto counter parts. In major glyph news the Furious Bite glyph now reads:

  • Glyph of Ferocious Bite has been redesigned. It now causes Ferocious Bite to heal the caster for 1% maximum health for each 10 energy used.

Considering how lack luster our major glyphs have been for feral so far in Cata it is awesome to finally have a reason to say that when it comes to specing feral this major glyph is one you should not be without.

As always I’m Qbear feel free to leave comment on what you think about the set look or the set bonuses announced thus far. There is a good thread going on our forums on all the patch 4.2 nonsense so be sure to go there and take a look. (Link at the top of this page.)

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  1. Well, I would be worried that they do not get the 2 piece implementation correct, but it would actually be fairly hard for it to have munching type behavior since triggers are throttled by the GCD. Historically speaking they haven’t really managed to get this sort of behavior correct.

    Regarding using low CP finishers with the set bonus, I haven’t managed to get that to be a net gain, and I would be surprised if it was, at least on paper. The quick and dirty reason why it doesn’t pay off is that overextending Berserk has the effect of pushing back Tiger’s Fury. Thus, a longer Berserk is a tradeoff between more Shreds and bigger shreds/bleed damage/white damage. Once you start throwing in energy starvation into the mix (especially since they removed the Ferocious Bite glyph), using lower CP finishers becomes a lot less attractive.

    The problem is relatively interesting so I’m probably going to poke at it a bit more, but since the interactions are fairly complicated, I’m not sure if I’ll come up with something perfect.

  2. Yeah I didn’t even stop to think how the new Fbite Glyph would effect the thought process on using lower CP finishers to get the 4p uptime higher. My mistake.
    Can’t wait to see what you come up with.

  3. Cant wait to see what you come up with. The set bonus seems very interresting, but as you say, the triggers off GCD and Blizzards ability to get them to work properly – well, they could have figured it out after close to 7 years :)

    On the looks of T12… Im not a fan, tho Its accepteble without the helm – tho it wont be a problem if the Feral staff actually turns our kitten form into a firekitten.

  4. I was about to post a comment dubious of the virtue of the new glyph of ferocious bite. I started to say “I suppose it would…” and kept writing for a little while before it dawned on me that it would actually be really useful. As I’m sure does everyone else, I am biting very frequently in the enrage/excecute range of a boss which is also usually when damage taken is highest- though we will be in different raids by then, this would be excellent on something like Ascendant Council where we will have such a collossal advantage in survivability over the other classes that we will always be the last alive (read: LotP self heal, FB self heal, +20% healing received, Barksin, Survival Instincts, being a fuzzy healing magnet).

    That and I don’t like Glyph of FF. Quality of life my arse, it makes me sick.

    I can’t wait to exchange my 4set for that new 2set- mangling hard at the start of the encounter and keeping up the Strength of the Panther is quite engaging but it’s incredibly frustrating if it drops and you have to manglespam again! I guess this isn’t the way it works, but I would have thought that they could just copy/paste the code from the Holy Priest mastery since that refreshes and calculates a new value based on the healing done. Given the buffs headed to our direct damage abilities, this should be potent either way.

    I tend to bite once or twice during Berserk (whenever I have 5CPs) so the 4set should give me a little more uptime which is always nice to dump the excess energy- I reforged away a lot of haste and picked up the glyph of berserk essentially because I ended berserk quite a lot of the time on 35+ energy (and I don’t use TF glyph since I’m an engineer).

  5. Now that bleeds/dots are refreshed with out restarting the tic timer I would think the 2p bonus should just work as a 3rd dot that is up all the time, and only changing damage (like bleeds do with mangle). I shouldn’t see why it shouldn’t be a nice addition. I am scared that some ferals might use the 2p in PVP and have people bitch about “OH GOD MORE UNDISPELLABLE BLEEDS”… Even if it is dispellable we will put it right back up again. I really would like to see one patch in which my PVE ability is nerfed due to PVP.

    • Isn’t Nerfed due to PVP. Proofreading with out glasses is fail.

      • Weird cuz ur lil avatar seems to have a monocle in which case it’s as if the wordpress servers some how knew you needed corrective eye wear and we’re making a joke about how you only wear them half the time. =)

  6. I am very happy about the new Ferocious Bite glyph. It seems an appropriate behavior “flavor” wise and it is useful to boot. I think they need to rename it Glyph of Om nom nom, though. Still sad they changed that talent name.

  7. Another tier set that we don’t see anyway due to being in cat or bear form about 98% of the time.

    • Yup – and if its true that the feral staff that drops from firelands does turn cats in to a fire kitten, then I will be standing in catform from now on

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