Aug 152011

(Reposted with subject line; yay for bad Internet dropping out while typing up post)

Last time I blogged about a bug (Rake only giving 1 CP on crit) Blizz fixed it in a few days, so here’s hoping. :) Please (if you have 4pT12 and can confirm) check out this bug report on the US forums and bump/confirm as you can. Sadly, I think this one’s going to take a patch to fix.

What’s the bug? Well, Primal Madness is supposed to grant you 20 extra energy (current/max) on popping TF/Zerk, and take it back when they fade. It’s not a great talent, but it’s a small DPS increase since you have more energy to burn during times you do more DPS (TF/zerk up) and less energy when they drop off. Unfortunately, if you have 4pT12 equipped, the remaining duration on PM has a chance to be reduced to 2 seconds when you use a finisher. This means you could pop TF, hit Rip, and watch 20 energy drop off while you still have 3 seconds left on your TF.  Looks like the set bonus implementation for buffing Berserk got copied over to PM. Oops.

This isn’t a very large bug; the number of ferals with 4pT12 is still pretty small, and it only reduces your DPS by 1% or so…but obviously, progression guilds are looking for every edge. So. Go bump.

(Thanks to Yawning for awesome Mew ninja coding skills to code up the bug, Floofles for spotting it in the first place, and Reesi at TIB‘s Tweet for bringing it to my attention.)

-Al (whose crappy laptop ABSOLUTELY DRAWS THE LINE at Alysrazor’s tornadoes).


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  1. HAHA power to shitty laptop ppl !!!

    Ty for the heads up… im 1p away from my 4p

  2. I used 4pcT12 for about a week and saw a 1.5-2k DPS increase going to 2pcT12 + the 391 Helm of Ryo and 391 Gloves off Shannox + 378 Legs off Beth

  3. Bug confirmed on EU servers as well.

  4. lines are bad when your obstacles run in circles :]

  5. I thought most builds ditched Primal Madness anyways since it was such a insignificantly low DPS gain, like .01% or something?

    • It’s gotten a bit better then it used to be, though still not great.

      (which reminds me…need to re-do a talent analysis.)

  6. How pathetic am I, I have had four piece for weeks now and never even bothered to watch my energy. It is pretty nice though that my tigers is back of cd well off cd before the beserk wears off now. However the last 12-15 seconds of it is raged starved like hell.

  7. I don’t know if anyone has noticed or if its just me and people in my guild, but with berserk glyphed it still only gives 25s

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