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There was a post I made awhile back talking about all the great things this site has to offer, the main of which is the FluidDruid Forums. The forums are again of course where we discuss what we should be doing in game play to increase dps. One of the main responses to this was that “I’m a casual reader and don’t really have the time to read through all the post made of the forums for any updates to changes in rotation.” I’ve always kept that comment in the back of my mind knowing that when there were topics on the forums worth bringing into a larger light I’d be able to jump on them for a post. While there’s nothing ground breaking in the forums in terms of changes to game play, there is a lot of confusion. Confusion which I hope to help clear up for the readers.

First is this thing we call stat values. People think that as a feral if I don’t reforge a certain way that I will largely be impacting my damage potential. This isn’t the case at all. Feral’s don’t work like other dot classes due to our bleeds not being effected by haste. Most classes with dots will tend to get haste all the way up to a magical number which will give their dots that extra tick and then from that point move to the next stat that will boost their damage and start stacking that.

As a Feral all of our secondary stats will net you again of roughly one. Meaning when your wondering if you should stack haste, crit, mastery, hit and exp the answer is always going to be “well what feels right to you.” No matter how you reforge your dps will only be moving plus or minus by a few hundred, which can easily be made up by better play on the boss encounters. So the main question that might be presented is well what is going to dictate upgrades. Again this is going to depend on your play style. I run hit and expertise capped, past those caps I want a high mastery value. So for me I use Fluid Death to help me reach my caps faster and get an overall increase in my mastery numbers.

When looking at gear remember Agility will always be three times more valuable then any secondary stats (stats that do not get buffed by Mark of the Wild) any secondary stats are going to be just as valuable as the next depending on how you play. With that said let’s give Agility a value of 3 and everything else a value of 1.

So let’s look at Sark of the Unwatched first (remember Agility gets a plus 3 while anything else gets a plus 1)

  • 345 Agi times 3=1035
  • 227 Crit times 1= 227
  • 247 Mastery times 1= 247
  • Now remembering the socket rule if changing one gem doesn’t net you a 13 Agility gain then your better off with a 40 Agi gem we would socket this chest with two 40 Agi gems.
  • 80 Agi times 3= 240
  • For a total of 1749! Nice chest.

Now let’s look at the heroic tier chest (remember Agility gets a plus 3 while anything else gets a plus 1)

  • 345 Agi times 3=1035
  • 257 Haste times 1= 257
  • 217 Expertise times 1= 217
  • Here the gemming rule applies. Changing one pure agility gem will gain us 20 Agility on this chest so it’s a bonus we want. One 40 Agi gem plus one 20 Agi/20 Hit gem will gain us the 20 Agi socket bonus for 80 Agi and 20 Hit
  • 80 Agi times 3= 240
  • 20 Hit times 1=20
  • For a total of 1769! Better chest.

Now I know what your thinking, “Q there’s no way it’s that simple your not taking into account what happens under scenario X or Y or even Z…Q what about Z!?” Well you can argue that, but why would you? While what I’ve shown you is the most basic elementary style of looking for an upgrade the method works. Not only does this work, but as you can see it doesn’t take long or much thinking at all. This is something you can do just by looking over two pieces of gear,so we can get into the bigger part of raising dps which is proper play style. Stat values are nice; however, if your not maximizing your debuffs and Savage Roar uptimes then your really focusing on the wrong part of the game when it comes to trying to raise your dps numbers. (Well hopefully that kills any new RSV post that were going to be made in the next week or so.)

On a smaller note because I actually have been doing this wrong and am so glad to have finally been corrected on it. Did you know that it is actually a dps gain to always FB below 25% once you have 5 combo points. That’s right always, of course keep up rake and savage roar. Doing so will gain you 200 dps (I think it was to lazy to read my notes) in 4.2 and much less currently but still worth doing.

That was really all going around the forums this weekend. As always feel free to comment or PM me with any questions or suggestions or anything you got. On a funny note Leaf said that he’s amazed no one has sent him a PM lately with questions about his Ovale script so I do expect his inbox to be full come Friday. Make it happen.

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