Jun 112011

The wheel of balance in our favorite MMO, that is. Ferals might have been on the outs for 4.0/.1, but .2 is looking up, baby! From MMO-C:

Druids now gain 1 attack power per point of Strength, down from 2. They continue to gain 2 attack power per point of Agility while in Cat Form or Bear Form. In addition, Cat Form’s scaling rate from gear upgrades was slower than other classes, which was causing them to fall behind in damage with higher item levels. To counter the Strength change and improve scaling, the following changes have been made. All numbers cited are for level-85 druids.

  • Mangle (Cat) damage at level 80 and above has been increased to 540% weapon damage, up from 460%, and bonus damage has been lowered to 302.
  • Rake initial damage on hit now deals the same damage as each periodic tick (and is treated the same for all combat calculations). Periodic damage now gains 14.7% of attack power per tick, up from 12.6%, and base damage per tick has been lowered from 557 to 56. There is a known issue with Rake’s tooltip being incorrect from this change will be corrected in a future patch.
  • Ravage damage at level 80 and above has been increased to 950% weapon damage, up from 850%, and bonus damage has been lowered to 532.
  • Savage Roar now grants 80% increased damage to melee auto attacks, up from 50%. The Glyph of Savage Roar remains an unchanged bonus of 5% to that total.
  • Shred damage at level 80 and above has been increased to 540% weapon damage, up from 450%, and bonus damage has been lowered to 302.

The SR and Rake changes, especially, are HUGE. Preliminary numbers are showing a dps gain (from 4.1) in the 7-9% range, which should place ferals solidly in contention for top spots again.

Oh, and FIRECAT. Screw legendaries, this is better:


They’ve convinced me. I’m coming back for 4.2. Raiding might not work out, but dammit, Blizz fixed most of the crap I complained about, they’ve earned my money for a while.

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  1. nice to hear that alaron.
    by now i’m really excited for 4.2. feral changes look good, raidencounters are full of fresh new abilities and mechanics and we get the chance to transform to firecat!!! what more can we ask for :]

  2. There were a number of well written posts in the ask the dev’s DPS edition. While I half believe Blizz were totally aware of our scaling issues, these changes will preface a direct repsonse to those questions. “Hey look what we did”

    Good news all round though

  3. I’m obviously not holding my breath since I would assume data miners would have found it already, but HOOOOOOOOPEFULLY the heroic version will have armor like Staghelm :3

  4. So, I had thought FB was going to come out and play again… is the buff to Shred going to re-marginalize FB?

  5. Welcome back Alaron! :D

  6. Great to hear your coming back! I was really bummed that you had to go and your not able to post as much. Your blog has helped me become the feral kitty I am! Thanks and I hope to see more posts of yours, if not, at least you’ll be back to kitty dpsing!

  7. Seems like im gonna raid a bit more. Although being truly bored with wow in general now.

  8. 4.2 will be much better. And OMG firecat. FIRECAT = Ledgendary IMO

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