Sep 202011


(Anyone remember The Critic? Anyone?)

Coren’s Chilled Chromium Coaster looks great, but without having any of our primary stat (agility), it’s pretty useless as a cat trinket. Eyeballing it, I’d put it around 333 level trinkets. Bottom line: useful if you’ve just hit 85 and need to raise your ilvl, otherwise skip.

The bear trinkets are much better, though. They’re very specialized (unlike the JP/MF trinkets) which means you can mix and match them effectively. If you plan on tanking at all, I’d grab all three.

EDIT: Just saw the Firelands nerfs were posted. Nothing unexpected, though I prefer the ICC gradualist model to the one-time difficulty switch. One thought: Nerfing both damage done and health makes bosses with soft enrages (like Majordomo) extra easy.



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