Feb 112012

Before I get into the griping, I’d like to thank Arielle for the kind mention in Wafflecast episode 25. If you haven’t checked out the Team Waffle druid podcast, I highly recommend it.

Things have been quiet around here for some of the usual reasons (end of expansion means no new mechanics changes/strategies), but I’ve also been SLAMMED at work.  After coming back from my deployment and leave, was reassigned as my battalion’s IT manager and head sysadmin. (The Army considers this two separate jobs. The IT manager manages and does paperwork; the sysadmin fixes stuff.)  The previous person in this position left lots of work undone, most notably not completing elevation paperwork for her (now my) subordinates. This meant 400 users, with 1 guy (me) who can fix problems, which means that all the planning/training/etc. I was supposed to be doing got constantly interrupted by user-level issues. This is easing, thankfully; I’ve got six more SA’s that are coming online this week, which frees me up to work normal hours again.

TLDR: Work sucks; getting better.

I’m also going to try to, as Cynwise describes expressively, remind my inner editor to fuck off and just hit “publish” more often. New motto: Less professionalism, more personality.

To compensate for previous bitching, here’s a diagram that perfectly depicts feral strategy on the Lord Rhyolith fight.


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