Sep 172011

So, lots of plans for more writing went by the wayside. Ughh. Nothing much of note, just RL soldier stuff. (I’ve packed up and moved to a new base…another fellow officer was injured, so I’m temporarily pulling extra duties…that kind of thing.) Tonight is the first night in a few weeks that I’ve been able to actually catch my breath and type out thoughts. Running down the past three weeks-

Void Storage/Transmogrification:  Nice for compulsive hoarders (which is probably a trait that overlaps a vast majority of the MMO population), but doesn’t really do much for ferals, for obvious reasons. I’ve never really cared for looks, tbh, except for staff/polearm models.

Tank Changes: Blizzard can’t seem to make up its mind on whether they want to make tanking less challenging or more challenging (excuse me, “interesting.”) I think Dungeon Finder has proved by now that incentives for tanks simply aren’t cutting it; unfortunately, with incentives being primarily tied to random groups, there’s a high barrier to entry, (There needs to be a skirmish system with NPC’s, so players can get used to fulfilling their roles in a group context. I wouldn’t be surprised to see this featured in the next expansion pack.)

New Darkmoon Faire: Looks great, though it seems more designed for alts than mains.

Rogue Legendary Dagger: Apparently, the vast horde of daggers that dropped in Firelands weren’t enough to suit. (I’d already given up hope for a feral legendary;  was hoping for a legendary 1H axe/fist for our shamanistic brethren. Ah well.)

Looking for Raid tool: Well, here comes the attempt to prop up 25 man raiding. I’m very interested to see the direction this goes, and if current (i.e. Deathwing) will be offered as LFR functionality, or just “older content.” (4.1,4.2, BH, etc.) It seems the majority of the playerbase is looking for easier (zerg-type) content to begin with, so I”m not really surprised by this.

On a personal note, someone asked me what my new living conditions were like, so here you go:

This is the sum total of my living space (plus an unpictured wall locker and camping chair that my tentmate stole earlier tonight) Probably about 50 sq. ft. or so. Hell, this is great, compared to what the soldiers in Afg get.  I have it easy…I don’t even have anyone in the top bunk.

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