Dec 022011

Okay, I give, I give. I don’t like posting things before they’re done, but I’ve gotten several requests for a gear list, so here you go:

The Draft 4.3 Gear List

The full version (with better explanations and text) will be going up on WoW Insider sometime next week (when I finish it), but this is a good starting point. Feel free to leave any comments here; I’ll try to respond quickly, but no guarantees as things are crazy around here with packing.

(Wowhead’s list is good as well. If I had known they were doing one, I probably would have skipped doing one myself. Also, here’s my Firelands/ZA gear list, if you’re just getting started.)

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  1. Are you shure that Spire of Coagulated Globules (Hc) is better than the Kiril, Fury of Beasts (nHc)? I’ve tested it whith bis T12 Gear and Kiril is more or less 30% better (tested with Mew statweights).
    Did you use 4p T13 to test it or another equip compilation?

    • Something tells me you forgot to remove the Secondary Stats when you tested Kiril.

      • Nope, I just multiplicated the statweights calculated by mew with all stats on each weapon. I know the weights change depending on the gear you use and especially with the tier bonus, so I asked with which equip he tested it, to maybe explaine the differences.

        • I did a bunch of trials on a target dummy and a few on Mew and basically got what this list says about Kiril vs. Spire. I was a little curious myself, but I think that this is the best bet.

  2. Much love man!

  3. Hi.
    About H T12 and T13 (RFR), from my calculation T13 will provide at least +1 agi point from one piece (due to additional gem slot and nice socket bonus). Same with LFR feets, they will give you +33agi more then t12 H feets.

    In my guild there are 2 cats.
    Im one of the cats and i have Spire staff, 2nd feral have Fury of Beast – we both went on ragna 25h and on 3rd phase my dps was slighty better. Both of us have quite good rotation and same uptimes. Problem with Beast is the desynchoronisation. This will not be shown on Patchwerk type of fights, but with multi targets diffrence can be noticable.

  4. How is the new Vial of Shadows proc.? I’m hearing a lot of mixed-reviews.

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