Sep 202011


(Anyone remember The Critic? Anyone?)

Coren’s Chilled Chromium Coaster looks great, but without having any of our primary stat (agility), it’s pretty useless as a cat trinket. Eyeballing it, I’d put it around 333 level trinkets. Bottom line: useful if you’ve just hit 85 and need to raise your ilvl, otherwise skip.

The bear trinkets are much better, though. They’re very specialized (unlike the JP/MF trinkets) which means you can mix and match them effectively. If you plan on tanking at all, I’d grab all three.

EDIT: Just saw the Firelands nerfs were posted. Nothing unexpected, though I prefer the ICC gradualist model to the one-time difficulty switch. One thought: Nerfing both damage done and health makes bosses with soft enrages (like Majordomo) extra easy.



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  1. You think something like fluid death or essence of cyclone would be better? Wouldn’t 4000 ap on proc be better than ~300 constantly?

  2. The new nerfs make normal mode a joke. On 10m you can roll through 6/7 in about 60 minutes (probably less if you aren’t intentionally trying to get your resto druid killed :P )..we managed to kill Alysrazor in the friggin air. Which was actually funny because we were all unsure if she was going to stay up there when she died :D

    To be honest I am kind of pissed at the nerfs. I’m not pushing heroic content. We are a small 10 man guild (12 people total..yeah) and we got about a month late start in FL. Last week we get to Domo for the first time and get him down to %5 on our last attempt. I KNOW we could have gotten him down this week pre nerf and was looking forward to Rag. Now I feel somehow cheated out of a challenge.

    I know people say do heroic but 1) the 3 of us who are good enough to try don’t want to leave our guild/friends and 2) they even nerfed that. I have no understanding of WHY they nerfed heroic mode. IF the whole point s to get people to see the content then, nerfs to normal accomplishes that. Should have left Heroic alone to keep the challenge there until 4.3 drops.

  3. I’ve been reading comments all over the web about the nerf. It seems that before the nerf it would take people 6-12 hours to kill 6 or 7 bosses in FL. After the nerf it is down to 1-3 hours.

    So another way to look at it is that the nerf freed up your life by 5-10 hours a week. Yet this seems to get people really mad. Some even said that in the past they raided FIFTY hours a week.

    Are people so devoid of a life or so loney that giving them more time to do other things really upsets them? Can this be true?

  4. I like to have SOME challenge to get a sense of accomplishment from the time invested. Also if WoW happens to be ones main source of entertainment (instead of TV for example) once you get to 85 there isn’t a whole lot left in the game to do that gives any sense of challenge.

    And again…why nerf NOW before there is anything else to do? I had absolutely no problem with the way they did it for 4.2 where the old content was nerfed once new content was available. And the heroic stuff was left alone. Hell the heroic T11 is STILL unnerfed. whereas T12 is not.

  5. Really? Nobody else remembers the critic =(

  6. The challenge thing is why I’ve been doing solo stuff lately. Try soloing Kael in TK…now that’s challenging, yet doable. (I haven’t managed it yet…still trying.)

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