Jan 072012

I know, I know, LFR, big fish, little pond, etc. etc., but topping meters on Ultraxion (the fight biased against ferals) makes me smile. (No flask or pot either.) Man, I miss raiding.

Of course, this group also managed to wipe on Spine when we somehow triggered a barrel roll killing the third amalgamation, so…perhaps not the best representative sampling.




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  1. You stacking haste?

    • by the looks of it, yes.

    • No, no haste stacking at all. :) My reforges are kinda random at the moment, actually.

      • I find that I do better with Haste than Mastery at the moment. It may have something to do with the randomness of the Polearm proc., my trinket, Tiger’s Fury, and my glove tinker not working together very well. I find that it’s hard to get around five different damage increases to synchronize with my DoTs.

  2. Better than my recent experience playing feral…I sucked on Ultraxion with my formerly nearing BIS FL gear, couldn’t eek out more than like 24k on him. Still reforged into mastery on him as well, never did buy why haste was better since all the fights have you move too much. In comparison, my first go at him with my rogue in weaker gear did 28-30k easily.

  3. I have yet to not be first in LFR, heck until this week i was constantly first on our guild normal kills but still managed to be 2nd with 37k so it aint that bad for ferals at average levels :D

  4. Over the hit cap….hummmm ! need better reforge . :)

  5. Your relic makes me smile

  6. yea some LFR are pretty bad at spine, accidental rolling is horrible though, because it only takes ONE person to move to the other side to stop it happening… I won’t suggest who I think that person should have been

  7. If they was haste > build their melee would have easily beaten rip on that meter :)

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