Aug 052011

In case you haven’t heard, UW finally got nerfed yesterday, as I predicted.

  • Unheeded Warning now grants 1926 attack power, instead of 680 weapon damage. (source)

Looking quickly at the numbers, this pretty much puts it in line with the other ilvl 359 raiding trinkets, Prestor’s and Essence. Fluid Death is still #1 for 359’s, but any of the 372’s+ beat it.

(FWIW, I was never a fan of UW for PvE, but I agree it was too powerful for PvP.)

Peace out.

-Ala (who’s still raiding as Resto and is struggling to find things to write about at the moment…which isn’t helped by the Army deciding to block Google Reader. 150+ blogs ARE NOT BEING READ, and it irks me.)

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  1. The saddest part of this post is that the Army is blocking Google Reader. That would be rough on me.

  2. is fluid death and unheeding warning still the top two 359 trinkets after this nerf for feral cats ?

  3. This is on live or PTR? The tooltip here still indicates the old proc.

  4. tooltip changes require a clientside patch. at least in europe the fix is live.

  5. So why is AP so much weaker than Weapon Damage? It would seem if the scaling factor is accounted for, shouldn’t they be approximately the same? I thought I saw that it was a PvP related issue, but is Weapon Damage not mitigated by resilience? (Why wouldn’t it be…)

    • It’s more that it scaled incredibly well for cat… if I remember right, the old proc didn’t add to our weapon, and THEN get reduced by the scaling the weapon DPS back to our less than 1 sec swing timer, it got added in after the weapon damage got scaled down.

      So in essence with our fast swings we got at least 50% more out of it than say a rogue with a 1.5 sec swing timer. I could be wrong but that’s how I remember it working.

    • Na they changed ferals so that our attacks were based off of weapon damage, thus anything that effects weapon damage is a massive buff.

  6. Lol yeah, I got my 4 piece and killing Rag Thursday was doing less damage than I was before. I was rather worried til I discovered that UW had been nerfed and I didn’t know it til the next day. Time to dig through the bank and see if I didnt sell those poopy 372’s. If not the Hungerer is gonna be paired with the new crappy rep trinket until we kill rag again and a new one drops.

  7. Ancient Leaf is not crappy – try it out :-)

    • Yeah I picket it up because I did sell all my 372’s. I will check it out this week and hopefully the damn Rag trinket drops.

      • So just to verify, is Matrix + Hungerer > Matrix + Seed > Hungerer + Seed? I underestimated Seed’s potential after realizing that macro’ing it to TF and berserk, I was just wondering if it could beat out two passive top-tier agi trinkets.

  8. How does the 365 Firelands vendor trinket stand up to UW if you don’t have any of the 372’s?

    • Ricket’s is a horrible trinket because it has only one secondary stat. 359’s (any 359) are much better, and even a H Tia’s would probably still be better.

      The Firelands revered trinket, however, is much better. (Ancient Petrified Seed).

      • Thanks Alaron. I think I have the 359 cyclone still in my bags, maybe I’ll swap UH with that and see how it affects my DPS. Not even friendly with my feral for FL rep yet :( Been stuck either healing on my Pally or my Resto Druid (which is a 2nd druid, not an offspec) :(

      • What are you talking about with Ricket’s trinket?
        All the trinkets only have one secondary stat available, they all have agility (flat or proc) and a secondary stat (flat or proc, opposite of the primary)

        ricket’s is no different. 340 agi and a crit proc.

        • Can’t edit previous reply, so I’ll make a new one instead.
          Ricket’s trinket doesn’t beat FD or the agi darkmoon card, but should beat just about any other 359 trinket for feral DPS

        • To clarify:

          The proc on Ricket’s is very underpowered for its ilvl. Compare:

          Ricket’s: 340 agi, 1700 crit on use 20s/2m. Roughly equivalent to 283 static crit.
          H Tia’s: 340 agi, 285 mastery.
          EotC: 321 agi, 1926 crit proc 10s/50s. Roughly equivalent to 385 crit assuming instant procs. If we say it takes ~5s to proc, roughly equivalent to 350 crit.

          It does sim well, yes, but I’m generally distrustful of use trinkets in an actual raid environment; very difficult to use optimally. Still, it’s certainly not as bad as I thought it was. (I think when I originally saw it, it only had the proc, not the crit part.) Looking at it harder, I’d say it’s probably equivalent to a 359.

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