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I have seen several posts from other Druid bloggers about the feedback they gave on this thread.  I figured I would throw my own 2 cents in.

  • What type of content academic help do you focus on? [PvE/PvP/Both]
    • PVE
  • If PvE, what type of PvE? [Heroics/Raids/Other]
    • 25 man heroic raiding
  • What are your biggest quality-of-life issues?
    • The inability to change targets quickly/efficiently.

        When Ferals have to quickly change targets we are often energy starved with lots of combo points sitting on the pervious target.  While we can use SR before we begin building points on the new target it is very expensive (25 energy) and we may have just refreshed it.  This leaves us in a hole when starting on the new target and will make our long ramp up even longer.

    • Feral Faire Fire is on the spell hit table still.  It kind of takes the flow away when being melee hit capped during our opening ramp up and I have 2 FFF misses in a row.  This just steals GCD’s when they are needed most.
    • The inability to switch between AOE and Single Target rotations.  Because Swipe is so expensive (45 energy) just 2 swings will deplete a full energy bar.  Don’t get me wrong I don’t think swipe needs a buff, it’s just fine.  I would just like to see the damage and energy scaled down a bit so I have a little more freedom to choose between the rotations given sudden encounter changes.
    • Skull bash costs too much energy.  Pooling 25 energy lowers my dps output considerably while all other melee classes can use theirs for free or with considerably less resources.
    • Positional requirement.  There were some changes to the Fixed location bosses to widen the degrees that we could shred in.  While this was nice, the benefit is completely negated any time the bosses moves or targets someone other than a tank for an ability.  Mangle isn’t a good back up ability as it cannot extend Rip and does considerably less damage.
  • What makes playing your class more fun?
    • I love the flexibility that Feral DPS gives.  I have been able to do several jobs including off tanking and a few Hero bear moments.
    • Awesome mobility.  I am able to get places faster, help others get there faster and I very decent gap closer.
  • What makes playing your class less fun?
    • It sometimes feels like our mastery is at odds with the rest of our tool box.  With several nerfs to bleeds and buffs to direct damage there sometimes feels like a disconnect between physical damage tools and bleed damage tools (ie mastery)
    • See quality of life issues
  • How do you feel about your “rotation”? (Rotation is the accepted order in which abilities are used to maximum efficiency.)
    • I like the rotation.  It is complex and enjoyable to maintain as well as to tweak for different situations.
  • What’s on your wish list for your class?
    • I had an idea about making use of combo points before a target switch.  Rogues have Redirect on a 1 minute cooldown to let them move combo points to a new target.  What if Ferals could activate an ability that would consume all the current combo points on the target, but would proc the Stampede buff.  A free ravage on a new target to give a little short term burst and get quick combo points up on the new target.  Damage for the Ravage could scale based on how many combo points were consumed.  This ability can only be used on life targets.
    • Move FFF off the spell hit cap.
    • Modify Brutal Impact to also lower the energy cost of Skull Bash.
    • Allow Mangle to extend Rip if attacking from the front.
    • Reduce the damage and energy cost of swipe proportionally.
  • What spells do you use the least?
    • Claw


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  8 Responses to “Druid Class Feedback (Feral DPS)”

  1. 100% agree with Tinderhoof! Very nice points made.

    Anyone else been screwed over by SkullBash having a “travel time”…
    Alysrazor and in Arena, getting screwed over due to travel time of and interupt is a little disapointing! :(

  2. Hi Tinder. It was interesting to read your responses. And it got me to thinking. I noticed a common thread in that you were asking for an easier ‘rotation’ due to having to switch adds and move around alot. By easier I was leaning towards an ability or two that offers faster burst damage.

    During what I feel was the heyday of feral kitties (my opinion only), the John F’n Madden ‘rotation’ it seems that Blizz has left this type of dessign. And now that the fights are much more movement and add changing and pass the potatoe or danc ewith me types, it seems that ferals are asking for a quicker rotation that lets them get to the meat of their damage faster and easier.

    Following this train of thought it seems it would lead to an even easier rotation.

  3. Hey Mongo.

    I really don’t think I am asking for an easier rotation at all. If I switch targets with sub 20 energy no amount of of skill will get my rotation going again with out waiting for TF to come back up or just sitting through regening the required energy. I would like to on a cooldown jump start a rotation on a new target.

    The rotation itself would not change. While you may start off with a few extra combo points (2 at max) for 0 energy, all of the base parts of the rotation still need to be applied (Mangle, Rake, Rip, Shred to exend Rip, and SR). I am not sure how it’s any different from being able to Feral Charge in at the start of a fight to jumpstart your rotation there.

    Even during “Our Heyday” as you call it, we still faced major issues if we ever had to change targets. Back in those days though there wasn’t nearly as many fights that required lots of target switching. Now that the encounters have changed so must we. Like I said, I don’t need to better then everyone, I don’t mind being the worst at it. I do mind having to take 12 full seconds after a target change to get back to my real rotation, and out of the “ramp up” stage.
    Is there another class that really takes that long to get a full rotation after a target switch?

    • I knew I made a mistake using the word ‘easier’. Your response hit the nail on the head. The encounters have changed where you target switch more often and for shorter time periods.

      I was trying to say that feral kitty abilities need to also change to meet this new requirement. But in doing so my guess is that the ‘rotation’ will be easier. After all any type of burst damage is much easier than maintaining a watch on rip, rake, energy, combo points etc.

      To answer your question probably only affiliction locks take as long as kitties to get into their full rotation.

  4. I love how your comments overlap very closely with my feral comments!

    Even the “least used spell” part !
    Really though, all Warriors over L10 will probably list Strike in there.

  5. I was reading your answers like those were my own. I guess all ferals have pretty similar problems with their fast target switching. Especially, when there’re many tough ones (not trash, which is easy to deal with swipes). After switching you like only to start going to you full rotation and then BOOM, target’s dead and u’re like “omg, combos wasted”. That’s a real problem to me and it inflicts really huge dps loss if comparing to almost every other class.
    And unfortunately as of 4.2 patch, mastery is not a second best stat stat anymore:( Nerfing ferals wasn’t a really best idea as since cata they definitely weren’t the best dps class imo.
    Well, we will see, mb blizz have smth really awesome for us in 4.3 :P

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  7. […] as he’d like, but you can find a pretty thorough account of his view on current cat issues at Druid Class Feedback (Feral DPS) over at The Fluid […]

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