Jun 152011

So, I wasn’t planning on playing WoW while I was deployed, thinking “eh, the latency will be ridiculous.” Well, it’s actually been pretty good…300-400ms, or thereabouts. Jackal Wireless is the shiz.

No, my primary problem is the old laptop I decided to keep running a while longer since I was sure I wouldn’t be playing WoW. :) It’s not that old, actually; bought it around the time my son was born…but he’ll be three in two months (god, miss him terribly already) and this was a budget lappie to begin with. 3-year-old integrated laptop graphics + 25 man raiding = burnt wrists and slideshow screens. Fun times.

Anyway, cool story: So, haven’t played for two months, log in to say hey to the guild, and find out there’s some open spots for the (25m) raid tomorrow. “Well,” I said, “I can come, I guess, if you need to fill a spot. I’m still in some blues, but it’s worth a try. What are we raiding?”

“Oh, probably H Magmaw.”

“That’s not too bad…” I thought. “Mostly a static fight, change targets a couple times, little side to side, good warmup. We’ll see how the laptop handles it.”

Raid time comes (FWIW, that means I get up at 0330…thankfully, my bunkmate works nights), and we’re still a couple short. “Okay, since we’re still missing a few,” our raid leader says, ‘we’re going to go finish up our retro raiding. ICC, everyone…it’s time to finally get Heroic LK down.”


Hijinx ensued (ok, not too many hijinx, it’s not THAT difficult at 85). I’ll spare you the details; suffice it to say that if you can’t dodge Defile at high FPS (me), then you REALLY can’t dodge Defile at low FPS (also me). The ice melted, a rousing cinematic was had, and all became Knights of Ron, or something like that.

As such, I’ve temporarily re-subtitled my blog. No longer am I “Shapeshifting with Style…” I am now “Feral at Five FPS.” If you’d like to help me end this sad state of affairs, you’re always welcome to donate. :)

If not, that’s perfectly fine as well. (BTW, I never realized it was asking for a shipping address before. Doh. /facepalm. That’s off now.) Make sure to check out the forum, especially our epic thread on the 4.2 changes; 184 posts as of this writing. You guys rock!

Some site news (before this post turns into a total rambling loss): Yes, I plan to update the guides for 4.2, and I will be writing a gear guide. Syl and Leaf are working (I think) on some final information about secondary stats; obviously the new patch notes really adjusted the math. I’ll be going through and updating stickies, blogroll, everything, as I get time.

Finally, be sure to check out Reesi’s (creator of The Inconspicuous Bear, and co-host of the Team Waffle Podcast, the best druid podcast out there) new forums. Hopefully, she builds a great bear community like we’ve built a great cat community here. (She also does way better site design than I do.)

Oh, and this. Totally. Especially the bit about Hunters.

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