Jun 162011

I registered a Twitter account for the blog years ago and forgot about it until someone prodded me recently. I’m not a big fan of the Twitter model (Twitter controls all incoming/outgoing traffic and has gradually been cutting back on how much they let third-party developers have access to). Unfortunately, it seems to the the “thing” these days. So. Link. Tweet it, or follow it, or whatever the terminology is (I’m going to have to figure this stuff out…is it bad if I feel old at 27?)

Also, if anyone wants to recommend any good clients, let me know. I’m especially looking for something that will let me tweet via email, since twitter.com is currently blocked at work (but not facebook RAGE). I can successfully read via Google Reader (via Gtweet) but interacting is kinda the point.

Finally – official 4.2 trailer is out. Thoughts? I thought it was pretty underwhelming; still looks like Molten Core 2.0 at the moment (though Rag looks great). Aggra had potential but so far feels totally token. The Ulduar trailer is still the best, IMO.

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  1. Welcome to the tweet world. Can also follow me @sylvaneart

  2. Man, you’re right about the Ulduar trailer. Rewatching is making me want to run it again. It gets you pumped for the dungeon, which the 4.2 trailer, sadly, does not.

  3. You’re being followed.

  4. check tweetdeck app both on android and desktop. maybe it’s not e-mail based but is great ino and keeps You up-to-date with more social networks:-)

  5. Is there going to be a Titan based raid in later patches within this expansion? We all basically want an Ulduar 2….

  6. Nice looking site. Very clean!

    For Twitter clients, I suggest looking into Hootsuite. You don’t have to actually download anything and it’s browser based.

  7. I thought the trailer was actually pretty good. Unfortunately I think the trailer is gonna be better than the 7 boss content patch that was supposed to ship with Cataclysm.

  8. -via Google Reader-

    *Ugh*…wtf. Selective privacy issues?

    4.2 sure looks awesome, can’t wait.

  9. I’m following you and I have a client suggestion: Digsby. It’s a handful of clients mixed together and hardly ever blocked in companies nowadays.

    Good luck! BTW, I’m still looking for it, but do you have a PvP guide for Feral Druids?

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