Aug 242011

I’ve been quiet lately, since there hasn’t been too much feral news to discuss. Some quick updates on what I’ve been doing and where the site’s going from here:

Website: I’ve seen a few 500 errors pop up when trying to get to the site. I think I’ve fixed the problem, but please send me a PM if you happen to get it again. In the process, I’m updating WordPress and all my plugins, so also let me know if anything looks broken or odd. One of these days, I’ll get around to updating my guides.

Personal Stuff: Still in Iraq, working long days that are getting longer. Day-to-day operations are easy; picking up and moving an entire force out of a country is harder. That said, most of our stuff will be moved in the next few months, so things will slow down rapidly after that. I’ll also be relocating to Kuwait at some point.

Writing: I haven’t linked it in a while, but I’ve been writing a series of feral strategy guides for Firelands for WoW Insider. You can read them here. Subscribe, if you haven’t already; after my Rag strat post (which should go up any day now), I have a column going up next week that does some DPS comparisons between ferals and other classes, using data from Raidbots and WoL. Good stuff, will probably be controversial. After that, I’ll be shifting gears and writing some guides on feral soloing while we all wait for 4.3.

For this blog, I have some more mathy things planned, whenever I get time to sit down with Mew. If there’s anything you’d like to see in particular, feel free to shoot me a PM on the forums. (I’m also off-handedly considering entering the Blizzard writing contest; never written fiction before, but always wanted to try.)

Other Games: Due to laptop limitations, I’ve been spending non-WoW time playing indie games and stuff on the DS. Two gems I’d like to highlight-

Radiant Historia (DS). Man, I’m not sure how I missed this game when it came out. If you like JRPG’s even a tiny bit, you owe it to yourself to check this out. I might be committing blasphemy, but it feels a LOT like a Chrono Trigger 2 (don’t even mention that CC game…that’s in the same memory hole as the Matrix sequels.) Let’s see: no random battles, skippable cutscenee/dialog (and/or fast-forward), combat that requires thinking, mostly well-developed characters, mature plot, multiple endings, can skip back in time to re-do battles/select different conversation responses to see what happens, etc. Loved it. Put 35 hours into the game, beat it, then cracked a FAQ for the first time to complete the two sidequests I missed to get the “true” ending. (And yes, there’s an optional super boss, who I left alone.) Oh, and no level grinding necessary.

Space Pirates and Zombies (PC). I love space games, but they’re few and far between. Years and years ago, I played a game called Subspace, which was essentially multiplayer PvP Asteroids, on crack. (Subspace was reborn as Continuum when Virgin dropped it, and is still active today.) It was loads of fun, and I still drop back in for some Trench Wars now and then. Well, if you strip out the multiplayer, but add a strategic map, fleets, missions, plot, you name it…you get SPAZ. If you liked Homeworld, Inner Space, Freelancer, Privateer, etc., you owe it to yourself to check this game out. On Steam and most of the other download services for $15; demo’s available as well.



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  1. Nice to hear you’re staying safe and things are going well. I think I’ll consider getting Radiant Historia next based on your review, heard some good things about it but some negatives as well. Well I’ll get it once I finish up DQ5 anyways…

  2. You should definitely enter in the writing contest! There’s no feeling quite like writing your own story and getting immersed into a world with characters you created. I think you would be good at it. Good luck!

  3. Seeing as I missed the specs for your laptop somewhere I am going to suggest a game and hope you can run it :P

    Deus Ex: Human Revolution. Get it, play it. It really manages to come pretty damn close to being as good as the original Deus Ex. In some areas it is even better. Biggest knocks I can think of for it are it;s not as open in the actual mission areas as the original (but hubs are huge) and there are 4 arbitrary (IMO) boss battles that stick out for not being able to be beat in any other way than shoot it till it drops.

    And if you don’t have a laptop capable of it, someone out there has to have access to a PS3/360 convince them to buy it and let you play it on there :P

    • You must be new around here. Read my blog subtitle. :)

      Seriously, DE: HR looks amazing, and I’m definitely trying to not spoil it for myself by looking up too much. It’s #2 in the stack of games to play when I get home from Iraq, right under Portal 2.

      (Also, if anyone wants to throw some DS recommendations at me, go ahead. I’ve already played and replayed CT, TWEWY, and 999, to give you an idea of my taste.)

      • LOL I completely missed the new sub header.

        Eh for the DS and a great timewaster, the two Scribblenauts games come to mind.

        Also pretty much any of the castlevania games on the DS play like the classic Symphony of the Night. So if you liked SotN (or Metroid) you would like those.

        Also Portal 2 is awesome, even though I bought it on my 360. The Co Op is just phenomenal and the single player has some great story to it.

  4. Well, you can’t go wrong with the Dragon Quest series on the DS, 4-6 are finally out and what makes them nice is that they’ve never been localized before (fan translation attempts aside), definitely gives a bit of an old school feel.

    What sort of genres do you like? I’m sure I can make plenty of recommendations from there.

    • DQ4 in fact did make it to North America’s shores before. Don’t quote me on the year but recall in 1992 it was released on the NES under the series American name dragon warrior 4. My all time favorite game. Sent 3 NES systems and countless controllers to there deaths playing that game. If you like rpg’s from the 8-bit era I cant recommend this one enough.

      • Eh, I tried DQIX for an hour or so a while ago, and it just felt really grindy and slow. Oh, and having no way to change text speed was infuriating.

        Something about the DQ series just doesn’t click for me…I rented the one that came out for 360 (VII, maybe?) and put a few hours into that…never connected with the characters or the story at all. Might be one of those “if you haven’t played from the beginning you won’t get it” things.

        • Eh, it’s just more old school I’d say, gotta remember all the original games were intended to be a bit more grindy and such. Guess it just has different charms on different people…Dragon Quest 9 for the DS is different in that regard though, a tad less grindy and you get to pick your class like 3 and 6 (and to a lesser extent, 7 and 8). Final Fantasy 3 and 4 have gotten DS remakes, though I prefer the GBA version of 4, and FFTA2 is also worth a look (though imo, it doesn’t capture the pleasing difficulty of the original FFTA).

          Golden Sun: Dark Dawn is decent if you’ve played the original 2 on the GBA, it’s not required but it makes enduring a few of the more…tedious hand holding moments easier. What else…Chrono Trigger if you like reliving old SNES classics, Fire Emblem Shadow Dragon is a decent RTS as well as the Advance Wars series (though I dunno how into war game RTS you’d be considering you’re over there lol). Can’t go wrong with New Super Mario Bros either.

  5. Oh, and if you haven’t tried Minecraft yet, guarantee that’ll eat up tons of time.

  6. Chrono Cross is way better than Chrono Trigger.

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