Jul 112011

Several proto-posts because I haven’t had time to sit down and write out something in full:

  • Rake is bugged. I’m sure most of you have noticed this by now, but Rake is only giving 1 CP, even on a crit. I don’t think this is intended behavior. Surprisingly, I can’t find a mention of it on the Bug Report forums, so I went ahead and reported it on the US forums here. Feel free to bump/confirm as desired. (If any of my EU readers would like to report this in the EU forums as well, that’d be great.) EDIT: Fixed in Tuesday’s maintenance, thanks all for bumping!
  • Early reports suggest feral DPS has improved, vis-a-vis other classes. I don’t want to beat this drum too hard yet, but early reports show us being slightly above-average, compared to the decidedly below-average spot we were in previously. (The relatively large standard deviation on the “all parses” data, though, indicates either that there’s still a wide range of skill for feral players or we’re fairly subject to RNG…though we still need much more data before coming to any definitive conclusions.)
  • Hybrid feral is still viable in Firelands, but only for a few encounters. Is it better DPS to pop into Cat for 20s (Rag) or 30s (Beth’tilac), or just burn your leftover Rage and Vengeance? IMO, I think swapping to Cat is the better option, but that’s anecdotal. Anyway, Shannox is the only encounter where I can see it being really helpful (esp. in 10 man, having a hybrid feral Riplimb tank who can go Cat and Berserk for the final burn on Shannox). What do you think?
  • I’m raiding as Resto for the moment. Low FPS ended up killing me. Sigh. At least with healing, I can turn my camera away and get reasonable framerates. Just an FYI, since people keep asking me about my Armory.
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  1. Great post. I feel you pain as well, as I’m having to heal to keep us up and running Firelands. At least I was able to get dibs on the staff : )

    Also, thanks for this site. It’s rewarding to have people say “you’re the best kitty i’ve sever seen”, and I gotta give props to TFD for a great deal of that.

  2. I’m a moonkin |:|:|:|:|::|:|:|:|:|:|:

  3. Thank you very much for all you’ve done for the Feral community up until now.
    Just wanted to report: Rake and the combopoints I gain are working as intended. oO
    Has it already been fixed?
    (I play on an EU server)

    • Who said it was intended?

      A few Ferals reported this yesterday in the german forums (EU).
      No blue comment yet.

    • I have also not had any problems with rake combopoints. I don’t usually watch that carefully, but after seeing multiple reports I paid more attention. I gained two CPs from rake every time I was supposed to as far as I could tell.

  4. “Anyway, Shannox is the only encounter where I can see it being really helpful (esp. in 10 man, having a hybrid feral Riplimb tank who can go Cat and Berserk for the final burn on Shannox). What do you think?”

    I haven’t actually seen Baleroc yet (as we wasted the last raid day wiping on Rhyo, only to realize afterward the 10m was bugged), but the I believe the Tankspot guide recommends one-tanking it with an “off-tank” (cough, feral druid) dpsing most of the time, and just taunting for the Blade thing.

    • Actually using a feral off-tank on Baleroc can be a bit risky, as you will need to take extreme care that you do not:
      1) Ever get Tormented
      2) Do not accidently get Torment while running to taunt.
      RNG can hurt you here even if you have good reflexes.
      If with a 6min enrage timer there is loads of time to kill this guy using two dedicated tanks.

      • It’s rough if you are the only melee. But as long as you and the casters are paying attention, it’s very doable.

    • Yeah, you can help dps on Lord Rhyo as the encounter permits. On Bethilac you can dps when you are not tanking (not recommended once her stacks start building) and help clean up adds on the transition to the final phase.

      I’ve been raiding firelands on a DK up to this week. I fired up my feral last night and had a way easier time tanking all fights and being able to contribute to dps tons. It was pretty insane.

  5. The Rake bug has been fixed! Rejoice!

  6. Healing? I feel for you.

  7. going cat on shannox after riplimb is dead will only be possible on normal mode, since you don’t kill the dogs on heroic

  8. Rake has been fixed, yes.
    And I got to say I’m now top dps on our raid, beating even the hunter!!! (SV, but still…) Got some awesome numbers, and I still have room to improve in my rotation, so I expect it to go even higher.

    And btw, I’m the happiest kitty in the world!!! Yeah, you guessed why. Fandral was nice to me, on our 2nd kill!!!! =D
    Now I have loads of people whispering me how do I do it xP A guy I faced in a BG created an lvl1 toon in my realm named “Howdidyou” just to ask me how to become a fire cat XD

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