Nov 242011

Hey cats n’ kittens I know it has been all too long since you’ve last heard from me; however, thinking back on all the times Deathwing has cooked me while afk in Twilight Highlands I knew I was going to have to come back for my chance to finally kill that dragon.

As always Fluiddruid is all about making sure you have all the information needed to succeed in the new-raid zone. With that being said the Raid and Strategy section of our forums will be updated to include the new encounters over the turkey weekend. For those of you who have not been sniffing around the official forums Tangedyn wrote up a very clean summery of everything you will need to know to stay competitive in Dragon Soul, for those who have not read it I highly suggest taking a quick peak here. Included in the post are trinket ratings for Dragon Soul that have already been evaluated by Yawning and Mihir (the druid responsible for maintaining the feral dps guide on MMO-Champion.)

With 4.3 I do hope to bring back The FluidDruid YouTube Chan, however; I did come back in a much more casual raiding guild then before with 9 hours per week I promise to get content out as fast as we’re capable of creating strats for it. I did want to make special mention that if you have videos of yourself doing exceptional on a boss in Dragon Soul and wish to add it to this site’s channel feel free to PM me on the forums. I’d love to get other people then just myself up on the channel and I think with me progressing much slower in 4.3 this opens up a prime opportunity to get more video content out. Who knows maybe I could do a month by month contest where the feral who submits the best video for me to release gets a Blizzard Store pet of their choice, wink wink.

Lastly I do wish to make mention of the FluidDruid Forums where we have been and will continue to discuss all aspects of feral dps. With the release of the MOP Talent Calculator we are already locked in discussion on what the changes to the tooltips mean for both single target and aoe dps.

As always if you have any questions or suggestion feel free to PM me on the forums

Until next time and my hopes for a Happy Thanksgiving to all,



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