Jun 282011

There are few things in the feral  repertoire I can think of that have caused as much vitriol on blogs and forums then the positional requirement of shred.  Pretty much at the start of every expansionand the weeks leading up to every major content patch the posts begin to fly demanding the removal of the positional requirement, or defending it.  T11 has been likely the most extreme example of this as we had to deal with several bosses that presented greater then average difficulty to be able to shred consistently.  The good news is that Blizzard has heard the issues and are taking steps to ease the difficulty required for our most potent single target attack.

  • Now there are some encounters where the positional penalty is just too extreme. In 4.2 we have the ability to make the “back” of a boss encompass 240 degrees, and we have done so for bosses like Magmaw, Sinestra and Ragnaros.

    Furthermore, there are fights where Killing Spree and Feral Charge just kill you. That obviously isn’t acceptable. We have manually added some safeguards to try and manually solve a few encounters, such as Magmaw, but even that isn’t bulletproof and we are investigating more robust and global solutions. But it’s technically challenging given the diversity of our encounters. 

This is an all around win for us.  While it might have been nice to have these changes come in a little sooner, it’s nice to know that going forward we are not likely to have to deal with another encounter like Al’Akir.


While I have you here I wanted to take an opportunity to talk for a minute about a new area of the Fluid Druid Forums.  The Raid Strategies section in the Kitty DPS forums is now open for business!  Please feel free to post questions or tips and tricks you have learned during your experiences raiding in the new tier.  Have a cool way of using Feral Charge?  Post it up.  Getting stuck with a mechanic you can’t seem to get around?  Ask how some of our experts handle the situation.  Have a cool video from a feral prospective?  Show it off!  I will be collecting tips, tricks, videos and faq’s and regularly updating the first post of each thread.  So get cracking and best of luck in The Firelands!