Nov 152011

So, since my last post and now, the desert sand has manged to render my laptop fan inoperable. Glorious. This means for any personal-type stuff, I get to walk across base to the Internet cafe…which is always packed. Yay. Almost the end of the year.

Okay, enough bitching. Wanted to highlight some nifty feral-type posts I’ve seen recently:

  • My last Shifting Perspectives column on the hybridization debate sparked some excellent posts in the comments, with very little trolling and other tomfoolery. It’s really all speculation until they decide to reveal what the new “Symbiosis” ability will do, but it’s a good read.
  • The wonderful folks with the Team Waffle podcast has released a feral cat roundtable. Three hours from some of the best of the business. (I’d like to listen…anyone want to mail me a CD? :P)
  • Reygahnci has returned from his posting hiatus with some excellent thoughts on the new talents and possibilities for feral PvP.
  • Kalon at ThinkTank also poked his head up for the first time in a while (grats on the new baby!) with, as always, some well-written thoughts on the new talents.
  • Tangedyn at TIB threw out a quick cheat-sheet on changes you’ll need to make when the patch drops in his 4.3 survival guide. I will be featuring this in a future SP column.

As always, if anyone’s reading any great new feral blogs, I’d love to check them out; just drop a comment here (gets auto-forwarded to my email, may not be able to reply though).  I still have Gmail and GReader at work, so I can function. :) (Also, WTF is up with the new GReader design? Ugh.)


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