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On Friday night, I finally achieved two solo kills that I’ve been trying to get since Cataclysm released. Admittedly, it’s not quite the achievement it would have been had it been done in 359 gear, but both were still challenging and fun, and I highly recommend it to those looking for something different to do in-game. (Also check out Braindwen’s awesome feralĀ soloing guide. He rates both of these kills as “medium;” well, KT took me several hours, so either I suck or he’s godly.)



Prepwork: Make two macros and drag them to your bars.

/equip Staff of Disintegration
/use Staff of Disintegration

/equip Cosmic Infuser
/cast Rejuvenation (or Lifebloom if you prefer).

Clear trash in entry hallway and Al’ar’s (man that looks odd) room. Kill Al’ar (easy). If you want to kill Solarian or Void Reaver, do so now; they’re both easy, though you’ll have to clear all the trash in their rooms first. Clear the trash in one of the tunnels leading to KT (both is slightly safer but not necessary.) Kill the trash in his room if you wish. Pull KT, who will start monologuing. Run to one of the little antechambers leading to KT’s room; you’ve got about 45 seconds before the energy walls go back up and block entrance to the room.

Phase 1: Kill Thaladred and Sanguinar in the antechamber. Run to the doorway of the antechamber, enough so that Capernian runs out, then charge in and kill her. She’s quite annoying, with a long stun and a knockback, but she’ll die quickly if you can get close. Get to her sides, so the knockback doesn’t send you down the hallway. For Telonicus, work him down to 20-30% HP, run around dodging bombs until your Remote Toy debuff is at less than 15 seconds, than kill him, preferably on top of all the other advisors.

Phase 2: All the weapons spawn. You’ll have a few seconds to heal up before they get to you; tuck into the corner of the antechamber so they all come in, pop Barkskin, and start kitty swiping. Target the Cosmic Infuser and interrupt his heals. After 4-5 swipes, go bear, hit Enrage, and continue to AOE. With a little practice, you should be able to kill all the weapons with 30s left until Phase 3. Loot the Cosmic Infuser and Staff of Disintegration. Hit your macros to equip the Cosmic Infuser, cast a heal (to get the buff), then equip and use the Staff. Go bear.

Phase 3: All the advisors rez simultaneously. This is the first tricky bit. Wait until you get out of Sanguinar’s first fear, then pop Berserk and nuke down Thaladred, chaining Mangles to Sanguinar and Telonicus (hopefully). You’ll want to save Barkskin and SI for when he’s close to dead, as the stacking DoT from Rend is the biggest source of incoming damage. This will take 30s, as the DPS from the Staff of Disintegration is pretty low, but you need it equipped for the buff. Once Thaladred and Sanguinar are dead, go cat to take out Telonicus and finally Capernian. At any point, if you get low on health, start running down towards Al’ar’s room, hotting yourself up as you go. Once Telonicus is dead, you can outheal Capernian’s damage, so I usually heal to full and wait to kill her until Phase 4 is starting.

Phase 4: KT comes after you. If you are in Al’ar’s room and you’ve only cleared one corridor, make SURE you position yourself so KT runs down the cleared corridor, else he’ll aggro every mob on the way. Try to hit your Macro 2 twice and Macro 1 twice every 30 seconds; this keeps the magic damage protection buff up, which really helps for the fireballs, as well as the staff buff, which you need to not get disoriented. KT has three main threats:

  • Casts Fireball every 8-10 seconds. Interrupt as many of these as you can, as they hit for a good 15-20% of your HP. If you get low on HP and need to heal, either run away and HoT (easier) or LOS casts using a doorway (harder). Don’t run away if his Shock Barrier CD is close.
  • Casts Shock Barrier, then three Pyroblasts. These can NOT be LOS’ed/outranged, so you’ll need to be close by. If you have Rip/Rake up, you can typically break the shield and interrupt before he gets one Pyro off; if unlucky, you may have to eat one. Pop a CD.
  • Casts Flame Strike, which is a void zone on the ground, Just stay out of them, as they can hit for a lot.
  • Phoenixes will come in, then turn into eggs at 0% HP, then turn back into Phoenixes after 15s Can mostly be ignored; if you want to kill, note that they can only be killed as an egg.

Pop Berserk and work him down. Play defensively; I used every Predatory Swiftness proc for instant HT’s, and ran away to HoT immediately after Shock Barrier phases if I felt threatened. Once you work him to 50%, he will take off and run back towards his room. He is still attackable, but slightly faster than you; if you use Dash and SR to keep up with him, you can knock a significant chunk of HP off him, but it’s not necessary.

Phase 5: go back to Al’ar’s room. Wait (kill any Phoenixes that are up). You’ll get hit with some stuff; don’t worry, just heal through it and wait. Eventually, he’ll teleport you to him. At this point, you can just kill him, but I like to run back to the main room to get some space; this time, he’ll follow you, and you can work him down like you did in P4. Still casts Fireball and Flame Strike, but no more Pyroblasts, so he should be easy to finish off once you get him here.

Reward: 300g, the T5 chest (if you want it for transmog) and a 1-2% chance at the Ashes of Al’ar.

High King Maulgar

Much simpler, mostly a gearcheck. Start in cat, pop a potion, Berserk/SI/Barkskin, and nuke down Blindeye, interrupting heals. Once Blindeye is dead, kill Olm so he stops fearing you. When you get low on HP, go bear and use FR to heal, then finish off Krosh, Kiggler, and finally Maulgar. The tough part is interrupting Blindeye’s heals, since they’re usually synced with a fear; you’ll win or lose the fight in the first 30 seconds.

Reward: 50g (I think) and T4 shoulders, plus you get to kill Gruul, who is very easy.

With that, I’m done with BC. Sunwell’s too difficult, and I’ve cleared everything else save Vashj in SSC (which requires ranged) or everything past Reliquary (no pet to take aggro and let you LoS) in BT. Time to start working on WOTLK content; here’s a little screenshot of a solo I did a while ago while I was playing in Iraq and was inordinately proud of:

Eregos Solo kill



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