Aug 142011

The Curse client does a lot of things right…but it does NOT handle version control very well.

Say you don’t run it for a week or so (don’t have an always-on internet connection or something)…you start it up, and get this:

A week! A WEEK!

Grr. Okay, let’s “go there now.” Click Yes.

What’s this?

A 403 forbidden page. Classy.

Oh, and did I mention that trying to just reinstall it gives you an obscure error and directs you to a forum where they tell you your .NET is corrupted, which is totally wrong? A simple program uninstall and reinstall fixes things, but geeze.

(Sorry for the off-topic post, just ranting. When you get 2gig a week of BW as a cap, you get mindful of crap like this.)

On-topic…I got to DPS for our second Baleroc kill (real last-minute, hey, can you do X so we can do Y, etc.). All I had was my hybrid bear/cat spec from soloing SSC. (1/3 Fury Swipes, no BiTW, no FA, etc.) Reglyphed real quick, loaded Ovale, and boom. 23k. I know, not anything special, but after playing resto for a while, it’s good to see that I remember what I”m doing. :) Oh, all JP/MF/359 gear except for a Ranseur’s, since they’re dropping like candy in our runs. (Now if only the healer staff would drop…)

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